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5 Los Angeles parking hacks every LA driver should know

  • City Parking
  • Renee Martin
  • 4 minutes

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Finding affordable parking in LA can be a frustrating affair. If you’re tired of repeated parking tickets, endless driving in circles, and frayed nerves, we’re here to help you out! Use these 5 Los Angeles parking hacks to find easy parking without breaking a sweat.

The City of Angels sounds as magical as its name – but any LA resident can testify that everything is not always hunky-dory! Even though LA has excellent public transport infrastructure, most residents would rather drive their car to get around – it’s simply the most convenient option. However, a drawback to this is that LA parking is always a headache to find. The most common complaints range from limited on-site parking near popular hotspots to the difficulty in finding long-term street parking. Sort of makes you wonder if it is worth even owning a car, doesn’t it?

If the challenges in finding affordable Los Angeles parking are what’s keeping you from exploring the city, then worry no more – we have you covered!

A brown car is parked by the street in Los Angeles

These common Los Angeles parking hacks are pretty much common sense. However, as they say, common sense is not that common! In this post, we break down the 5 most important hacks every LA driver should know.

Los Angeles parking hacks, tips, and tricks

Hack #1: Scope out your destination first

Let’s face it – it’s an absolute blunder to step into the car without deciding where to go. Doing a bit of research is the first LA parking hack you must learn that will give you dividends. For example, you can find out if it is in a busy part of the city (which will make street parking tough to find) or whether it is in the suburbs (easier to find parking). Some restaurants and hotels have on-site parking lots for patrons – you can avoid the hassle of looking for street parking altogether. However, in such instances, you could also be charged high parking fees! You can also check out more secure off-site parking options nearby.

Hack #2: Keep exact change in hand

Having exact coin change when paying at a parking meter gives you more control over your time. There might be a slight delay when using your credit card to pay – so cut through the clutter with exact change.

A blue car is parked in Los Angeles with the Hollywood sign in the background

Hack #3: Colored curbs are your friends, not foes

Yellow curbs indicate loading zones that are limited for dropping off and picking up passengers or goods during the daytime. However, at night, most of these spots are available for regular parking – subject to parking time limits and other rules. Check the signboard before you leave your vehicle here.

Green curbs indicate short-term parking spots that only allow 15 to 30-minute parking. However, this is relaxed on Mondays to Saturdays between 6 p.m. and 8 a.m. and is not in effect on Sunday. Keeping this in mind is a useful LA parking hack.

Los Angeles Parking Hack #4: Know how to find free parking in LA

Yes. You can park for free in Los Angeles on all major national holidays. Use this handy LA parking hack – if the holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, street parking is free on Friday or Monday. This is possible thanks to the Holiday Enforcement benefit. For instance, if the national holiday falls on a Saturday, parking regulations will be lifted throughout Friday. If the holiday falls on Sunday, parking enforcement will not be applicable the next day (Monday).  

Hack #5: Pre-book an LA garage spot using a parking app

There are so many misleading myths about services and facilities offered at LA parking garages  – the most popular among them is that they are super expensive. But that’s just something hiding the most useful LA parking hack – that garage parking offers the most value for money! Though street parking costs just $2 for a few hours, it offers no protection from hazards like oncoming traffic, adverse weather, car break-ins, and theft. But what if we told you that you could pre-book a safe, secure, and convenient LA parking garage spot for as low as $15 for an entire day? The extra cost seems worth it, right?

If you genuinely value parking savings, you can use a parking app like Way.com to book a convenient garage spot within walking distance of your destination. 

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