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The comprehensive list of all MLB teams and stadiums (2023)

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It’s not easy being a Major League Baseball (MLB) fan! Besides the highs and lows of supporting your favorite team, you also need to keep track of all their rivals! Do you think you can name the entire list of all MLB teams and stadiums in the league? In this post, you can brush up your knowledge about the teams, stadiums, their seating capacities, and where to find parking near each of them!

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Established in 1869, Major League Baseball (MLB) is one of the oldest professional sports leagues in the world! Today, it’s one of the most keenly followed leagues in America, along with the National Basketball Association (NBA), the National Football League (NFL), and the National Hockey League (NHL). As of 2023, 30 MLB teams battle it out every season from March to October for the prestigious World Series Championship!

The teams are divided into two leagues: The National League (NL) and the American League (AL). With so many teams and stadium names to remember, we decided to put together this helpful list of all MLB baseball teams, their stadiums, and other details. You can use this list of MLB teams to help you track which stadiums you’ve visited or to learn more about each MLB team and their specific stadium.

MLB stadium

Don’t fall behind on your knowledge of the MLB. Here’s everything you need to know about the list of MLB teams, how much crowd to expect, and where to find parking near them. In addition, here’s the MLB schedule for the 2023 season.

List of all MLB teams and stadiums, seating capacity, and parking details (2023)

Team Name Stadium Name Stadium Location Seating Capacity Parking nearby

Phoenix, Arizona


Cumberland, Georgia


Baltimore Orioles

Baltimore, Maryland


Boston, Massachusetts


Chicago Cubs

Chicago, Illinois


Chicago, Illinois


Cincinnati, Ohio


Cleveland, Ohio


Denver, Colorado


Detroit, Michigan


Houston, Texas


Kansas City, Missouri


Los Angeles, California


Los Angeles, California


LoanDepot Park

Miami, Florida


American Family Field

Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Minneapolis, Minnesota


Queens, New York


New York Yankees

Bronx, New York


Oakland, California


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


San Diego, California


San Francisco Giants

San Francisco, California


Seattle, Washington


St. Louis, Missouri


St. Petersburg, Florida


Arlington, Texas


Toronto Blue Jays

Rogers Centre

Toronto, Ontario


Washington, D.C.


Parking at MLB stadiums

The venues could get pretty crowded, with very limited tickets and parking spots. Besides some stadiums have thousands of parking spots, but even that may still not be enough. However, you can still score a spot! So, plan ahead and book an affordable off-site parking spot near these arenas using the Way.com parking app! Additionally, you can save as much as 30% on drive-up rates while ensuring a smooth parking experience on game day!
Looking for parking near some popular stadiums? Read our explainers on how to find great parking deals near Oracle Park, Dodger Stadium, Wrigley Field, Truist Park, and Guaranteed Rate Field.


How many MLB teams are there? 

There are 30 teams in MLB as of 2023. Both National League (NL) and American League (AL) have 15 teams each.  

Which team has won the most World Series championships? 

The New York Yankees are the team with the most World Series championships. The Yankees have 27 titles, while St. Louis Cardinals have 11 wins, and Boston Red Sox have nine. 

What does MLB stand for? 

MLB stands for Major League Baseball. It is a professional baseball organization and is the authority that hosts the biggest baseball league in the US. 

Which team has the longest championship drought? 

Seattle Mariners are the team with the longest championship drought. They have never appeared in the finals ever since they joined the league as an expansion team. 

What is the oldest MLB team? 

Atlanta Braves, which was established in 1871, is considered the oldest MLB team. Originally named Boston Red Stockings, the Braves played MLB for the first time in 1876. During its existence, this franchise has changed names and relocated cities many times. 

Which MLB team has the largest stadium? 

The Oakland Athletics have the largest stadium in terms of seating capacity. Oakland Coliseum, the home of the Athletics, can seat 56,782 people. Dodger Stadium of the LA Dodgers comes close second with 56,000 seats. 

Which team has the most recent expansion? 

Arizona Diamondbacks and Tampa Bay Rays (then Tampa Bay Devil Rays) were the most recent expansion teams in the MLB. Both of them joined MLB in 1998.  

How many games are played in an MLB regular season? 

Since 1998, there have been a total of 162 games for each team. This includes 81 home and 81 away games.

How many MLB stadiums are there? 

There are 30 MLB stadiums in current use, one for each team in the competition. 

What MLB stadium is the smallest? 

Tropicana Field is the smallest MLB stadium on the basis of seating capacity. Located in St. Petersburg, FL, it is the home stadium of the Tampa Bay Rays.  

Which MLB stadium is the oldest? 

Fenway Park in Boston is the oldest MLB stadium that is still in use. It is the home of the Boston Red Sox and opened in 1912. Wrigley Field, which opened in 1914, comes a close second. 

What is the newest MLB stadium? 

Globe Life Park is the newest MLB stadium. It opened in 2020 and hosted the World Series. Also, it is the home stadium of the Texas Rangers. 

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