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Low Fuel Warning Light Turned On – What to Do?

  • Car Services
  • Nova Kainen
  • 4 minutes

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You may fail to notice the fuel gauge level going down while speeding from one place to another in your car. When the level drops too low, there are chances that your car will stop in the middle of the road. To avoid this, a warning light on the dashboard turns on when the gas tank is becoming low. Find out how the fuel warning light is useful to indicate when the fuel gets low. 

fuel low

What does the low fuel warning light indicate?

Sometimes, you can drive along and suddenly find it difficult to continue your journey because your gas gauge drops below the “E” mark. To avoid this happening, vehicles have a low fuel warning light.  

When the warning light turns on, roughly one to two gallons of gas should be left in the tank. As soon as the light comes on, you can head to one of the gas stations in the area. 

If there is any issue with the fuel gauge, it is indicated by the flashing light. 

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How long can you drive with the fuel light on?

You should check the owner’s manual to know how far you can drive after the fuel light turns on. Based on a general estimate, vehicles can run about 30 to 50 miles with the fuel light on. But the number of miles varies with the vehicle’s make and model.  

It is unsafe to drive with low fuel levels as it can cause damage to other parts of your car. Always plan by having an idea about the number of gas stations along your route and how often you’ll need to refuel. Carry some extra gasoline in your car’s emergency kit so you can use it in an emergency.  

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Is it safe for you to drive with the fuel light on?

While you shouldn’t have trouble controlling your vehicle, leaving the light on for too long isn’t a smart idea. The fuel pump will not be properly lubricated without sufficient fuel, reducing its useful life. Driving with the fuel light on can cause damage to the air filter and fuel pump. 

Maintaining a tank level of one-fourth full ensures that the pump will remain substantially submerged in the liquid, even if some of the liquid is spilled during a turn. Keeping the tank at least a quarter full prevents the fuel pump from wearing out prematurely, which can be costly to replace.  

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What are some tips to consider when you run out of gas?

When you’re running low on gas, there are a few things to remember beyond just watching for the low fuel indicator. 

Avoid driving at high speeds

Driving at high speeds makes you more prone to accidents, and there will be more gas wastage. It can also reduce fuel efficiency. So, once you find that the gas levels are low, drive at a lower speed.   

Turn off your A/C

Your vehicle’s air conditioner places a heavy demand on the engine, which can significantly reduce gas mileage. Although it’s not a permanent fix, turning off the air conditioner when the fuel indicator light comes on can help you save some gas. 

Keep an eye on the vehicle’s gas level

The last thing to remember is to leave at least a quarter of a gas tank in your automobile. This will give you enough gas mileage to go to the next gas station and keep your fuel tank at the correct temperature. 

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Bottom line

Always ensure you have enough gas in your tank before heading for a long road trip. Do not think that you can save money by filling the gas tank less frequently. You should always remember to fill the gas tank as per your usage, or it can cost you a lot of money and cause more damage to the vehicle. If the gas light comes on and there are no gas stations in sight, pull over safely and ask for help without taking the risk of driving with low fuel.   

fuel low

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