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Life in the fast lane – Fast cars with cheap insurance

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Fast cars with cheap insurance are a myth. Or you think it is. The truth is you have been misled. There’s a whole lot of cars that will add vrroom to your life without emptying your wallet! Here they are:

Here’s the general rule of thumb. A premium sports car that’s fast around the corners comes with high insurance premiums.¬†A tier-one brand vehicle like a Maserati or a Lamborghini¬†could set you back by thousands of dollars in¬†insurance premiums¬†a year! However, there¬†still¬†are¬†plenty of fast sports cars in the market that¬†comes with affordable insurance. What’s more, these fast cars come with insurance premiums that are comparable with significantly slower vehicles.

Now,¬†if you ask us, that’s the best of both worlds –¬†cheap car insurance¬†for a premium fast car –,¬†and that’s one deal you¬†won’t¬†want to miss out on.¬†From¬†the Ford Mustang GT to the Dodge Challenger, we’ve listed the top fast cars that come with¬†cheap car insurance¬†– read on to know more!¬†

Fast cars with cheap insurance

Chevrolet Camaro 


Capable of attaining 60 mph in just 5 seconds, the Chevrolet Camaro is fast¬†– and then some. Surprisingly, however,¬†insurance¬†premiums¬†on this much¬†sought-after¬†fast car¬†can get as low as $1600¬†per year, depending on the state you’re in! This is one of the fast cars that has cheap insurance.

Audi S5 

Are you an Audi fan? Looking for cheap insurance for your fast car that is an Audi? The Audi A5’s high-performance¬†counterpart, the Audi S5,¬†hits 0-60 mph in about five seconds and comes with a multitude of options and add-ons. This particular fast car won’t break the bank either,¬†with¬†insurance premiums for the S5 starting at a surprisingly low $2,000 per year.¬†

bmw s5 dodge challenger

Dodge Challenger 

This one’s an American classic – the Dodge Challenger¬†is a muscle car that’s also¬†fast¬†– 0-60 mph in only five seconds! You could be paying as little as $1,500 per year in¬†insurance premiums, especially if you’re choosing an older model.¬†

Ford Mustang GT 


One of the most popular cars on the American auto market, the Ford Mustang GT has a sub-five second 0-60 mph starting pace and costs a mere $1,600-$1,800 per year to insure.  


bmw m3

A high-performance cousin of the¬†BMW 3 Series of cars, this premium fast car breaks the norm when it comes to BMW’s¬†insurance premium¬†brackets. You’ll end up paying only $2,000 per year if you’re planning on picking up one of these babies.¬†¬†

Chevrolet Corvette 

chevy corvette

0-60 in just 4 seconds! Corvette is a beast of a car. It’s also easy on the wallet when it comes to insurance premiums! Expect to pay as low as $1,800 per year for your Corvette’s insurance policy.¬†¬†


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