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Check Out All the LAX Stores in Terminal 3

  • Tips & Trips
  • Barrett Mohrmann
  • 3 minutes

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If you’re looking to buy a souvenir for someone or a gift for your beloved, Terminal 3 has some options. Shops in Terminal 3 can be used as the perfect way to spend time if your flight is delayed. This guide lists the Airport’s Terminal 3 stores to choose from and gives you an idea of your options. There is something for everyone. Terminal 3 is undergoing renovations and is constantly upgrading its facilities to provide people with the best service. Read on to know which LAX Airport shops are available.   

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LAX Terminal 3 Travel Tip

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What shops are now open in Terminal 3 LAX? 

A/K Boulevard  

6:00 am Р12:00 am 
Terminal 3 РAfter Security near Gate 31A 

You can find souvenirs, presents, and travel necessities here. The shop also has some limited food options, but good for quick bites on the go. 


Terminal 3 ‚Äď After Security near Gate 33¬†

Gameway is the best place to pass the time while waiting for your flight; hours and minutes seem to fly easily at you are at Gameway. Don’t get too into it, though; you might forget your real intention behind coming to the airport. Each gaming station is equipped with the latest technology gaming consoles and facilities. The place also has access to high-speed internet and luggage storage. Limited foods and drinks are also available at Gameway. 

Hudson News 

Terminal 3 Near Gate 31A, Terminal 3 Near Gate 35, Terminal 3 Near Gate 39 

The Hudson News store in LAX Terminal 3 is one of the several outlets strewn across Los Angeles International Airport. Hudson is mainly categorized under News, Gifts, and Snacks section. 

Soundstage Market by Hudson 

Airside Departures 

Soundstage Market by Hudson is categorized under snacks and beverages 


Moshi is an LAX Airport shop meant to make traveling easy and as comfortable as possible. The Moshi store sells tech gadgets, Bluetooth headsets, as well as chargers, cables, and adapters. 

Is there duty-free in Terminal 3?  

Yes, There is one near the airside departures in Terminal 3. 

DFS Duty-Free 

Take advantage of the duty-free shops and grab a few gifts while you’re still here. If you are searching for a convenient location that sells high-quality products and caters to each customer’s needs,¬†DFS Airport is your place. Use the services of a personal shopper to locate last-minute presents and high-quality necessities while receiving complimentary makeup and other treatments. Stop by one of these duty-free shops to pick up last-minute souvenirs or liquor bottles. Our mission is to make sure that all travelers, no matter how particular they may be, can find the highest quality service and the largest variety of unique goods in every¬†destination they visit.¬†


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