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Los Bukis Una Historia Cantada Tour 2022: Biggest Latin Tour of the Year

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After the massive success of the reunion show in 2021, Los Bukis is coming back for another stadium tour. The Los Bukis Una Historia Cantada tour 2022 will have multiple shows starting in late July. For all those who followed their style of music during the 90s, this is an opportunity to see them once again. All previous concerts were sold out and were also a huge success financially.

You can learn more about the upcoming Los Bukis Una Historia Cantada tour, schedule, tickets, setlist, and parking information. Since the tickets are in high demand, you need to guarantee your tickets as soon as possible.

Los Bukis Una Historia Cantada Tour 2022 parking

What is Los Bukis Una Historia Cantada tour 2022?

The famous Mexican Grupera band announced their reunion after almost 25 years in 2021. It turned out to be the biggest Latin tour in 2021, collecting over $49 million. The band decided to resume the tour in 2022, announcing four shows in the United States at different locations.

The Los Bukis Una Historia Cantada tour sold out nine stadiums, and it is estimated about a million fans attended the concerts. This made the tour the second biggest concert worldwide in 2021 and the biggest Latin tour. Apart from the US tour, the band has also announced a spell in Mexico. The shows in Mexico will be at Monterrey, Mexico City, Morelia, Tijuana, and Guadalajara.

You can enjoy some of their biggest hits during the concerts; Some shows are already sold out. Due to the huge demand, the band added a new date to the schedule. Tickets are sold through Livenation.com, and the pre-sale is already complete.

What is the schedule for the Los Bukis Una Historia Cantada tour 2022?

The 2022 edition of the tour will begin on Saturday, July 30, in New Jersey and will wind up with the concert on Friday, August 26, in Seattle. Here are the Los Bukis Una Historia Cantada tour dates for the upcoming month.

Date Venue City Find Parking
Jul 30, 2022 MetLife Stadium East Rutherford, NJ Book Parking
Aug 12, 2022 Allegiant Stadium Las Vegas, NV Book Parking
Aug 18, 2022 LA Memorial Coliseum Los Angeles, CA Book Parking
Aug 20, 2022 LA Memorial Coliseum Los Angeles, CA Book Parking
Aug 26, 2022 The Gorge Amphitheater Seattle, WA Book Parking

Who are the active members of Los Bukis?

Founders and cousins Marco Antonio Solis and Joel Solis are still at the helm of the band, with the former having a successful solo career. Here is a list of other members of the band who will be traveling on tour.

  • Roberto Guadarrama
  • Eusebio “El Chivo” Cortez
  • Jose “Pepe” Guadarrama
  • Pedro Sanchez
  • Jose Javier Solis

How much are the tickets for Los Bukis Una Historia Cantada concert?

Los Bukis Una Historia Cantada tour ticket prices will vary depending on each venue. For some of the concerts, you can get cheap tickets for as low as $24, and general admission tickets will be priced around $600 to $700 per seat. Similarly, the VIP Packages range from $370 to around $1450 at some concert venues.

Los Bukis Una Historia Cantada tour date
Image Credits: livenationentertainment.com

You can purchase tickets from popular ticket marketplaces like Ticketmaster.com and Livenation.com. Also, see the websites of the venues before getting your tickets, as some of them will have Covid protocols and other security checks.

What songs can you expect at the concert tour?

Since this is a reunion tour, you can most likely enjoy some of the nostalgic hits of the band. However, the Grupera style influenced rock bands back in the 90s, and they generally performed corridos, cumbias, and rancheras. Given below is a possible Los Bukis Una Historia Cantada tour 2022 setlist.

  • Tu Cárcel
  • Como Fui A Enamorarme De Ti
  • A Donde Vayas
  • Acepto mi derrota
  • Será Mejor Que Te Vayas
  • Yo te necesito
  • Quiéreme
  • Tus Mentiras
  • Mi Mayor Necesidad
  • Chiquilla Bonita

Is there parking for Los Bukis Una Historia Cantada tour?

All venues for the concert tour are popular amphitheaters, auditoriums, or stadiums. So there will be some form of on-site parking facilities. This will include surface lots and parking garages inside the venue campus. Most people will prefer these on-site facilities because they are closer to the venue. But for an event of this scale and attendance, the on-site facilities will be in high demand and will most likely sell out. Besides, the parking rates at these lots can be too high for some of you.

Los Bukis Una Historia Cantada concert
Image Credits: Miguel Angel Rodriguez on Flickr

Even if you are lucky enough to get on-site parking spots, the parking process is another issue altogether. The traffic before and after the concert can be unforgiving, and you might end up in a long line of cars waiting to get into their allotted parking spot.

How to find cheap parking for the concert tour?

Street parking is the cheaper option compared to on-site facilities. But there are a few risks associated with it that most of you are not aware of. City parking authorities are very strict about enforcing their rules, and for each violation, parking tickets are waiting for you. The hefty fines can be a major hit on your finances, and you end up spending more money on paying the fines than for parking. But there is a safer and affordable choice for Los Bukis Una Historia Cantada tour 2022 parking.

During the Los Bukis Una Historia Cantada tour dates, you can park your cars at an off-site lot or parking garage near the venue. All venues have multiple private parking spaces nearby. You can locate these parking garages through an online parking service like Way.com. The Way app will locate all these facilities along with the features they offer and corresponding parking rates. You must input the entry and exit time and pay the charges to guarantee a space for your car on concert day. Using Way.com for booking a parking space at off-site facilities can also get you additional discounts and special deals.

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