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The Ultimate New York LaGuardia (LGA) Airport Parking Guide

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The smaller and less busy of the three major New York Airports, LaGuardia airport in Queens, is still one of the busiest airports in the country. After battling a bad rap for years, the airport finally won a ‘best new airport’ award for its $4 Billion Terminal B. The rehab is still ongoing, meaning plenty of construction is still happening at LGA Airport. What do travelers need to know about driving down to and parking at LaGuardia Airport – we’ll tell you.

Cheap parking near LaGuardia Airport
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La Guardia Airport Parking Rates

La Guardia Airport has 4 terminals; A, B, C, and D. Of these, Terminal A caters to JetBlue and Terminal B to Air Canada, United Airlines, Southwest, and American Airlines. Terminal C serves Delta Airlines, and Spirit and Terminal D serve Delta Airlines, WestJet, and Frontier Airlines.

LGA Parking

LaGuardia provides long-term and short-term parking options and several other LGA parking spots in private lots. There are shuttle buses to connect passengers from the four terminals to LGA parking lots.

  • Terminal A: Parking here requires advance online booking. The lot here does not accept E-ZPass Plus or cash.
  • Terminal B: There’s a newly constructed garage built across Terminal B. Payment options are E-ZPass, pay-on-foot machines, or cash. Drivers are allowed to stay in their car for up to 3 hours.
  • Terminal C & D: Premium parking here requires advance online booking. Modes of payment while exiting the parking lot include E-ZPass, cash, or pay-on-foot machines.

Is there parking at LaGuardia Airport?

Yes, there is parking at LaGuardia airport and nearby too. Onsite parking is provided at the Terminal A Parking Lot, Terminal B Garage, and the Terminal C/D Garage.

How much is LaGuardia Airport parking?

LaGuardia Airport parking can range from $10/hour to $45/day, depending on where you park.

Here’s a breakdown of LGA Airport parking rates for each onsite garage:

LGA Short-Term Parking

We recommend any structures close to terminals to find a short-term LGA parking spot (90 minutes or less). These parking lots charge about $6 for the first half-hour and another $6 for each additional 30 minutes. That’s reasonable enough for quick drop-offs and pick-ups. However, we recommend you arrive well in advance of your arranged pick-up or drop-off time due to traffic.

LGA Long-Term Parking

For long-term LGA parking, expect to pay $39 to $45 per day. If these rates have you reeling, consider looking at offsite parking options. Since the airport is under major reconstruction and long-term parking options are scarce, it’s best to visit the airport website to get the latest updates on available LGA parking facilities.

Those looking to park their vehicle at LaGuardia for more than 30 days need to contact ABM when they arrive at (718) 533-3850. They must provide their name, license plate, and the estimated number of days they plan on parking their car at LGA.

Any vehicle parked for more than 30 days will be towed even after contacting the airport. The owner will have to pay retrieval charges to take back possession of their vehicle. We recommend that you book your LGA long-term parking in advance, though. You’ll get cheaper rates and more options.

Parking Options near LGA Airport

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Cheapest LaGuardia Airport parking

About LaGuardia Airport

9 miles northeast of Manhattan, LaGuardia Airport, or LGA is one of the country’s more famous (or infamous) airports. The airport serves the Big Apple, with the other big two, i.e., the Newark Liberty International Airport (New Jersey) and John F. Kennedy International Airport (Queens).

Spread over 680 acres, LaGuardia Airport has 72 aircraft gates, with more on the way. Although the airport is currently undergoing some major renovations, more than 14 million passengers passed through LaGuardia in 2018, making it one of the busiest airports in the US.

Being a stone’s throw away from Manhattan, the LGA enjoys a big-city vibe of being peppy and fast-paced. The airport is also considered a city landmark and is used as the backdrop for many Hollywood movies and TV shows. This has been partly due to its unique location on the waterfront of Bowery and Flushing Bays in East Elmhurst, Queens. Few people know this, but the 2016 Tom Hanks-starrer Sully was filmed at LaGuardia.

The History of LaGuardia Airport

LaGuardia first began its services in 1939 and has just celebrated its 80th year being in operation. The airport was originally named Glen H. Curtis Airport after aviation pioneer Glen Hammond Curtiss. The name was then changed to North Beach Airport since the airport was on the North Beach Gala Amusement Park site.

In 1935, the airport went through yet another reconstruction and name change. This time, the name was New York Municipal Airport – LaGuardia Field, named after Fiorello La Guardia. He was the mayor of New York at the time and demanded that the airport be built to save him the 24-mile commute to Newark Airport (EWR) in New Jersey.

The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey took over operations in 1947. In 1953, the airport was renamed yet again to the much shorter ‘LaGuardia Airport.’

LaGuardia’s Central Terminal opened its doors in 1964, followed by Terminal D in 1982 and then Terminal C in 1992.

LaGuardia’s Facelift/Rehab

LGA Airport Revamp

The airport that Joe Biden once likened to a “Third World country” is in the middle of an $8 billion makeover. Things do seem to be looking up now, though. The brand-new $4 billion Terminal B was named the winner of this year’s UNESCO Prix Versailles architecture award for the world’s greatest new air travel facility. There’s more to come – Delta Airlines will be completing another $4 billion in construction on a new Terminal C, which is set to open in spring 2022. However, the major problem that travelers complain about still persists. Getting to LaGuardia Airport still remains a pain.

How to Get to LaGuardia Airport

The airport still is not linked by rail, and the only mode of public transportation is by bus. LGA is served by two Select Bus Service lines, the Q70, and M60. The Q70, which began service in 2016, starts from Woodside and connects to E, F, M, R, 7 trains, and the Long Island Rail Road. The Q70 is considered the best and cheapest way to get to LaGuardia Airport. Another option is M60 which starts at Broadway and 106th Street in Manhattan and offers multiple connections to commuter rail and subway lines.

Other options include the Q72 from Rego Park and Elmhurst, the Q48 from Flushing and Corona, and the Q47 from Jackson Heights and Glendale. While the Q47 only services Terminal A, aka The Marine Air Terminal, both Q48 and Q72 connect to terminals B, C, and D. A one-way trip on any SBS (Select Bus Service) subway will cost you $2.75. Other options include taking a yellow cab (expect to pay around $45) or using Uber or Lyft.

Driving to LGA Airport

Driving to LaGuardia Airport should be a piece of cake since it sits right off the Grand Central Pkwy exit 7, the main point of entry to the eastern side of the airport. There are plans to build 26 new flyovers and bridges to replace the 15 that currently connect to LaGuardia Airport. However, the main problem arises with limited long-term LGA parking options. Currently, those who will pick up passengers of a flight arriving at LGA can use B Wait Area, located near Terminal A, and is free to park for the first three hours.

Where is LaGuardia Airport located?

LaGuardia Airport is located in Queens, NY 11371. You can contact the airport at (718)-533-3400.

LGA Airport Parking Map

Information, Discounts, and Coupons for LGA Airport parking

LGA Parking can be quite a hassle, especially during peak travel times like Thanksgiving and the holidays,  if you don’t know where to go once at LaGuardia. To save yourself time, visit the airport’s official parking page to find important information such as LGA parking availability and rates, along with other important news.


Way.com offers offsite parking near LGA at discounted rates. When it comes to airport parking, Way.com offers a seamless service. What sets Way.com apart from the rest when it comes to finding your parking space is its easy-to-use interface and super-fast service.

Cheap parking near LaGuardia Airport

Furthermore, Way.com offers exclusive deals with garages, allowing users to save up to 50% in drive-up rates. The app allows you to reserve an LGA parking spot in advance, with exclusive deals and great customer service. With contactless LGA Airport parking spots that can be easily booked via your phone, you no longer have to wait for hours for parking space when going to LaGuardia. The service can be accessed by going to the Way.com website or downloading the Way.com app.


Find official LGA Airport information like rates and news. The airport site links to information on the airport, flights, and passengers.


People with disabilities often find it difficult to travel to airports because of the lack of facilities. However, people with restricted mobility can use the following information when traveling to LaGuardia Airport.

Public Transit

There are easily accessible transportation options for those people with disabilities. Wheelchair-accessible buses are available throughout LaGuardia. The Blue, Red, and Purple route buses serve all the terminals and LGA parking lots.

Parking Facilities

Passengers with disabilities can easily find an LGA Airport parking spot near the entrance of all parking facilities at LaGuardia. While parking spaces for those with restricted mobility are provided at LaGuardia near each terminal’s entrance, they will be subject to availability. Also, official disabled license plates or permits must be displayed prominently for parking at the reserved spaces. Entering the lot through the ticket lane and pulling the ticket can get you a discount subject to availability. To apply the discounted rates, persons with disabilities will need to press the help button before exiting or calling airport customer service at (718) 533-3850.

Here’s a breakdown of parking charges for people with disabilities;

1/2 hour$4
Each additional 1/2 hour, or fraction thereof$4
24-hour maximum$20

 (*These rates are not fixed and are subject to change)

Vehicle Services

LaGuardia offers vehicle services for those who find that their car has a flat tire or has a battery that they need to jumpstart. Those at LaGuardia airport and need assistance with a flat tire, lockout, jumpstart of car location can contact (718) 533-3850 for assistance.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations at LGA Airport

LaGuardia has made it easy for those driving electric cars to charge their vehicles on the fly while at the airport. LGA has ten EV charging stations powered by Chargepoint, located on the 3rd floor of the parking area at Terminal B. On the second floor of Terminal C and D., EV charging stations can be accessed with Chargepoint access or RFID enabled credit card. The estimated charging time for Level I is 12 to 24 hours and an estimated 4-6 hours for Level II. The electricity is provided free of charge.

Car Rental

Some of the easily accessible vehicles provided at LaGuardia include those equipped with hand controls. This equipment can be found at rental stalls at the airport, and you can go to the car rental website for more information.

Special Accommodation

LaGuardia Airport has taken special measures for people with disabilities to ensure their stay at LGA will be as comfortable as possible. However, to make that possible, all wheelchair services, oxygen requirements, and other accommodations must be arranged through your airline before your flight.

Restroom Access

LaGuardia has included plenty of options for restrooms and water fountains, all easily accessible throughout the four terminals.

Pet Relief Areas

LaGuardia Airport knows that passengers often like to bring their pets to the airport. For that, special pet relief areas for service animals are available at our terminals. Look for the pet relief symbol for designated areas and go on the LaGuardia website for more information.

Customer Care

LGA Airport offers a 24/7 customer service hotline for passengers, including airport information staff, for further assistance or answering your queries. You can identify these staff members by their red-colored jackets, and they will be able to assist you with any questions you may have once you’ve reached the airport.

Security Information

The Transportation Safety Authority (TSA) protects our country’s transportation systems and operates airport security checkpoints at LaGuardia. For further details and information about security procedures and regulations, you can contact the TSA at (866) 289-9673 or visit tsa.gov.

Hotels at LGA Airport

There are no hotels at LaGuardia Airport. However, there are several hotels near the airport including the LaGuardia Plaza Hotel, New York LaGuardia Airport Marriott, and the Holiday Inn LaGuardia Airport.

LGA Airport Travel Tips

  • When traveling to LGA Airport, you should remember to pack your luggage in layers which helps increase visibility while being scanned.
  • Always place any loose change or metal items in the carry-on.
  • You could visit the TSA website to find the list of prohibited items from taking on a flight, including information on the permitted items.
  • As a rule of thumb, all passengers should arrive at the airport 2 hours before domestic flight departures and 3 hours before international flight departures to give themselves extra time to check in and get through the security protocols at the airport.
  • You should also be prepared to go through any additional security checks, including pat-downs or body scanners.

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