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Los Angeles Parking Tickets: September Report

  • Cars Explained
  • Jeannie Assimos
  • 2 minutes

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Parking in Los Angeles can be a tough proposition. What’s even tougher? Walking out to your car and seeing a ticket on the hood!

We’ve identified the most ticketed streets in LA so you can steer clear of spending your hard-earned cash on such violations. Spoiler alert: Avoid 1600 Irving Tabor Ct! Here’s the breakdown:

Top 20 Streets for Parking in Los Angeles

In terms of volume, 144,578 tickets were given in September, 8k less than August.

Parking on the sidewalk or too close to a fire hydrant will set you back $68. Most of the tickets are averaging $73, and include violations like opting to park in a no-parking zone or not moving for street cleaning. Parking in a red zone will cost you $93, while expired meter violations cost $63.

Where it gets steeper is if one decides to cruise into a disabled parking spot. This will cost you $363, not to mention that it’s just not a cool thing to do.

If you drive a commercial vehicle, your tickets can get extremely costly. A commercial vehicle that parks over the time limit can result in a violation of $1000 bucks.

Parking Tickets in Los Angeles

Of course, you can protect yourself against getting any parking tickets by using the Way app for your city parking needs. We’ll be back next month with the latest stats. Until then, safe and happy parking.

Data: LACity.Org

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