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Find your Way around City of Los Angeles parking violations

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  • Renee Martin
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Checked out the latest City of Los Angeles parking violations report yet? Spoiler alert: Steer clear of 1600 Irving Tabor Ct! There is no doubt that Los Angeles is the city of dreams for many. However, you might have a different take if you drive around regularly.

The City of Los Angeles has a taste for expensive parking rates and fines. Coupled with limited space availability, LA’s parking expenses can be a nightmare for new residents and visitors. Even seasoned Angelenos could use a tip or two when it comes to finding affordable parking. So, we rounded up all you need to know about Los Angeles city parking for this complete guide.

Beautiful weather, good people, and an evergreen city with a genuinely happy vibe – how can someone hate living in Los Angeles, right? Well, everything’s great until it comes to public transportation and traffic. The issue is so bad that Los Angeles is a regular on the list of top cities with the highest parking-related expenses in recent years. It’s not just parking lot rates we call expensive here; LADOT’s parking fines and fees will also drain your pockets. It’s best to stay updated on City of Los Angeles parking rules and regulations to avoid any risk of parking tickets. But it’s better to stay off the streets and find affordable parking lots near your destination. Keep reading to find out how to get the best rates at LA parking garages and where to find risk-free street parking.    

Los Angeles City parking guide LA


Street Parking in Los Angeles  

City of Los Angeles parking tickets stack up pretty fast if you are careless about parking on the streets. Residential Parking Permit zones will play a major role in parking citations. On-street parking in Los Angeles during street cleaning hours does not usually end well. Look out for the street cleaning schedules and other parking restrictions indicated on posted signs, especially in Downtown Los Angeles. If you end up stacking five or more City of Los Angeles parking violations, your car might get booted until the tickets are paid in full. In the unfortunate event of your car getting booted, contact the boot release line on 855-288-2642. You will also have to pay a $150.00 boot fee to get your vehicle released.

The cost of parking in Los Angeles comes down to the type of parking you choose. While street parking comes for free or relatively cheaper rates, it does not offer the security or amenities available at LA parking garages and lots. On the other hand, off-street is pricier, ranging from $4 – $12 an hour, on average. For cheaper deals, you can check out websites like Way.com or download the Way app. Booking a garage space online is so much easier than looking for a parking spot at the last minute. You can compare multiple parking lots near your destination and choose the best deal at the click of a button. 

Best Los Angeles Parking Spots

Even though there are plenty of parking lots and garages, finding a cheap and secure Los Angeles parking spot is not as easy as you’d think. The city has a relatively high vehicle density, which makes it tougher to find vacant garage spaces. Check out our top tips and tricks to find affordable parking in Los Angeles.

If it is street parking you are worried about, our tips to avoid Los Angeles parking tickets will help keep the expenses to a minimum. City of Los Angeles parking violations costs more than an affordable garage space in LA. By the time you finish paying up for LA parking tickets, you’d start wishing you had pre-booked an off-street garage space instead.

Free Parking Spots in Los Angeles   

Careful! Free street parking spots can turn out to be parking ticket traps in LA. Unless you are making a quick stop, do not use free street parking in the city. But you’ll find free parking on LA streets, and if you are tempted, double-check the posted signage and keep track of the time limits. Look out for temporary restrictions as well. Following the City of Los Angeles parking enforcement authorities on social media will get you quick updates on the go.

Some ‘generous’ parking lots in popular neighborhoods like Santa Monica, Groove, and Beverly Hills offer free parking for the first two hours. Downtown Los Angeles parking and Staples Center parking are the busiest and have the highest overall parking rates. It’s best to stay clear of these two spots if accessible and free parking in Los Angeles is your priority.  

Los Angeles City Parking Guide Street Parking


Los Angeles City Parking Near Popular Attractions  

The LA Live neighborhood gets busy really fast, especially on sell-out event days. The shopping and hangout spots like Regal Cinemas make the limited street parking a challenge. Parking lots and garage space also get sold out pretty quickly. Get ready to pay more if you plan to drive up and find a LA garage space near LA Live. Or pre-book your LA Live parking spot here for the lowest rates at top-rated garages within walking distance of popular attractions. 

Los Angeles Convention Center parking is yet another challenge for visitors in LA. Reserve your spot at 1620 South Flower Street and other garages nearby for affordable parking at rates starting as low as $18 per day! Plan your visit to avoid the hassle of keeping up with meter time limits or expensive drive-up rates at parking lots in the neighborhood.

Downtown Los Angeles is undoubtedly the busiest in the City of Los Angeles. But there are plenty of surface lots and garages in the neighborhood. Check out a few tips for downtown Los Angeles parking here  

Los Angeles is also home to one of the best Chinatowns in the US. The budget-friendly neighborhood is the perfect place to find affordable LA parking. On average, LA Chinatown parking costs $4 – $6 at easily accessible and secure lots. 

The Hollywood Walk of Fame and Beverly Hills are the cherries on the cake! But parking rates here will have you seeing stars – not the celebrity kind. But affordable Hollywood Walk of Fame parking isn’t impossible – you just need a few tricks and tips for the best Hollywood parking. 

How to Avoid City of Los Angeles Parking Violations 

Los Angeles City Parking Guide Street Parking Tips

Metered parking in Los Angeles is enforced by the Parking Meters Division of the Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT). As of 2020, there are more than 40,000 metered parking spaces across the city. The metered parking rates in Los Angeles vary based on demand and range from 50 cents to $6 per hour. Do not feed the parking meters, and always be on the lookout for metered parking schedules. The LADOT staff are vigilant in taking action when it comes to City of Los Angeles parking violations.

Can I park outside my house?  

If you can spend $30 – $60 per month on a residential parking permit, then yes, you can park right outside your home. The LA residential parking permit does come with a catch, though. You are supposed to move your car every 72 hours (three days). Failure in doing so could result in your vehicle getting ticketed, towed, and impounded until you settle a fine for this violation.   

Is there free parking on holidays?  

Yes. You can park for free in Los Angeles on all major national holidays. If the holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, street parking is free on Friday or Monday. This is possible thanks to the Holiday Enforcement benefit. For instance, if the national holiday falls on a Saturday, parking regulations will be lifted throughout Friday. If the holiday falls on Sunday, parking enforcement will not be applicable the next day (Monday).  

Los Angeles National Holidays  

January 1 – New Year’s Day  

January 20 – Martin Luther King, Jr. Day  

February 17 – Presidents Day  

May 25 – Memorial Day  

July 3 – Independence Day  

September 7 – Labor Day  

October 12 – Indigenous People Day  

November 11 – Veterans Day  

November 26 – Thanksgiving Day  

December 25 – Christmas Day   

Checklist to avoid a Los Angeles parking ticket

  • Keep an eye out for parking signs, and make sure that there are no temporary regulations like construction restrictions or changes in cleaning schedules.   
  • Do not wait until the metered parking timer runs out, and move your vehicle at least 5 – 10 minutes before the meter expires.   
  • Park at least 15 feet away from a fire hydrant. Do not park in a way that the fire hydrant becomes inaccessible.  
  • Do not park in restricted zones or special parking zones that are designated for people with special needs. 

Affordable parking in Los Angeles banner way.com

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