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Little Rock Airport Parking Guide 

  • Airport Parking Guide
  • Gerard Stevens
  • 12 minutes

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Clinton National Airport (LIT), commonly known as the Little Rock Airport or Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport, is the biggest airport in Arkansas. The airport offers non-stop flights to Los Angeles, Dallas, Washington D.C., Chicago, Austin, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Denver, and many other major cities. So the chances are high that you’ll choose this airport to travel out of Little Rock. However, getting parking can be difficult at times in this airport, especially during peak seasons. Here’s a comprehensive Little Rock Airport parking guide to help make your travels worry-free. Are there enough parking options at Little Rock Airport? How to find LIT Airport parking, and what are the LIT parking rates? While flying out for a few days, which lot is the ideal to get long-term parking? Know all about the airport, the parking lots, and the rates via our Little Rock Airport parking guide! 

LIT Airport parking options 

Five main lots offer onsite parking at LIT Airport. West and East Short Term lots are the two lots that offer short-term parking near the terminal. For long-term parking, you can either use the South Long Term and Economy Parking lots. There is also the three-storeyed Parking Deck that offers covered short-term and long-term parking spots. You can access the terminal from this lot via a sky bridge. The Economy Parking lot offers the most economical long-term parking spots at the airport. Both South Long Term and Economy Parking lots are located away from the terminal. You can use the shuttle service to reach the terminal from the Long Term lot. Accessible parking spots are available in West Short Term Lot and Parking Deck. Continue reading this Little Rock Airport parking guide to know in detail about long-term and short-term LIT parking. 

Where can I park at the Little Rock Airport? 

West and East Short Term lots, Parking Deck, South Long Term Lot, and Economy Parking Lot offer onsite parking at LIT Airport. Parking Deck offers short-term and long-term parking spots. Park at the Economy Parking and South Long Term lots if you’re looking for economical Little Rock Airport long-term parking. The airport also features a Cell Phone Lot where you can get free parking.  

How much is parking at Little Rock Airport? 

The LIT parking rates depend on the lot and the type of parking you choose. Parking at Little Rock Airport costs you $1 for every 20 minutes and can go as high as $13 for a day’s parking. Getting offsite parking near Little Rock Airport is always better if you’re looking for a cheaper hourly or long-term parking spot. 

How much is long-term parking at Little Rock Airport? 

All the onsite lots offer long-term parking at the airport. The long-term parking rates depend on the lot you choose for parking. The daily parking rate starts at $8 and can up to a maximum of $13. The Economy Lot offers the cheapest onsite long-term parking costing you $8 for a day. South Long Term Lot has long-term parking spots for $10 per day with shuttle services to the terminal. Parking Deck offers covered parking spots for a daily parking rate of $13. West and East Short Term lots also feature daily parking spots near the terminal that costs you a maximum of $13. Accessible long-term parking spots at the West Short Term Lot and Parking Deck charge you a maximum of $8 per day. Are you looking for affordable long-term parking? Then it is always better to check out the parking spots at the nearby offsite garages and lots.  

Lot  Duration  LIT parking rate 
Economy Parking  Per Day   $8 
South Long Term  Per Day  $10 
Parking Deck  Per Day  $13 
West Short Term  Per Day  $13 
East Short Term   Per Day  $13 
Offsite parking near LIT Airport  Per Day  $7 

How much is short-term parking at Little Rock Airport? 

All the onsite lots – West and East Short Term lots, Parking Deck, South Long Term and Economy Parking lots, offer short-term LIT parking. Parking at these lots charges you $1 for every 20 minutes. The parking rate increases by $1 every 20 minutes at all lots till it reaches the maximum daily rate. If you’re looking for a short-term parking spot near the terminal, it is always best to park at the West and East Short Term lots. The Parking Deck has covered parking spots with a sky bridge providing access to the terminal. Do you want to have a cheaper short-term parking spot at Little Rock Airport? Then reserve one at any of the nearby offsite garages or hotel parking lots. Most of these offsite parking lots offer short-term parking spots at cheaper rates than the onsite ones.  

Lot  Duration  LIT parking rate 
West Short Term  Every 20 minutes  $1 
East Short Term   Every 20 minutes  $1 
Parking Deck  Every 20 minutes  $1 
Economy Parking  Every 20 minutes  $1 
South Long Term  Every 20 minutes  $1 

About Little Rock Airport 

With non-stop flights to nearly 14 cities, Clinton National Airport has annual passenger traffic of around two million every year. LIT airport is located around 4.5 miles from downtown Little Rock. Covering an area of around 2,000 acres, the airport has a single two-level terminal with one concourse, 12 gates, and three concrete runways. Atlanta, Dallas/Fort Worth, and Denver are the busiest domestic routes served from LIT Airport. The airport was earlier famous as Adams Field. The field was used by the United States Army Air Forces Third Air Force for antisubmarine patrols and training during World War II. Do you want to know about getting to the airport? Keep reading our Little Rock Airport parking guide! 

Getting to Little Rock Airport 

You can travel to the airport from Little Rock via public transportation, taxi/rideshare services, and driving. Most of us prefer to drive as LIT Airport is just a few miles away from Downtown Little Rock. It normally takes around 10-15 to reach the airport while you drive. However, the road to the airport can get congested during rush hours or peak seasons. So, always be cautious about the traffic. Also, the onsite parking lots tend to fill up quickly, especially during holidays. So, it is always better to drive to the airport after booking a parking spot. Read this Little Rock Airport parking guide further to know more about traveling from Little Rock to the airport.  

LIT Airport parking starts at $7/day from Way.com

Using public transportation service 

The bus by Rock Region Metropolitan Transit Authority connects Downtown to the airport. It is the cheapest way by which you can travel to the airport. Take bus route #12 if you want to travel to LIT Airport. Ideally, it takes nearly 13-15 to reach the airport from Downtown, with a single-way ride costing you $2. The bus to LIT Airport operates hourly. So, traveling via the Rock Region Metro bus is the most economical way to reach the airport if you’re traveling without family or much luggage.  

Using taxi/rideshare services to reach LIT Airport 

Riding via a taxi/rideshare service is the fastest way by which you can travel from Downtown to the airport. Yellow Cab is one of the major taxi services that you can hire to travel to the airport. The ride costs you around $16 from Downtown. Typically, it takes you nearly 10-15 minutes to reach LIT Airport. 

Lyft and Uber are the main rideshare services that offer service to the airport. The rideshare fare depends on the ride type and the time of your travel. Hiring a Lyft service typically costs you between $10 and $24 for a ride from Downtown. Riding on an Uber can cost you between $7 and $20. It takes nearly 10-15 minutes to reach LIT airport from Downtown. Be aware that the rideshare fare can surge during rush hours and peak seasons. Ensure to check the fare before booking a ride! 

Things to do at Little Rock Airport 

Are you perplexed about how to spend your time at the airport before boarding? Our Little Rock Airport parking guide will help you with that! Though the airport doesn’t have any lounges, a few options keep you equipped before boarding. How about using the free Wi-Fi that offers over a speed of 150 megabits per second for every device? Yes, you heard it right! Your phone will be using the fastest airport Wi-Fi in the world. Try surfing the internet with the fastest airport Wi-Fi and post a few updates on your social media from there. What are the other options that keep you engaged at LIT Airport? 

Dining and shopping at the airport 

The airport terminal has a few eateries and shops located pre-security and at the concourse. There is a Riverbend Bar & Grill located in the pre-security area. It is the best option if you want to have some beer and grill foods. Or head to the Starbucks outlet if you’re craving a coffee. You can locate another Starbucks outlet at the concourse. The concourse area features more variety of food items. Visit Burger King if you want to try out some juicy burgers. Chick-fil-A serves burgers, sandwiches, salads, snacks, and some great beverages. Chili’s Grill & Bar is another joint you could try out for great food with alcoholic beverages. Head to The Great American Bagel Bakery if you want to taste some fresh bagels. Daily News at the pre-security area and Hudson News at the concourse are the two shops you can explore for buying gifts or souvenirs.  

Other amenities at the airport 

There’s a Mother’s Nursing Room you can locate near gate 3 in the concourse. This area features a changing table, sink, furniture, and power outlets. There are several mobile charging stations located all over the terminal. Traveling with your pet? Get some relaxation for your furry friend at the Pet Relief Area in the concourse. You can find this area near the concourse exit. There is also a relief area near the West Short Term Lot. 

Where is Little Rock Airport? 

LIT Airport is located at 1 Airport Rd, Little Rock, AR 72202. 

How early to arrive at Little Rock Airport? 

It is always safe to reach two hours before the scheduled departure time for check-in and security.  

How much is covered parking at Little Rock Airport? 

Parking Deck offers covered parking spots at the airport. Hourly parking costs you $1 for every 20 minutes, and daily parking costs you a maximum of $13.  

How to get free parking at Little Rock Airport? 

Park at the Cell Phone Lot if you want to get free parking at the airport. You can park at this lot for free while you’re waiting to pick up a passenger. The lot is located on East Roosevelt Road, to the west side of the terminal.  

Where can I drop off and pick up passengers at LIT Airport? 

Drop off is at the curbside in front of the airport. You can pick up a passenger at baggage claim curbside.  

Are there accessible parking spots at LIT Airport? 

Yes. West Short Term Lot and Parking Deck have designated accessible parking spots. Getting a parking spot costs you a maximum of $8 for a day’s parking. 

What time does the Little Rock Airport open? 

The airport is open 24/7.  

How can you pay for parking at Little Rock Airport? 

The lots accept cash and credit card payments. West Short Term and Economy Parking lots accept only credit card payments.  

Is there a shuttle service at LIT Airport? 

Yes. The South Long Term Lot offers shuttle service to the terminal. The offsite lots also have free shuttle services to the airport.  

What is the maximum number of days you can park at Little Rock Airport? 

The onsite lots let you park your car for a maximum of 90 days.  

What airlines fly out of Little Rock Airport? 

American Airlines, Allegiant Air, American Eagle, Delta Air Lines, Frontier Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and United Airlines.  

Little Rock Airport parking map 

Here’s the airport map where you can find the best onsite parking spots, Little Rock Airport long-term parking, and cheap LIT Airport parking.   

Little Rock Airport parking map
Image courtesy: http://www.clintonairport.com/parking-transportation/parking-options/

Little Rock Airport parking guide 

West and East Short Term lots have several short-term parking spots near the terminal. The Economy Parking lot offers the most affordable long-term parking. South Long Term Lot is another option for long-term parking with shuttle service to the terminal. Parking Deck is a multi-level parking facility that offers covered short-term and long-term parking spots near the terminal. All lots charge you $1 for every 20 minutes while using short-term parking. Long-term parking can cost you between $8 and $13. Are you looking for cheaper parking near Little Rock Airport? Our Little Rock Airport parking guide has that covered!   

LIT Airport parking information, coupons, and discounts   

The airport lots tend to be busy most of the time. So, getting an onsite parking spot may get more challenging during peak hours. So, it is better to plan about parking while you book the flight ticket. You can always get a cheaper parking spot near the airport while booking via the Way.com app or website. Reserving a daily parking spot via Way gets you a parking spot for rates starting as little as $7. The parking includes amenities like free round-trip shuttle services, restrooms for customers, outdoor self-park, and more! So, always book via Way to get secure and affordable LIT Airport parking spots. 

Little Rock Airport parking guide tips 

  • LIT Airport is located around 4.5 miles from downtown Little Rock.  
  • West and East Short Term lots, Parking Deck, South Long Term Lot, and Economy Parking Lot offer onsite parking at Little Rock Airport. 
  • West and East Short Term lots offer hourly parking near the terminal. 
  • South Long Term Lot and Economy Parking lots are ideal for long-term parking.  
  • Parking Deck offers covered parking spots via three levels.  
  • Park at the Cell Phone Lot if you want free parking at the airport while driving to pick up someone.  
  • The Smart Park system at Parking Deck directs you easily to the available parking spots.  
  • There are parking meters available across the baggage claim area. Parking costs you $1 for a maximum of 20 minutes.  

Book parking at LIT Airport for $7/day

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