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Know All about License Plate Frames in Georgia

  • Cars Explained
  • Sara Sam
  • 4 minutes

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Want to know about license plates and frames in Georgia? Does Georgia allow the use of license plate frames? What should you keep in mind if you opt for license plate frames in the state?

Georgia License Plates: A Quick Look

In Georgia, special and prestige license plates can be used in private vehicles. For either of it, you need to certainly fill in an application form. After that, the form must be submitted to Georgia County Tax Commissioner’s Tag Office. In the case of specialty plates, you will have to pay additional charges.

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There are different plate categories in Georgia. The categories range from alternative fuels to the different universities, special interest plates, military veteran plates, and other standard plates. The plates are charged an annual registration fee of $20. Meanwhile, the specialty plate categories are charged $25 under the manufacturing fee and $35 as an annual special tag fee.

Things to keep in mind while you customize your license plates in Georgia

  • Avoid any combination of letters or numbers that are obscene.
  • Anything that maligns a religion, race, gender, or sexual orientation must not be used.
  • Unless the applicant holds a particular copyright or trademark, it cannot be used.
  • Similarly, reference to drugs or alcohol cannot be made.
  • The following combination of letters and/or numbers that include hate, h8, ha8, hat, haytr, aytr, anti, ante, suck, suk, blow, or 69.
  • Any combination that breaches the peace or depicts profanity is not permitted on the plate.

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Are license plate frames legal in Georgia?

Yes, license plate frames are legal in Georgia. The state allows you to add a personalized touch to your license plates by making use of frames. However, there are certain legal requirements one must follow if one chooses to own a stylized plate. The major restriction for the same would include the proper display of the text on the license plate.

What are the regulations in Georgia regarding license plate frames?

The state has posed certain rules that one should follow while using a license plate frame. Firstly, you cannot attach any device that obstructs or impairs a license plate’s clear display and legibility.

Secondly, any license plate frame obscures the information on the plate, including the state’s name, the plate number, and the registration stickers, which is illegal.

You are bound to receive a fine if your frame or the cover doesn’t abide by the rules mentioned above. However, the amount of the violation varies by jurisdiction.

Do the same rules apply to covers?

Georgia allows the use of license plate covers the same way it does frames. Having said that, one must make sure that the cover is constructed of transparent material. In addition, you have to look for clouding or tint on the cover, which might cover the details on the plate. This can lead to a citation.

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What are the penalties in Georgia for license plate frames?

Though Georgia allows the use of license plate frames, you can be subjected to fines up to $1000 if the frame or cover obscures the text on the plate. Violating these laws can form a poor driving record which can directly or indirectly affect the insurance rates in the state.

Can you drive in Georgia without a license plate?

In Georgia, you can drive a car you recently bought without plates or registration provided that you have the bill of sale and evidence of insurance in the car with you. However, you can drive without a license plate in Georgia for only 7 days.


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