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Logan International Airport (BOS) Parking Guide

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  • Renee Martin
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Logan International Airport, also known as Boston Logan International Airport and abbreviated as BOS is an airport in Boston, Massachusetts. The airport is the largest in the New England region.

Boston airport parking comprises ten in-airport parking options and six off-site parking stations. Read this guide to determine the best parking option for you.

BOS parking options

The various parking options are long-term parking, short-term parking, and economy parking.

Long-term parking

– Long term parking is for those who need to park for a day or more. Logan airport long term parking can be undertaken at one of four garages: the Central Parking Garage, Terminal B Garages, Terminal E Lots, and Economy Parking. Arrangements under the Logan airport long term parking scheme can alternatively be made at off-site locations at which you can make reservations online and avail their shuttle service to the airport. Economy Parking offers a 24-hour shuttle service free of cost that runs every 15-20 minutes. The rate structure is detailed below:

Off-site long-term parking garage Rate
Daily Parking (Central Parking Garage, Terminal B Garage, & Terminal E Lots)
1 day $38
1 day + 0-6 hours $53
Each additional day $35
Economy Parking 
1 day $29
1 day + 0-6 hours $44
Each additional day $58

Short-term parking

– Short term parking is for those who are looking to park for a few hours at a time. The rates structure reflects a short-term parking arrangement which is in hours, rather than for a few days at a time. Short-term parking lots are the Central Parking, Terminal E lot and Terminal B lot. Central Parking garage links up with all terminals easily whereas Terminal E and B Parking lots are closest to Terminal E and B respectively. The rate structure is detailed below:

Off-site short-term parking garage Rate
Daily Parking (Central Parking Garage, Terminal B Garage, & Terminal E Lots)
First hour $8
Daily maximum $38
1 day & 0-6 hours $53
1 day & 6-24 hours $76
Additional 0-6 hours $19

Economy parking

– Economy parking is further away from the airport but offers competitive rates and a 24/7 shuttle service that arrives every 15 minutes. If the garage is full, not to worry because overflow parking spaces are available. The rate structure is detailed below:

Economy Parking Rate
First hour $8
Daily maximum $29
1 day & 0-6 hours $44
2 days $58
Additional day 0-6 hours $15

Discounts and coupons for Logan Parking

There is no reason why someone cannot be smart about their parking costs. You can save a ton on Logan airport parking by knowing the best rates. Here are some alternatives to the standard parking options discussed above:


Boston Airport Parking official website

– Visit the official website of Logan airport to get all the information on rates and availability. Live updates on availability can be enabled. This should be your first spot in making arrangements for parking at Logan airport.


– Way.com is a mobile application that helps drivers find parking space, reserve the parking space, and prepay for the same. You can compare rates so that you know you are getting the best deal. Way.com is available as both an Android and iOS application.



– A mobile application that acts as your personal assistant for all things flight-related can make any traveler’s life easier by many degrees. With FlySmart, you can organize all flight-related information: bookings, real-time flight statuses, and even airport parking.

Parking companies located near the Logan airport


Custom Auto’s Valet and Fly

– The company offers black car transportation service to and from the airport and on-demand shuttle services. Simply call the shuttle service when you return to Boston, and a shuttle will be waiting to take you back to Custom Auto’s garage to pick up your car. You can also arrange for your car to be waiting outside the airport for you with a valet.

Select Airport Valet Parking

– Select Airport Valet Parking offers complimentary shuttle service on-demand and amenities like car washes, oil changes and much more as part of various packages for their valued customers. Select returns your car in good condition and bring it to you so that it is warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Thrifty Airport Parking

– Using Thrifty Airport Parking for BOS parking is smart for two reasons: Logan parking rates are low, and value delivered by Thrifty is high. Thrifty runs a shuttle service to and from the airport every 5-8 minutes. The parking lot and your vehicle is accessible 24/7.

Preflight Airport Parking

– The parking lots of Preflight are heavily secured, and parking services come with many add-ons like magazines, battery jump services, and tire inflation. With their 24-hour shuttle service, you can get to the airport from the parking lot in just five minutes.

Airport Valet and Park

– Airport Valet and Park make sure there is a valet to meet you at the airport to pick up and park your car as well as to return it to you when you return from your trip. The parking lot is only a couple of minutes away, and the likelihood of delay is small.

Park Shuttle and Fly

– With Park Shuttle and Fly, you can drop your car off at the parking garage and avail their 24-hour shuttle service to get to the airport. When you return, you simply have to call the company, and they will dispatch a shuttle to pick you up from the terminal.

Logan airport hotel parking

Many hotels have devised ingenious packages called Park Stay and Fly packages. Under these schemes, travelers can park their car at the hotel, stay at the hotel the night before their flight, and take the complimentary shuttle service to the airport the next day to catch their flight. When picking a hotel to get into this scheme, make sure to find out the maximum number of days your car can be parked. Hotels usually have a maximum under these packages. Here are the details of some hotels near the Logan airport that you can get in touch with to minimize flight-related hassles:


  • Embassy Suites (207 Porter Street)
    Distance from BOS: 0.3 miles
    Phone: 617-567-5000
    Daily Rate: $10


  • Holiday Inn Express (69 Boston Street)
    Distance from BOS: 5 miles
    Phone: 800-315-2621
    Daily Rate: $15


  • Boston Rodeway Inn – Logan Airport (309 American Legion Highway)
    Distance from BOS: 3 miles
    Phone: 781-284-3663
    Daily Rate: $5


  • Courtyard By Marriott – South Boston (63 R Boston Street)
    Distance from BOS: 4 miles
    Phone: 617-436-8200
    Daily Rate: $7


  • Comfort Inn – Logan Airport (85 American Legion Hwy)
    Distance from BOS: 2.9 miles
    Phone: 781-485-3600
    Daily Rate: $14


  • Four Points by Sheraton Boston Logan (407 Squire Road)
    Distance from BOS: 5 miles
    Phone: 781-284-7200
    Daily Rate: $8

Tips for Logan airport parking


Lexus PASSport Gold

– For frequent flyers, they may want something easier than reserving a parking slot prior to every flight. The Lexus PASSport Gold program is ideal for such individuals. Once you sign up for the Lexus PASSport Gold program, you get privileged access to designated parking spaces at Terminal B. You are guaranteed a parking space every time you go to the airport, no matter how busy a time it is. Although parking rates under the scheme are slightly higher than the standard rates, for the peace of mind it lends, it’s worth the extra cost.

Benefits for electric and hybrid vehicles

– Logan airport has 26 charging points for electric vehicles and 173 parking spots specifically for hybrid, alternatively fueled and electric vehicles.

Parking status

– Parking conditions are updated in real time. That means that availability may have changed between the time you checked for parking and the time you reach the airport. By signing up using your e-mail address, you can receive live updates of the parking situation at Logan airport in your inbox. Note that this may result in multiple notifications, but you can unsubscribe from the service easily.

Exit Express

– When you get an Exit Express card, you can automatically enter and exit the lots by waving the card over a reader. No ticket needs to be collected, and no payment needs to be made. The parking fee is automatically charged to your credit card that is on file, and you receive a receipt within the day.

You can use this guide to figure out the best parking option for you at the Logan airport and to avail of the different schemes and plans for airport parking.

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