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Lost Your NJ Driver’s License? Here’s What You Should Do

  • Driver's License
  • Sara Sam
  • 4 minutes

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Since a driver’s license is mandatory in every state, losing it can seem like a nightmare. In New Jersey, driving without a license can result in a jail time of up to sixty days and a fine of $500. However, it need not be this difficult. In New Jersey, replacing a lost license is simple, affordable, and convenient. Here is a quick guide to what you should do if you lose your NJ driver’s license.  

Lost your NJ Driver’s License? Here’s what you should do

How do I report a lost driver’s license in New Jersey? 

One must stay vigilant with the possession of their driver’s license for a few reasons. Firstly, it can fetch you a fine or jail time if caught driving without one. Secondly, a lost license can get into the wrong hands and lead to identity theft. Therefore, if you suspect your NJ license is stolen or lost, you should contact the State of New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission at 1-866-TIPS-MVC (1-866-847-7682). 

How do I replace my lost NJ driver’s license? 

You must avoid the legal consequences of driving without a license after you have lost it. In other words, you should proceed with the replacement procedure as early as possible. In New Jersey, it is a relatively simple process, either online or in person at the nearest MVC office.  

How to replace a lost NJ license online 

The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission’s online website allows you to apply for a license replacement.  

  • Login to the website. 
  • Enter the ZIP code, driving license number, date of birth, and last name.  
  • You’ll also require your social security number and email address. 
  • Payment of fees through debit or credit card. 
  • Print out the temporary license. 

The temporary license is valid for only thirty days. However, the new license will be mailed to you within two weeks.  

How to replace a lost NJ license in person 

In-person appointments for lost license replacement in NJ only occur under specific conditions. If you are to get a Real ID for probationary renewal, or out-of-state transfers, you can get it done in person.  

However, in New Jersey, you require the 6 points of ID to proceed with the license replacement. This will include the following documents.  

  • One primary document. For example, birth certificate, international license, and proof of citizenship. 
  • Secondary document. This can include NJ digitalized driver’s ID or the document issued by US DHS. 
  • Proof of residency 
  • Proof of Social Security Number or proof of ITIN 

After submission of the documents at the New Jersey MVC, you will have to make the payment. The license will be sent to you via mail. However, you will receive a temporary card or the receipt for the interim period.  

In addition, it should also be noted that you must apply in person if you do not meet the criteria for online renewal. For instance, licenses within 90 days of expiration are restricted from the online renewal process. 

How much does replacing a driver’s license in New Jersey cost? 

It costs $11 to replace your license in New Jersey.  


Lost your NJ Driver’s License? Here’s what you should do

What should I do if I lose my NJ driver’s license out of state? 

If you are a permanent resident of New Jersey and have lost your NJ driver’s license out-of-state, you can apply for a new license with the state’s MVC. However, you require the following documents for applying for license replacement.  

  • Letter of reason; explaining your absence and why it can’t be done in person. 
  • Filled out driver’s application form. 
  • A money order or check for $11 is payable to the NJ MVC. 
  • 6 points of ID. 
  • Your New Jersey address is proof. 
  • Current proof of address. 

You can send the documents and a prepaid tracking envelope to the address mentioned below.  

Motor Vehicle Commission 

Government/Out-of-State Unit 

PO Box 016 

Trenton, NJ 08666 

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