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Louisville Airport parking guide 

  • Airport Parking Tips
  • Gerard Stevens
  • 13 minutes

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Planning to fly out of Louisville? You may want to reserve a parking spot while booking your flight from Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport (SDF). Louisville Airport is, after all, one of the busiest in Kentucky. It won’t always be easy to get an SDF airport parking spot. So, having a general idea of the parking lots at and near Louisville Airport will help you find a  spot without much hassle. That’s where our Louisville Airport parking guide will help you! The airport operates around 500 flights a day, mainly to Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas/Fort Worth, and Charlotte. Though the airport has ample parking options, the lots are getting busier, with people starting to travel extensively after the pandemic slump. So, where to get Louisville KY Airport parking? How much does Louisville Airport parking cost? Is offsite parking more affordable? This Louisville Airport parking guide answers all that! 

SDF Airport parking options 

Parking Garage, Surface Parking, Premier, and Express Shuttle Parking are the main lots that provide parking at SDF Airport. The Parking Garage is located at levels 2-4, offering short-term and long-term Louisville KY Airport parking. Surface Parking Lot is the ideal option for long-term parking. This lot also has a complimentary shuttle service to the terminal. Premier Lot, located at the east side of the terminal, offers long-term parking spots only. Premier Lot is a few steps away from the terminal and accepts only credit card payments. Express Shuttle Parking Lot features around 970 parking spots offering long-term parking. The lot provides a free shuttle service from 4 a.m. every day till the last arriving flight. Choose the Valet parking service if you want to have hassle-free parking at SDF Airport. Park at the Cell Phone Lot to get free parking for up to one hour at the airport.  

Where can I park at Louisville Airport? 

Parking Garage located at levels 2-4 is the only lot that provides short-term and long-term parking at SDF Airport. Surface Parking, Premier, and Express Shuttle Parking lots are the ones that provide long-term parking. Both Surface Parking Express Shuttle Parking lots provide free shuttle services to the terminal. SDF Airport also offers a Valet parking service and a Cell Phone Lot.  

How much is parking at Louisville Airport? 

The SDF parking rates depend on the lot and the type of parking you choose. All four main parking lots offer complimentary parking for a short period. Louisville Airport parking charges you $2 for one hour, and it can go up to $24 while getting daily parking. Keep reading this Louisville Airport parking guide to know how much Louisville Airport parking cost.  

How much is long-term parking at Louisville Airport? 

The SDF Airport long-term parking rates vary based on the lots you choose for parking. The daily parking rate starts at $8, and it can go as high as $24. Surface Parking, Premier, and Express Shuttle Parking lots offer exclusive Louisville Airport long-term parking spots. Express Shuttle Parking lot is the most economical long-term parking lot with daily parking charging you $8. Using a long-term parking spot at the Surface Lot costs you $9 for a day. Both these lots have free shuttle services to the terminal. Premier Lot provides daily parking for $10. Long-term parking at the Parking Garage charges you $13. All the main parking lots feature accessible parking spots. Valet parking offers the most expensive long-term parking spots for $24 a day. Are you looking for a cheaper long-term parking spot? Then try booking one at the nearby offsite garages or hotel parking lots.   

Lot  Duration  SDF parking rate 
Express Shuttle Parking  Per Day   $8 
Surface  Per Day  $9 
Premier  Per Day  $10 
Parking Garage  Per Day  $13 
Valet parking  Per Day  $24 
Offsite parking near SDF Airport  Per Day  $7 

How much is short-term parking at Louisville Airport? 

Parking Garage is the only lot that offers short-term parking at the airport. The lot is located near the terminal and provides free parking for the first 10 minutes. After that, short-term parking charges you $2 per hour. The parking rate increases by $2 every hour till it reaches the daily maximum rate of $13. Do you want to book a cheaper short-term parking spot at SDF Airport? Then reserve one at any of the nearby offsite garages or hotel parking lots. Most of these offsite parking lots offer short-term parking spots at cheaper rates than the onsite ones. Continue reading our Louisville Airport parking guide to know more about the airport!  

Lot  Duration  SDF parking rate 
Parking Garage  First 10 minutes  Free 
  Up to 1 hour  $2 
  Every additional hour  $2 

About Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport  

SDF Airport is a civil-military airport that has annual passenger traffic of over three million every year. Located in Jefferson County, the airport is around nine miles away from Downtown Louisville. Sprawling around 1,500 acres, the airport consists of the two-level Jerry E. Abramson terminal, two concourses, and three runways. Concourses A has 12 gates, and concourse B features 11 gates. The terminal’s lower level features the arrivals area, and the upper level is the departure level. What makes the airport famous is that it is the fourth-busiest cargo airport globally and the second-busiest in the US. The airport was renamed Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport in 2019 in honor of renowned boxer and Louisville- native Muhammad Ali. Are you thinking of how to get to the airport and spend the time before reading? Our Louisville Airport parking guide has that covered! 

Getting to Louisville Airport 

You can travel to the airport from Downtown Louisville via public transportation, taxi/rideshare services, or driving. Driving can be a good option as there aren’t many public transportation services that connect you to the airport. Ideally, it takes around 15-20 to reach SDF Airport if you’re driving. Driving via the I-65 route is the fastest way by which you can reach the airport while driving. But, be always watchful of the traffic on the road to the airport. Peak hours and holidays can congest the road to the airport. Also, drive to the airport only after ensuring a parking spot. It avoids the hassle of driving around the lots at the last minute. Keep reading our Louisville Airport parking guide to know more about how to get to the airport.  

SDF airport parking from $7

Public transportation service 

Bus service by the Transit Authority of River City (TARC) connects you to the airport from Downtown. Route 2 buses are the ones that offer services to the airport. The bus connects via Downtown along Second Street and has a stop at SDF Airport. Usually, it takes around 40 minutes to reach the airport and costs you around $1.75 for a one-way ride.  

Taxi/rideshare services 

Yellow Cab, Rady Cab, and Green Cab offer taxi services between Downtown Louisville and SDF Airport. Ideally, it takes 10-15 minutes for a ride to the airport. Expect to shell out between $20 and $30 for this ride. But, always be mindful that the ride time can increase if there’s congestion on the road to Louisville Airport.  

Lyft and Uber are the two rideshare services you can hire to reach the airport. The fare depends on the ride type and time of your travel. Riding on a Lyft service can cost you between $15 and $32. An Uber service can charge you between $15 and $30 for a ride from Downtown to SDF Airport. Be aware that the fare can surge during rush hours or peak seasons. So, always ensure to check the fare before you book a service.  

Things to do at Louisville Airport 

Thinking about how to spend the time before boarding? Our Louisville Airport parking guide can help you with that! SDF Airport doesn’t have any lounges. One option to keep you equipped is by using the free Wi-Fi at the terminal. Spend time on the internet or post your updates on social media to keep you engaged. What are the other options that entertain you at SDF Airport?  

Dining at Louisville Airport 

There are nearly 11 eateries at the airport that are sure to delight you. You can locate Starbucks coffee outlets in the pre-security and post-security areas. The Book and Bourbon Southern Kitchen located in the pre-security area serves you the signature Louisville mint julep. Head to The Comfy Cow if you want to have a taste of local ice cream flavors. The Bourbon Academy Tasting Room located in the post-security area features some delectable whiskey cocktails. Coals Artisan Pizza and Smashburger are the two eateries that have tasty pizzas and burgers. KFC and Farmers Market are the other two eateries you could try out! Don’t have time to dine out? Then head to the Chili’s Bar and Grill or The Local Rustic Market located in the post-security area, offering grab-and-go food items. 

Shopping at the airport 

There are a few shops from where you can get some souvenirs before boarding. Most of these shops are located in the main terminal in the pre-security area. Visit the Churchill Downs Store if you want to get Kentucky Derby-themed keepsakes. Do you want to buy alcoholic beverages? Then head to the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. Louisville Slugger is a shop where you can buy a mini bat and other baseball collectibles. There is a 24-hour Flower Center located in the pre-security area. Brooks Brothers, Finish Line News, Winner’s Circle, Distillery District Marketplace, Brighton, and CNBC News Express are other shops you can explore.  

Other services at the airport 

There is a Mother’s Room located midway down Concourse A. It has a large common area with three private suites, changing station, dimming lights, a glider, and many electrical outlets. The common area has a flight display screen which you can use to track the flight status. SDF Airport also features two pet relief areas in the terminal. The USO Louisville Metro at the upper level assists military personnel and their families. The lower level has an information booth, and there are charging stations throughout the concourses. Continue reading this Louisville Airport parking guide to know more about the airport.  

Where is Louisville Airport? 

SDF Airport is located at 600 Terminal Dr, Louisville, KY 40209. 

What does SDF stand for Louisville Airport? 

SDF stands for the airport’s former name Standiford Field. 

How early to arrive at Louisville Airport? 

Ideally, it is better that you reach the airport two hours before the scheduled departure time. 

What time does Louisville Airport open? 

The airport opens at 4 a.m., and the terminal operates till the last flight.  

Is there free parking at Louisville Airport? 

Yes. The Parking Garage, Surface Parking, and Premier lots offer free parking for the first 10 minutes. At the same time, Express Shuttle Parking Lot offers you complimentary parking for the first two hours. Or use the Cell Phone Lot that provides free parking for up to one hour. 

Is there weekly parking at Louisville Airport?  

Yes. All onsite provide weekly parking. The 7th day of parking is provided for free in all the lots. Express Shuttle Parking Lot offers the most economical weekly parking costing you $48. Surface Lot Parking charges you $54 for a week’s parking. Using weekly parking at Premier Lot costs you $60, and the rate surges to $78 while using the Parking Garage. Getting a weekly Valet parking service charges you $168.  

Where to find the cheapest long-term parking at Louisville Airport? 

Express Shuttle Parking Lot offers the cheapest onsite long-term parking at $8 per day. If you’re looking for a cheaper Louisville Airport long-term parking spot, try booking one at nearby offsite garages or hotel parking lots.  

Do SDF parking lots have accessible parking spots? 

Yes. All onsite lots have designated accessible parking spots, allotted on a first-come, first-serve basis. Ensure you have a disabled license plate on your vehicle while using these parking spots. 

How much is Valet parking at SDF Airport? 

Valet parking service costs you $24 for a day. The drop-off and pick-up for this service are at the upper-level curb.  

Where to locate EV charging stations at SDF Airport?

You can find two free EV charging stations on the third level of the Parking Garage.

What airlines fly out of Louisville Airport? 

American Airlines, Allegiant Air, American Eagle, Delta Air Lines, Breeze Airways, Delta Connection, Southwest Airlines, Frontier Airlines, United Express, and Spirit Airlines.  

Can you pay for Louisville Airport parking with a credit card? 

Yes. Express Shuttle Parking and Premier lots accept credit card payments only. 

How far is the University of Louisville from SDF Airport? 

The university is around six miles away from Louisville Airport.  

Louisville Airport parking map 

Here’s the airport map where you can find the best onsite parking spots, including SDF Airport long-term parking, and cheap SDF Airport parking.  

Louisville Airport parking map
Image courtesy: https://www.sdfpark.com/

Louisville Airport parking guide  

Parking Garage is the only onsite lot that offers short-term parking. Using a short-term parking spot costs you $2 per hour. Surface Parking, Premier, and Express Shuttle Parking lots provide long-term parking spots. Express Shuttle Parking Lot offers the most economical long-term parking spot for $8 per day. Surface and Express Shuttle Parking lots also provide free shuttle services to the terminal. Valet parking service charges you $24 for a day. All the onsite lots offer complimentary parking for a short period. Do you want to have affordable parking near Louisville Airport? This Louisville Airport parking guide will help you with that!  

Louisville Airport parking information, coupons, and discounts     

Do you find SDF parking rates expensive? Not sure about getting an onsite parking spot while flying out? Then it is safe to check out the parking spots at nearby offsite garages or hotel parking lots. Booking via the Way.com app or website can get you a parking spot at a lower rate. Reserving via Way ensures you a parking spot for rates as little as $7 for a day. So book via Way to get affordable SDF parking spots!  

Louisville Airport parking guide tips 

  • SDF airport is around nine miles away from Downtown Louisville. 
  • Parking Garage, Surface Parking, Premier, and Express Shuttle Parking are the lots that provide onsite parking. 
  • Park at the Parking Garage if you’re looking for short-term parking. 
  • Surface Parking, Premier, and Express Shuttle Parking lots feature long-term parking spots only.  
  • All onsite lots provide free parking for a short period. Use the Cell Phone Lot if you want to get free parking for up to an hour. 
  • Check out the parking spots at the offsite lots if you’re looking for cheap long-term parking spots.  

Louisville Airport parking starts at $7/day

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