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All you need to know about Miami Airport parking

  • Airport Parking Tips
  • Renee Martin
  • 7 minutes

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The Miami International Airport lies in Florida, one of the busiest destinations in the USA. Located eight miles to the northwest of downtown Miami, you will always find an airport full of people traveling to and from the state. Choosing the right airport parking in Miami can make your travel experience hassle-free and keep your car safe and sound while you’re away. Drivers can choose from two Miami airport parking options available on-site and other garages and parking lots available near the airport.

Miami Airport


You can use this guide to obtain information on the best Miami Airport Parking options. Airport parking in Miami can be difficult given how busy the airport is at all times, but this guide makes it easy for you to locate and select a parking space. Other than MIA parking rates, you can also find information on short-term and long-term parking options, a map showing the layout of MIA parking lots, general tips and advice, as well as links to useful resources.

Miami Airport Parking Rates

Miami airport parking rates per day are $17 at the Dolphin and Flamingo parking garages. Hourly Miami Airport parking rates start at $2/hour and increase at a rate of $2 every 20 minutes.

MIA parking

Long-Term MIA Airport Parking

You can consider two options when for a longer duration with MIA Airport Parking. These include Valet Parking and Terminal Parking. Off-site parking facilities are also available nearby. These long-term MIA parking facilities are very affordable, with starting rates of around $7. They also take advanced reservations online and provide a shuttle service that can take you to and from the airport.

 The rates for long-term parking at or near the airport are as follows.

 Parking Option Off-Site W/ Shuttle Rate
 Per Day  $7
Valet Rate
Per Day $30
Terminal Parking Garage Rate
Per Day $17

Short-Term MIA Airport Parking

The Miami Airport Parking spaces can be found both hourly and daily close to the terminals. The two-hourly MIA Airport Parking lots ‚Äď North and South Hourly Parking Lots are located right in front of each of the private terminal entrances.

The MIA Airport Parking short-term option can be perfect for someone coming to drop off or pick up a loved one; the Hourly Parking option is for short trips. Anyone who needs to park their vehicle for a longer time, such as overnight or longer, should opt for the Daily Parking Option at MIA airport parking. Alternatively, you could also go to the Economy Parking area of Miami Airport Parking spaces to find a place to park your car.

The price options for Valet Parking as well as the Terminal Parking Garage Lots are:

Valet Parking Rate 
Hours 0-3 $18
Hours 3-24 $30
Each day after $30
Terminal Parking Garage and Lots Rate
Per 20 minutes $2
Maximum Daily Rate $17


Miami Airport Parking Map

Miami Airport parking map

All the Miami Airport Parking locations and nearby garages and car parking lots have been indicated on this Map ‚Äď find a suitable parking space by referring to this map.

Discounts, coupons, and other MIA parking resources

Miami International Airport Parking provides security to your vehicle ‚Äď you know that when you return to your MIA Airport Parking spot, your vehicle will still be there. Because of this security, maintaining your car at an MIA Airport Parking location can be a great idea, but it can also be expensive.

Use these tricks to make your airport parking in Miami more affordable and convenient.

Official Airport Parking Page

A website allows you to find official information on the airport, like rates and any relevant news. The website links to information about the Miami International Airport parking, flights, as well as passengers.


Way.com is a resource that can help you to obtain Miami parking. The vendor sells extra inventory from parking operators near MIA, often at a discounted rate. You can either contact them on their website or download their app, available on Android and iPhone.

All you need to know about Miami Airport parking


FlySmart is an app that is like having your airport concierge at the touch of your fingertips. It gives you access to real-time flight information as well as parking lot availability. You can directly look up your flight status from any digital device, and you can also find a good MIA Airport parking space, all thanks to the same app. Available for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry, this app also offers other functionalities like itinerary management.

Miami Airport

Parking near Miami Airport

Finding it challenging to locate Miami International Airport parking? Maybe it is a busy season, or perhaps you have to leave your vehicle parked for an extended period. No matter your reasons, there are plenty of parking companies near Miami Airport that you can turn to.

Park Go Fly USA

‚Äď Featuring a valet parking service that is open between 6 am to 11 pm, they strive to make you feel like a true VIP. You can also opt for additional services, including a car wash, detail, and oil change.¬† An MIA parking lot located just two minutes from the airport, their complimentary shuttle will take you to Miami Airport in no time.

East Coast Car Rental

‚ÄstA MIA parking facility that provides self-parking, you can choose between indoor and outdoor lots. ¬†It is located less than 1 mile from the airport, and the complimentary shuttle can take you to the airport within minutes.¬† They also offer additional services for your vehicle, such as a car wash.

Florida Economy Parking

‚Äď Here, you can either park your car yourself or let a trained valet take care of your vehicle for you. The additional features are provided by including a car wash as well as a detailing package. Just five minutes by shuttle from the airport, this is an affordable location and an excellent option for MIA parking.

Park ‚ÄėN Fly

‚Äď A parking service that prides itself in offering an abundance of perks ‚Äď it includes complimentary shuttle service, luggage assistance, a WiFi lounge, 24-hour security, a car wash, and detail, as well as a dry cleaning service.¬† It is everything you could think of for maintaining your car and ensuring that it is well taken care of. Park ‚ÄėN Fly also uses a¬† frequent flyer program that allows you to earn free parking using your accumulated points. A great option to choose offiste Miami International Airport Parking.

Airport Fast Park

‚Äď A service that offers both covered and open-air MIA parking. You can also find complimentary charging stations, newspapers, and other reading materials, as well as assistance with your luggage.¬† Located just over a mile from Miami Airport, the shuttle service takes you to the airport within minutes.

Airport parking lots near Miami Airport

 Many people are discovering the amazing luxury that is Park, Stay, and Fly packages as many hotels are offering them. These are hospitality services that allow you to stay at the hotel the night before your flight and take the complimentary shuttle to the airport while leaving your car parked at the hotel. This means you do not have to worry about airport parking in Miami and can leave your vehicle in a secure hotel parking lot. The following hotels offer Park, Stay, and Fly packages, along with a complimentary shuttle to the airport. Availability and rates are subject to change, so you should always call ahead in advance.

All you need to know about Miami Airport parking

1) Quality Inn Miami Airport
Address: 3959 NW 79th Avenue, Miami, FL  33166
Distance from MIA: 6 miles
Phone: 305-599-5200

2) Holiday Inn Miami Doral
Address: 3255 NW 87th Avenue, Miami, FL  33172
Distance from MIA: 5 miles
Phone: 305-500-9000

3) Miami Airport Marriott Hotel
Address: 1201 NW LeJeune Road, Miami, FL 33126
Distance from MIA: 2 miles
Phone: 305-649-5000

4) DoubleTree by Hilton ‚Äď Miami Airport
Address: 711 NW 72nd Ave, Miami, FL 33126
Distance from MIA: 4 miles
Phone: 305-261-3800

5) Holiday Inn Miami International Airport
Address: 1111 South Royal Poinciana Boulevard, Miami Springs, FL  33166
Distance from MIA: 0.05 miles
Phone: 305-371-4400

6) Sheraton Miami Airport Hotel
Address: 3900 NW 21st St
Distance from MIA: 1.7 miles
Phone: 305-871-3800

All you need to know about Miami Airport parking

Miami Airport Parking Tips and Advice

Inserting your credit card when entering an airport parking lot at the Miami Airport will let you use that same card when you exit the lot. The amount charged in MIA Airport Parking will be deducted from your card. You do not need to get a parking ticket with this option.

Check out more blogs on the best parking spots in your city, the most affordable insurance for your car, and top-rated car washes near you.

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