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LA Convention Center parking: Here are all your affordable options

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  • Renee Martin
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No matter how big the event, the Los Angeles Convention Center is up for the task. From auto expos to award nights, it has hosted some of LA’s most prestigious commercial events. However, don’t let finding an affordable LA Convention Center parking spot become a task in itself! Here’s our quick lowdown on how to score great deals on parking near the center.

The Los Angeles Convention Center has hosted a great many marquee events – from the Los Angeles Auto Show to the Anime Expo! Each event draws thousands of visitors to its hallowed halls. Come 2028, it will also host six sports for the Summer Olympics – basketball, fencing, taekwondo, table tennis, boxing, and BMX freestyle. It stands to reason that whenever there’s an event here, the halls are packed and the parking lots are filled to the brim! Even with the on-site LA Convention Center parking spots, you need backup plans that will hold you in good stead!

Los Angeles Convention Center

There are quite a few options for parking – both at the Center and around it. Street parking and off-site garages are viable options you can choose in case you arrive late. However, you need to pick the one that gives you bang for the buck! Here’s our lowdown of all your options for parking near the LA Convention Center.

Where is the Los Angeles Convention Center located?

The Los Angeles Convention Center is located at 1201 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles, California. You can find directions and maps to the parking lots here.  

Location Map 


Where to park at Los Angeles Convention Center 

The Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC) has two main parking garages for visitors – the South Hall Garage and West Hall Garage. Both of them are accessible from major freeways and offer convenient parking for folks visiting LACC, Microsoft Center, The Novo, and STAPLES Center events.

How much is parking at LA Convention Center? 

The LA Convention Center parking lots are operational between 5:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. daily. The parking rates range between $15-$40 apply, and largely depend upon the scale of the event being hosted. The parking lots accept both credit and debit cards as forms of payment. However, cash and checks are not accepted.

Is there street parking near LA Convention Center? 

Yes, you can find limited metered street parking on S Flower Street, S Hope Street, and a few other streets nearby. On-street parking rates range from $1-3 per hour. However, there is a maximum parking time limit of two hours. Dealing with these parking rules and regulations can be a real headache, so make sure you also have a backup plan at nearby off-site garages.

Deals for Los Angeles Convention Center parking

Where can you find free parking near Los Angeles A Convention Center? 

There are quite a few free spots for parking near LA Convention Center on Georgia Street and W 12th Street, subject to a maximum time limit of four hours. However, it isn’t exactly the safest bet to leave your vehicle parked on the street – especially if you’ll be gone for some time. Your car could be dented or scratched by careless drivers. Even worse, it could become a target for burglars! No one wants to come back and see their vehicle stripped of everything.¬†

Do you know what’s a safer bet? You can park at a top-rated off-site garage instead within walking distance of the LA Convention Center. Besides being much safer, they guarantee value for money and peace of mind. So how can you

How can you find off-site LA Convention Center parking garages? 

The easiest way to find the closest off-site¬†LA Convention Center parking garages or parking in Los Angeles¬†is to use a parking app like¬†Way.com. It has an extensive network of garages across Los Angeles, several of which are near the LA Convention Center. You can find garages, compare prices, and book a spot ‚Äď all in just a few swipes. All these garages are professionally managed, well-lit, and paved. They also have 24-hour CCTV and security to keep your car safe.

Besides, you can also save up to 30% through in-app vouchers, deals, and discounts. If you’re willing to walk a few minutes, amazing savings are just within your reach! Pre-book easy parking at top-rated garages in your city through Way.com and never worry about LA Convention Center parking again!

For more information, check out Top Tips to Find Los Angeles Convention Center Parking. 

Affordable parking near Los Angeles Convention Center

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