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Los Angeles Chargers: Schedule, Tickets and Parking Info

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For more than 60 years, the Los Angeles Chargers have been¬†playing in the NFL. Despite changing bases and the team’s name to San Diego Chargers for some years, the Chargers are now part of one of the city rivalries in the NFL. Ever since 1970, the Chargers have been members of the AFC West, but during that period have only once been the conference champions.¬†


Talking about championship wins, the only time the Chargers won the title was back in 1963. Despite the trophy drought, the Chargers games attract hundreds of thousands to the home stadium. If you wish to join in on the fan experience in Los Angeles, make sure you know where to park. 

Los Angeles Chargers Parking

Since you will be in one of the busiest cities in the country, parking can be a challenge, especially for first-time visitors. We will help you find the best places to park near the Los Angeles Chargers home stadium at cheaper rates. Also, read ahead for more about the Chargers’ schedule, tickets, players, and coaching staff.¬†

What are the upcoming games of the Chargers? 

The Chargers are about to meet Arizona Cardinals away from home in their next game. Other oppositions include Las Vegas Raiders, Miami Dolphins, Tennessee Titans, Indianapolis Colts, and Los Angeles Rams in the days leading up to the New Year. 


Los Angles Chargers need to get some wins in some of those games to make sure they get to the playoffs this season. Especially the Chargers fans are looking forward to the game against city rivals Rams on the first day of the New Year. 

Visit the official team website for the complete Los Angeles Chargers schedule. In addition, you can see the results of previous games also on the same site. 

Los Angeles Chargers news | Los Angeles Chargers score

What is the current Los Angeles Chargers roster? 

Some of the popular names from the active squad of Chargers can be found below. 

  • Nasir Adderley¬†
  • Keenan Allen¬†
  • Jeremiah Attaochu¬†
  • Michael Bandy¬†
  • Bryce Callahan¬†
  • DeAndre Carter¬†
  • Will Clapp¬†
  • Chase Daniel¬†
  • Michael Davis¬†
  • Tyeler Davison¬†
  • Keelan Doss¬†
  • Austin Ekeler¬†
  • Gerald Everett¬†
  • Breiden Fehoko¬†
  • Matt Feiler¬†
  • Morgan Fox¬†

Apart from these, numerous players are part of the active squad, reserve, and practice teams. Visit the team’s official website for the complete Los Angeles Chargers roster.¬†

How much are the Los Angeles Chargers tickets? 

You will have different varieties of Chargers tickets to choose from. Let us start with season tickets, which come with various perks. Along with some great seating options, you can get the best prices, priority for playoff games, exclusive access to fan events, and other discounts for merchandise, store, etc. 

Premium seating options start at Clubs and Suites, which offer a whole new fan experience. Club memberships can get you the best seats, exclusive food and drink options, and even premium parking choices. 


Gameday and annual suites are available if you wish to watch the Los Angeles Chargers games with your family and friends. But single-game tickets are always in high demand. 

Single-game tickets can start as low as $38 for certain games, while you can expect to pay two or three times more for major games involving strong opposition. For example, the tickets for Rams vs. Chargers start at $100 per seat and can go as high as $600 or more. Online ticket marketplaces like Ticketmaster also sell these tickets, but the rates will be slightly high due to service charges. For more information about each ticket type, visit the official Chargers website.  

Which is the home stadium of the Chargers? 

SoFi Stadium at South Stadium Drive in Inglewood, California, is the home base of the Chargers fans. The team from LA has been playing their home games at this venue since 2020 but has failed to enter the playoffs since 2018. 

They share the stadium with rivals Los Angeles Rams, and when these two play each other, you can expect a packed stadium. In addition, an annual college football game called the LA Bowl has also been hosted by the SoFi Stadium since 2021. 

What airport do I fly into for SoFi Stadium?

SoFi Stadium is located within 5 miles of the Los Angeles International Airport.

If you are driving from the airport to the stadium, you have a few route options. The I-105 East can get you to the SoFi stadium within 12 minutes, even though you have to drive 6.4 miles. The fastest route by road from LAX to SoFi Stadium is through West Century Boulevard. Depending on the traffic conditions on this road, you can get to the stadium in 10 minutes or less.   

Is there on-site parking at SoFi Stadium? 

There are a few parking facilities available in and around the stadium campus. These are divided into zones that charge different rates and have a different number of spaces. For example, General Parking lots are inside Zones marked Green, Orange, Purple, and more. Similarly, there are specially reserved spaces for tailgating located further away from the Green Zone lots. 


During NFL games, these spaces will be in high demand. So, even though you can pre-book parking at these spaces, you must arrive hours before the game kicks off to avoid heavy traffic. 

SoFi Stadium Seating Chart 

You can find the best seats at the stadium using a seating map. Different seating maps for different levels of seats are available on the official SoFi Stadium website. Using these eight maps, you can find the best entrances to use for getting to your corresponding seats. 

Is tailgating allowed at SoFi Stadium? 

At SoFi Stadium, only one parking zone is available for tailgating- the Pink Parking zone. Therefore, you will need a Pink Parking zone pass to enter this area. Similarly, you will have to follow tailgating regulations to make sure both you and other fans are safe. These tailgating rules and parking regulations apply to both the LA Rams and Chargers. 

Why use off-site parking garages for Los Angeles Chargers games? 

Off-site parking garages near SoFi Stadium are easy to access and are safer than other options. For instance, there are no chances of theft or any other crimes at an off-site garage, unlike on-street parking. So you can leave your car at one of these private spaces and enjoy the game without any worries. 

These are much more affordable than official parking. Even if you get an official parking space, you will be stuck in a long line of cars before and after the game. On the other hand, if you choose off-site garages for Chargers parking, you will not have to arrive hours before the game.   

Premium features at these off-site parking garages near Chargers stadium include valet parking, covered parking, paved parking spaces, contactless parking, and more. You can enjoy all these features without any extra charges. 

How to find cheap parking garages near SoFi Stadium 

Use online parking services like Way.com to find the nearest off-site garages near the Chargers stadium. The Way.com website and Way app can help you locate cheap and nearby garages that offer premium features. 


To start the search, you must enter the location into the app or website. It will return a list of nearby garages along with the features they offer and corresponding charges. You can choose a garage that will satisfy your needs and pay the charges to guarantee a space for the next Chargers game. 

Besides, booking through Way.com can get you other deals. For example, you can get extra discounts and special deals on charges at off-site parking garages by using the Way app. 

Los Angeles Chargers Parking SoFi stadium

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