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Los Angeles Rams: Tickets, Schedule and Parking Information for Sofi Stadium

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Are you a fan of the Los Angeles Rams? The team from LA is one of the oldest franchises in the competition and is currently a member of the NFC West Division. Originally known as Cleveland Rams, this team was founded in 1936 with headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio. The transition to Los Angeles happened in 1946, and the Cleveland Browns started representing their city. 

Throughout their long history, the Rams have moved multiple stadiums and cities. As a result, there are a few unique records for the Rams football in the NFL. The Rams are the first team to win three titles representing three different cities. Also, the Rams are only one of two teams to win a Super Bowl at a home stadium. 

Los Angeles Rams Parking

Visit their home stadium if you plan to see the Rams in all their glory. You can get a fan experience like no other, along with the best food and drinks. However, since the team attracts fans every game day, it would be best for you to plan your parking before getting to the stadium. There are different options for parking, including on-site, street, and private parking. We will help you find the best garages for cheap rates for the next Rams game day. 

What are the upcoming games of the Rams? 

After three consecutive defeats in the NFL, the Rams will take on New Orleans Saints on the next game day. Then, in their final match of November, the LA Rams will play against Kansas City Chiefs away from home.


Apart from these Rams will play Las Vegas Raiders, Green Bay Packers, Denver Broncos, Los Angeles Chargers, and Seattle Seahawks in the upcoming games. 

For the complete Los Angeles Rams schedule and results of previous games, visit the official team website. 

Los Angeles Rams news | Los Angeles Rams score

What is the current Los Angeles Rams roster? 

Some of the main members of the active squad of the Rams football team are given below. Apart from these, the Rams will miss some good talent due to injury.  

  • Oday Aboushi¬†
  • Cam Akers¬†
  • Brian Allen¬†
  • Tutu Atwell¬†
  • Chandler Brewer¬†
  • Bobby Brown III¬†
  • Marquise Copeland¬†
  • Riley Dixon¬†
  • Aaron Donald¬†
  • Cobie Durant¬†
  • Bobby Evans¬†
  • Leonard Floyd¬†

For the complete Los Angeles Rams roster, visit the official team website. Also, for a complete list of players in each position, take a look at the unofficial depth chart.

How much are the Los Angeles Rams tickets? 

There are different ticket types for the Los Angeles Rams games. Among these, single-game tickets are usually in high demand. Especially during major games like the ones against the Chargers and other top teams in the league, single-game ticket prices can be very high. For example, you can get single-game tickets for as low as $45 per seat during certain games. At the same time, you might have to spend more than $700 for major fixtures and the best seats in the house. 


For hardcore fans -get the season ticket membership. Getting a season ticket can give you access to special events and experiences, a monthly membership payment plan, a presale opportunity, and a playoff ticket priority, among others. 

For better views, go for the slightly expensive suites at the Los Angeles Rams stadium. You can enjoy the game, exclusive food and drink options, and friends and family. The group ticket option can also be used for bigger groups. For complete information about LA Rams tickets, visit the official team website.

Which is the home stadium of the Rams? 

As you read above, the Rams have played in many venues during their long NFL career. But since the 2020 season, they have called SoFi stadium in Inglewood their home base. They moved from Edward Jones Dome, where they used to play from 1995 to SoFi stadium, and it proved lucky by bringing in their first Super Bowl win in years. 

Apart from the Rams, SoFi stadium is also home to the city rivals Los Angeles Chargers. Also, the LA Bowl college football game has been played at this venue since 2021. With a base capacity of more than 70,200 seats, it is one of the biggest in the NFL. In addition, the stadium is rumored to be used during the 2026 FIFA World Cup and the 2028 Summer Olympics and Paralympic Games.  

Where is Los Angeles Rams stadium located? 

The Los Angeles Rams stadium is located at 1001 South Stadium Drive, Inglewood, California. Other major destinations near this location include the YouTube Theater, American Airlines Plaza, The Equipment Room clothing store, and the US Rock Corporation supply store. 

How to get to SoFi Stadium 

If you wish to drive to the Los Angeles Rams stadium, there are a couple of routes from downtown Los Angeles. First, you can take the I-110 South, a 15.6-mile journey that may take nearly 19 minutes. Another alternative is going via I-110 South and West Century Boulevard. This second option is the fastest route, only 12.2 miles long and taking 19 minutes. For both these routes, the traveling times will depend on the traffic conditions. 

On the other hand, a handful of public transit options can get you closer to the stadium on Los Angeles Rams game day. For example, on every NFL game day, you can use the SoFi stadium shuttles that run to the stadium from different parts of the city. Besides, light metro lines operated by the LACMTA can also be used. For instance, the C line and K line light rail trains will get you to the Hawthorne/Lennox and Downtown Inglewood station. 

In addition, the G Trans shuttle, which is a bus service operated by a municipal transit agency, and the J Line light rail (only Sundays) are also usable. 

Which airport is closer to SoFi Stadium?

The distance between SoFi Stadium and Los Angeles International Airport is only around 5 miles. You can take three routes to get to the home of the Los Angeles Rams from LAX. The I-105 East can bring you to the stadium in 12 minutes. You might alternatively travel 4.1 miles (9 minutes) through West Century Boulevard before turning onto South Prairie Avenue. West Century Boulevard is the fastest road route from LAX to SoFi Stadium. You can reach the stadium in close to 9 minutes, depending on how congested this traffic is. 

Is there on-site parking at SoFi Stadium? 

Yes. You can find multiple parking facilities near the SoFi stadium that are divided based on color zones. For example, there are Green Zone, Brown Zone, Orange Zone, Purple Zone, Pink Zone, and Blue Zone, along with a few other lots. The closest on-site parking lots near the stadium are Green Zone lots- Lot A and B., Brown Zone lots- Lots C and D, and many others. 


You can also find the tailgating Pink Zone lots the farthest from the stadium. Each of these spaces will have different parking rates. Also, you can get a parking pass before getting to the stadium of the limited on-site parking facilities during NFL games. 

SoFi Stadium Seating Chart 

The Los Angeles Rams stadium has different detailed maps for all eight levels of seating. You can find all these stadium maps at the official website of SoFi stadium. These eight levels include general seating, suites, club seats, and more. Using these maps, you can easily find the best seats in the house and the entrances to use to access them easily. 

Is tailgating allowed at SoFi Stadium? 

Yes. On both NFL game days for the Los Angeles Rams and Chargers, you can find tailgating areas at SoFi stadium. But only the Pink Parking zone is available as it is the only designated tailgating lot at the stadium. To enter this lot, you need to have a Pink Zone Parking pass and should not park in any other official lot despite having parking passes. 

Are there cheap options for parking near SoFi Stadium? 

For Los Angeles Rams parking, there are different parking options with different rates. Even though street parking is cheap, you might pay more if things do not go according to plan. 


In addition, if you feel the official parking spaces at the stadium charge more, private garages near SoFi stadium offer cheaper rates and added features. So you can easily find them and stay clear of the heavy traffic before and after each Rams game. 

Is there street parking near Los Angeles Rams home stadium? 

Yes. Depending on the time, you can find a handful of parking spaces near the SoFi stadium. Some of these will give you a free parking space for a limited time, while others charge a fixed rate of $2 per hour. But most of these are more than an hour away from the Los Angeles Rams stadium, which makes it an impractical solution. 

You can find some of these on-street parking spaces at Glasgow Pl, Century Boulevard, South Crenshaw Boulevard, and 85th Street. Even though street parking is cheap, some risks are associated with it, as you read above. These include crimes and parking violations. 

If it is your first time visiting LA and you have no idea about the parking rules and regulations of Los Angeles, it is better not to park in the streets. The local parking authorities will charge hefty fines for even minor violations. In the worst-case scenario, your car will be towed by the time your return from the Los Angeles Rams game. 

Why use off-site parking garages for Los Angeles Rams games? 

Apart from street parking and official parking spaces, off-site garages near SoFi stadium are safe and cheap. In addition, safety features like security personnel, lot attendants, and camera surveillance off-site garages near the Los Angeles Rams stadium ensures your ride is safe. So, you can forget any instances of theft or other crimes that may occur when leaving your car on the street. 


Similarly, there are no chances of traffic violations if you choose to park at an off-site parking garage. In addition, you can park for a limited period for which you have paid. 

But the major highlight of choosing off-site parking garages near SoFi stadium is the premium features. Some of these include valet parking, covered parking, ADA/Aisle access, paved parking spaces, and contactless parking. You can enjoy all these facilities without paying a single penny extra. 

How to find cheap parking garages near SoFi Stadium 

For cheap Los Angeles Rams parking, you can always use online parking services like Way.com. The Way website and the app will help you get the best rates at nearby off-site parking garages near SoFi Stadium.  

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To find garages using Way app, enter the location and entry and exit times. You will get a list of all nearby garages in that location, their features, and corresponding rates. Once you choose the best garage for your needs, pay the charges and be guaranteed a space for the next Rams games. 

Using Way.com, you can get additional benefits like discounts and deals on charges at off-site garages. Thus, you can get discounted rates and a guaranteed spot to help you avoid heavy traffic. 

Los Angeles Rams Parking Sofi stadium

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