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Long Beach Airport (LGB) Parking Guide 

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  • Gerard Stevens
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Long Beach Airport (LGB) is one of the busiest airports in California. Some of us opt to fly out from LGB airport to avoid the hassle of bigger airports like the LAX or John Wayne. Most Long Beach residents prefer to drive to the airport due to its proximity to the city. All these factors are sure to make the onsite parking lots busier. So, you need to be familiar with the onsite parking options while flying out, and that’s where our Long Beach Airport parking guide will help you!

And be mindful that parking at Long Beach Airport never comes cheap. So, many of us may look for cheap parking near Long Beach Airport. What are the LGB parking options? How much are Long Beach Airport parking rates? Know all about the airport and its parking via this Long Beach Airport parking guide.  

LGB Airport parking options 

Lots A and B are the main onsite parking lots that offer onsite parking at LGB Airport. Both these lots are ideal for long-term parking and are within walking distance from the terminal. These lots also provide short-term parking. You can choose the Valet parking service if you want to avoid the hassle of circling the lots looking for a parking spot. There is also a Cell Phone Lot that offers free parking for an hour while you’re at the airport to pick up a passenger. Though there are ample spots at lots A and B, there is no option to pre-book them. Getting a parking spot can be tough during peak hours and holidays. So, always reach early to get parking at Long Beach Airport. Continue reading this Long Beach Airport parking guide to know in detail about long-term and short-term LGB parking.  

Where to park at Long Beach Airport? 

You will get onsite parking at the airport via two main lots – A and B. Both these lots are located near the terminal, offering long-term and hourly parking spots. Use the Valet parking service if you want to avoid the hassle of finding a parking spot at the last minute. The Cell Phone Lot provides free parking at the airport for up to one hour.  

How much is parking at Long Beach Airport? 

The Long Beach Airport parking rates depend on the lot you choose and the duration of parking. The parking rate for an LGB parking spot starts at $2 per hour, and it can go as high as $27 for a day’s parking. Are you looking for a cheaper parking spot? Then it is always better to check for one at the nearby offsite garages or hotel parking lots. Our Long Beach Airport parking guide has all that covered! 

How much is long-term parking at Long Beach Airport? 

The onsite lots A and B provide long-term parking at LGB Airport. The long-term parking rate depends on the lot you choose for parking. Getting a parking spot at Lot A charges you $21 for a day’s parking. Parking at Lot B costs you $19 for a day. Both lots are within walking distance of the airport terminal, with lot A being the closest. However, Lot B is the one with more parking spots. The daily parking rate surges to $27 while you use the Valet parking service. Are you looking for a daily parking spot at a cheaper rate? Then it is better to get a parking spot at any of the nearby offsite garages or lots. Most of these parking spots cost you less than the onsite ones!  

Garage  Duration  LGB parking rate 
Lot A  Per Day   $21 
Lot B  Per Day  $19 
Valet Parking  Per Day  $27 
Offsite parking near LGB Airport  Per Day  $6 

How much is short-term parking at Long Beach Airport? 

You can get short-term airport parking via lots A and B. Using a parking spot at these lots charge you $2 per hour. The parking rate increases by $2 every hour until it reaches the daily maximum rate in each lot. Hourly parking will be convenient as both lots are located near the terminal. Are you looking for affordable short-term parking at the airport? Then try booking a parking spot at any of the nearby offsite garages or hotel parking lots. Most of these offsite parking lots offer short-term parking spots at cheaper rates than the onsite ones. Read this Long Beach Airport parking guide further to know more about Long Beach Airport!  

Garage  Duration  LGB parking rate 
Lot A  Per Hour  $2 
Lot B  Per Hour  $2 

About Long Beach Airport 

The airport served over three million passengers every year before the pandemic. LGB Airport is located around three miles northeast of downtown Long Beach. Long Beach Airport is a good option for those travelers traveling to Los Angeles or the theme parks. LGB Airport covers an area of around 1,166 acres featuring a single terminal, two concourses, and three asphalt runways.  

Phoenix-Sky Harbor, Las Vegas, and Sacramento are the busiest domestic routes served from this airport. Public transportation systems and other services provide good connectivity from Downtown, making it easy for passengers to reach the airport. Do you want to know about getting to the airport and spend time there? Our Long Beach Airport parking guide answers that! 

How to get to Long Beach Airport 

Driving to the airport will be a good option as it is near Downtown. It normally takes around 15-20 minutes to reach the airport from Downtown while driving. Driving via CA-1 S and N Lakewood Blvd is the most preferred route to travel to the airport. But, always be cautious of the traffic on the airport road. The road can get congested during rush hours and peak seasons. And it is always better to ensure a parking spot before you choose to drive. Reaching late to the airport and driving around the onsite lots looking for parking is sure to give you a stressful flight. What are the other ways to reach LGB Airport? Continue reading this Long Beach Airport parking guide. 

Get LGB Airport parking for rates starting as low as $6/day

Using public transportation service 


Long Beach Transit buses connect Downtown and LGB Airport. The buses with route numbers 102, 104, and 111 are the ones that connect you to the airport. Route 102 operates from Santa Fe street, having a stop at LGB Airport until Carson Street. Bus with route number 104 serves Spring Street via Dorado Park until Norwalk Boulevard, and 111 operates from Broadway to final Lakewood. Route 111 connects the airport and Downtown Long Beach Station. The buses operate every hour and cost around $1.25 for a ride to the airport.  


Wardlow Station on the A-Line is the nearest metro rail station to LGB Airport. The line offers rail service between Downtown Los Angeles and joins with Long Beach Transit buses at the Transit Mall in Downtown. Taking a cab from Wardlow Station to the airport normally costs you $13.35 

Taxi/rideshare services 

Riding on a taxi/rideshare service is the quickest way by which you can reach the airport from Downtown. Normally, it takes around 10-15 minutes to reach the airport. Long Beach Yellow Cab is the maim taxi service provider at Long Beach. Expect to shell out between $23 and $30 for a ride from Downtown to the airport.  

Uber, Lyft, Opoli, and Wingz are the main rideshare services that connect you to the airport. The rideshare fare depends on the type of ride and the time of travel. An Uber service costs you between $50-200. Hiring a Lyft service costs you between $21 and $77 for a ride to the airport. Using Wingz service ideally costs you around $40 for a trip from Downtown to LGB Airport. An Opoli service charges you between $28 and $144 for a ride to Long Beach Airport.  

Things to do at Long Beach Airport 

Thinking of how to spend your waiting period at LGB Airport? There are no lounges at the airport. The airport provides free Wi-Fi throughout the terminal and boarding areas that you can use. But, there are a few eateries and shops at both concourses that can keep you engaged before boarding. Long Beach Airport parking guide has all that covered!  

Dining and shopping at LGB Airport 

Taco Beach Cantina in the North concourse is the perfect spot for having huge tacos, nachos, burritos, and margaritas. Visit the Long Beach Burger Bar if you want to taste some fresh burgers. How do you feel about having cuisines made of some local ingredients? Then head to the George’s Greek Café to taste Greek cuisines made of some local ingredients.  Or do you want to get refreshed before the flight? Sheldrake Coffee Roasting & Sweet Jill’s Bakery serves the finest coffee along with baked goodies. The 4th Street Vine Wine & Beer Bar is the perfect place to feel refreshed having beers and wines. If you’re craving seafood, sandwiches, steak, or appetizers, then visit the Boathouse on the Bay in the South concourse.  

CNBC Gifts and News and 562 Experience Long Beach Business Journal are the best shops to buy electronic accessories, books, and gourmet snacks.  

Other amenities at the airport 

The airport features baby care rooms that you can use for diaper changing or breastfeeding. You can locate these rooms next to Gate 2 and the ladies washroom. There is also mobile phone charging stations near gates 2, 4, and 8. 

More info about LGB Airport parking  

Where is Long Beach Airport? 

LGB Airport is located at 4100 Donald Douglas Dr, Long Beach, CA 90808. 

How much is hourly parking at Long Beach Airport? 

Hourly parking at all onsite lots costs you $2 per hour.  

Does LGB Airport have Valet parking services? 

Yes. Valet parking service costs you $27 for a day.  

Where to find accessible parking spots at LGB Airport? 

All onsite lots have designated spots for accessible parking.  

How early should I get to Long Beach Airport? 

Ideally, it is better to reach the airport two hours before the scheduled departure time.  

Does Long Beach Airport have free parking? 

Yes, only when you use the Cell Phone Lot. You can park your car for free for up to one hour at this lot while you’re at the airport to pick up a passenger.  

Does Long Beach Airport have a TSA precheck? 

Yes. You can locate the TSA precheck lanes for security checkpoints at the main terminal of LGB Airport.  

Which airlines fly out of Long Beach Airport? 

American Eagle, Delta Air Lines, Delta Connection, Southwest Airlines, and Hawaiian Airlines.  

How far is John Wayne Airport from Long Beach Airport? 

John Wayne Airport is around 21.4 miles away from LGB Airport. 

How far is LAX Airport to Long Beach Airport? 

LAX Airport is around 22 miles away from LGB Airport.  

How far is Long Beach Airport to Anaheim? 

LGB Airport is around 19 miles away from Anaheim.  

How far is Long Beach Airport to Disneyland? 

LGB Airport is around 13 miles away from Disneyland. 

Is there a shuttle from Long Beach Airport to Disneyland? 

Yes. Many shuttles and limousines take you directly to the Disneyland Resort from the airport.  

Long Beach Airport parking map 

Here’s the airport map where you can find the best onsite parking spots, Long Beach Airport long-term parking, and cheap LGB Airport parking.    

LGB Airport parking map
Image courtesy: https://www.longbeach.gov/lgb/airlines-destinations/parking-directions/

The two onsite lots – A and B, are just a few steps away from the terminal. Though ideal for long-term parking, both lots offer short-term parking at $2 per hour. The airport also has a Valet parking service with daily parking costing you $27. There is also a Cell Phone Lot where you can park for free for up to one hour. Do you want to have affordable parking near Long Beach Airport? This Long Beach Airport parking guide helps you with that! 

LGB Airport parking information, coupons, and discounts    

The onsite lots may fill up quickly as many passengers opt to fly out from this airport to avoid the hassle of bigger airports. The lots are getting busier after people have started to travel after the pandemic break. Since there is no option to pre-book the parking spots, getting onsite parking can sometimes be a pain. Also, be aware that the LGB parking rates aren’t cheap. So, how to get a parking spot at cheaper LGB parking rates? Use the Way.com app or website to find affordable parking near LGB Airport. Booking via way can get you an LGB Airport parking spot for rates as low as $6 per day. What’s more? The parking comes with amenities like free shuttle services, camera surveillance, 24-hour security, and more!  

Long Beach Airport parking guide tips 

  • The airport is located around three miles northeast of downtown Long Beach. 
  • Lots A and B are the main parking lots at the airport. Both lots are near the terminal. 
  • Park at the Cell Phone Lot to get free parking at the airport. 
  • Always check the parking spots at the offsite garages and lots if you want to have cheap Long Beach Airport long-term parking.   

Reserve parking at Long Beach Airport for $6/day

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