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Louisiana Car Registration Guide: Get on the Road in No Time

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  • Nova Kainen
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If you are a new Louisiana resident or if you are not familiar with the Louisiana car registration process, waiting at the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles can be a tiring and confusing process. Louisiana car registration process for new and old cars varies, and this article is to give you a clear idea about the process. Read on to know what documents you should have with you and the fees associated with the registration process. Find the best auto insurance for your car 

What are the documents required for car registration in Louisiana?

For new car registration

For registering a new car in Louisiana, you need to have with you the following documents: 

  • A completed vehicle application form (DPSMV 1799) 
  • Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin (MSO) 
  • The odometer disclosure statement, which is both completed and signed 
  • UCC-1 form 
  • Security agreement if you need to record a lien 
  • An itemized invoice, and you must not forget to get it notarized, especially if a trade vehicle or tax credit is shown 
  • Your payment details 

Additional documents required for receiving a license plate

  • Valid photo identification  
  • Liability insurance coverage proof 

For used car registration

When registering a used car in your name, the documents to be produced are almost the same as those for the new car registration.  

The additional documents that you should have with you are: 

  • The current title certificate with the properly released lien (if applicable). 

You should bring all the other documents same as that are required for new car registration.  

For duplicate and replacement registration

For duplicate and replacement registration, if you are applying via mail or in person, you should include the vehicle identification number, vehicle’s make and model, insurance proof, and a local fee of $12. If the application is made online, you should include the current plate number, registration sticker’s expiration date, vehicle model year, and a local fee of $12 in addition to the online service fee.  

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What are the fees associated with Louisiana car registration?

When you register a new car, you will have to pay:

  • Title fee: $68.50 
  • Lien recordation fee: $15 for UCC-1 financing statements or $10.00 for other security agreement documents (if applicable) 
  • Handling fee: $8 
  • Local fee: $6 
  • License plate fee: Varies based on the selling price, weight, and type of the vehicle 
  • Sales use tax: Varies based on the country where the registration takes place 

The table below shows the plate fees and expiration for different types of vehicles: 

Plate  Fees  Expiration 
Motor Home  $50  Two years 
Motorcycle  $12  Four years 
Commercial  $10  One year 
Utility Trailer (up to 500 lbs)  $12  Four years 
Boat Trailer (up to 1,500 lbs)  $25  Four years 
All other Trailers  $10 



One year 

Four years 


Trucks (6,001 lbs. – 10,000 lbs.)  $112  Four years 
Trucks (up to 6,000 lbs GVW)  $40  Four years 

The license plate fee based on the vehicle value is listed in the table below: 

Vehicle Value  Plate fee 
10000 – 10499  $20 
16500 – 17499  $34 
24500 – 25499  $50 
32500 – 33499  $66 
40500 – 41499  $82 

All the values are not included here, but the fee calculations are made based on the vehicle’s selling price. The rate is 0.1% of the vehicle’s value, and the license plates are offered for sale in two-year increments. 

How can you do the registration renewal?

You can do the Louisiana vehicle registration renewal online, which OMV has made possible for your comfort and convenience. You might have received Vehicle Registration Renewal Notice in your mail. In that particular notice, there will be a Renewal Identification Number which you should use for the renewal process when done online. You can also use the information available on your current vehicle registration certificate for renewal.  

Driving I Love Lucy GIF by Paramount+


You should not forget to keep in hand your valid credit card: VISA, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express during your online renewal process.  

If you fail to find the Renewal Identification Number in the notice, it means that you are not eligible to do the renewal online and that you require additional information.  

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What should you do to the old license plate when receiving the special or personalized one?

You should destroy it as it has been canceled.  

Where can the motor vehicle office locations, hours, and directions be found?

You can find the details at https://offices.omv.la.gov/. 

Is Louisiana license plate 0 or O? 

Vehicle identification number uses the number ‘0’ and not alpha ‘O’.

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