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Lucid Gravity in 2024: What We Know and What to Expect? 

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Lucid Motors took the automotive industry by storm in 2021 with the release of the stunning Air sedan. The Tesla competitor is now eyeing the SUV segment with its concept model called the Lucid Gravity, expected to make its market debut in 2024. Let’s take a look at what Gravity is all about in this article.  

Lucid Gravity: Design

Car companies usually stick to a common design language, and we guess similar is the case with Lucid as well. With all the information coming out, particularly from the teasers released by Lucid Motors, it looks like the Lucid Gravity shares its mechanical and design underpinnings with the Air.

The Lucid Gravity EV’s cabin features a glass cockpit consisting of a single curved panel housing the infotainment system and driver instrument cluster and a touchscreen information display called the Pilot Panel. The Gravity electric SUV has a panoramic glass roof and seven seats, depending on the trim. It also comes with the modern Lucid UX interface.  

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Being positioned as an SUV, it has many design components that an SUV demands, such as a bulkier body and large intake openings to suffice the additional cooling requirements of the motor. From the teaser images, we can also make out that the huge pane of glass that serves as both the windscreen and the roof appears to be an Air holdover. However, as an SUV with potential rugged terrain usage, we expect Lucid to give it a metal roof.

We also anticipate an all-wheel drive system. Having said that, Lucid Motors has not given an official confirmation about this. Expect the Gravity to have beefier tires and muscular-looking fenders to cater to that perfect SUV look. 

Lucid Gravity Credits: lucidmotors.com

As far as the rear storage is concerned, The Gravity will have a large storage compartment, according to the manufacturer. The large Clamshell hatch in the back will make loading and unloading a breeze. 


Talking about performance, Lucid promises that Gravity will offer “supercar levels of performance.” Having such a confirmation from their end leads us to conclude that they’ll offer a dual-motor edition of that Gravity that churns out nearly 1000 horsepower. We can also expect a tri-motor version similar to what we saw in the Lucid Air Sapphire EV, with a staggering performance figure of over 1200 horsepower. This also means the presence of a huge 22-module, 112.0 kWh battery pack, as seen in the Air.  

Lucid Gravity Credits: lucidmotors.com


Lucid Air had a coil-spring suspension. However, height adjustments are inevitable in an SUV. We expect an adjustable air suspension in the Lucid Gravity to help it adapt to various terrains, improving its utility and staying true to its SUV tag.  

Range: How far can Lucid Gravity go?

The Lucid Air has a 100 kWh battery pack and is available with either rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. The rear-wheel-drive version can go 406 miles on a charge, while the all-wheel-drive version can go 402. Expect the Lucid Gravity to have similar or slightly better range figures. 

Lucid Credits: lucidmotors.com

Configuring the Lucid Gravity 

Trusted sources say that the Gravity configurator will launch in the first few months of 2023. At this point, additional details regarding the product’s configuration and other specifications will be made available. Lucid Motors will start manufacturing the Gravity in its AMP-1 plant in 2024 after the expansion process is complete. 

Lucid Gravity Rivals 

Tesla, Audi, Jaguar, and Cadillac have strong electric luxury SUV models like the Model X, Q8 e-Tron, I-pace, and Lyriq. Lucid Gravity should challenge these premium models, which are selling well.

Lucid Gravity pricing expectations 

No word yet on pricing or trim levels for the Lucid Gravity, and we doubt we’ll hear anything for some time from the company. However, we’re guessing it’ll start at around the same price as the Lucid Air, whose Pure trim starts at around $87,400.  

Should you get an EV? 

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