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Machine Gun Kelly Tour: Schedule and Parking Info

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Have you got tickets for Machine Gun Kelly Tour? The genre-bending rapper will perform on multiple stages across the US and Europe this year. Tickets are selling faster, and the singer and actor had a great tour in 2022. A few shows are set to take place in the US before he travels throughout major European countries, performing at different festivals. You can expect a massive crowd at the upcoming sets too. 


In this article, you can read more about the Machine Gun Kelly concert, schedule, lineups, tickets, and parking information.

Machine Gun Kelly Mainstream Sellout Tour Parking

What is the Machine Gun Kelly tour?

Popular artist Machine Gun Kelly or MGK, announced a concert tour across North America and Europe with dates ranging from February to July 2023. The tour begins on February 10, 2023, in Scottsdale, AZ, and the pre-sale of tickets is already over. In addition, there will be another two performances, one in Scottsdale and the other in Houston, Texas.  

The Machine Gun Kelly Tour dates include performances as part of other events. In addition, you can expect a celebration of pop-punk and rap throughout these concerts. Keep an eye out for further updates and announcements of new tour dates on the official website and social media pages. 

What will be the Machine Gun Kelly tour 2023 setlist?

Machine Gun Kelly tickets
Image Credits: jimmybooey  on flickr

MGK will treat you to some of his biggest and most popular hits during the concert. Machine Gun Kelly dropped some new hits and music videos towards the end of 2022.  So, you can expect these songs in the setlist. Some popular hits that may creep into the setlist for upcoming concerts are listed below. 

  • “Born with Horns”
  • “God Save Me”
  • “Maybe”
  • “Mainstream Sellout”
  • “Drunk Face”
  • “Concert for Aliens”
  • “All I Know”
  • “Ay!”
  • “Jawbreaker”
  • “More Than Life”
  • “Die in California”
  • “Till I Die”
  • “Floor 13”
  • “Papercuts”
  • “Title Track”
  • “Kiss Kiss”
  • “Bloody Valentine”
  • “Roll the Windows Up”
  • “El Diablo”
  • “WWIII”
  • “WW4”
  • “Emo Girl”
  • “5150”
  • “Nothing Inside” (with Iann Dior)
  • “Sick and Tired” (with Iann Dior)
  • “Fake Love Don’t Last” (with Iann Dior)
  • “Lonely”
  • “I Think I’m Okay”
  • “Forget Me Too”
  • “Make Up Sex” (with Blackbear)
  • “My Ex’s Best Friend” (with Blackbear)
  • “Sid & Nancy”
  • “Twin Flame”

What is the schedule of the Machine Gun Kelly tour in 2023?

The Machine Gun Kelly tour is planned in two phases; the first phase will travel across the United States of America and the second in Europe. In fact, the final show will take place in Spain in July 2023. As you read above, the tour will begin on February 10, 2023, and the next concert will be on February 11, also in Scottsdale, AZ. 


The US spell of the tour has stops at two major cities, including Scottsdale and Houston. In fact, the concert on February 10 will be at the 2023 Friday Coors Light Birds Nest, which is part of the WM Phoenix Open golf tournament. The performance on February 11 is part of “Sports Illustrated The Party Big Game Weekend Phoenix 2023″. Also, the final show in Houston is part of “RODEOHOUSTON.” During the Houston Rodeo entertainment festival, some of the headliners include the Zack Brown Band and Chris Stapleton, apart from MGK.¬†

Machine Gun Kelly Tour 2023

DateVenueCityFind Parking
February 10, 2023TPC ScottsdaleScottsdale, AZBook Parking
February 11, 2023Talking Stick ResortScottsdale, AZBook Parking
March 14, 2023NRG StadiumHouston, TXBook Parking

How much are Machine Gun Kelly concert tickets?

The ticket prices for the Machine Gun Kelly tour will vary depending on the location. Since each of these is part of other events, you will have to purchase tickets through the event websites. 

Only a limited number of 2023 Friday Coors Light Birds Nest tickets are now available. For General Admission Tier 4 tickets, you have to pay $150 per person. Also, for VIP Tier 2 tickets, you must spend $300 per seat. You must purchase Houston Rodeo tickets to attend the Houston Machine Gun Kelly concert. These will go on sale only in February and March. Similarly, for MGK’s concert at the ‘Sports Illustrated The Party,’ various tickets are available for $800 and more.¬†

You can learn more about the Machine Gun Kelly tour 2023 tickets and buy them from the singer’s official website.¬†

How to get parking for the MGK 2023 concerts?

Since most of the venues are prominent destinations known for hosting multiple events throughout the year, you can get on-site parking facilities, including surface lots and garages at most venues. But in most cases, these official parking spaces will be packed hours before the start of the concert.

You might have to arrive early at the venue to guarantee a space for your car. Additionally, the larger the crowd, the heavier the traffic will be, both after and before the concert. So if you do not want to get caught in the middle of all trouble, look for other parking options.

Street parking will be the first choice of many visitors. Parking in the streets is cheaper than other alternatives but comes with other risks. Parking authorities are very strict in all cities and will not let you go easily. If you are to commit a parking violation, they will rain down parking tickets and hefty fines on you. So why ruin your concert day celebrations by paying hundreds of dollars in fines.

How to find cheap parking garages near the concert?

There is a third and safer choice: off-site parking lots and garages. There are many off-site spots around the concert venues that you can reserve early, so you have a guaranteed space for your car. These off-site parking garages offer features like valet parking, camera surveillance, security personnel, covered parking, contactless parking, ADA/Aisle access, and more.

Machine Gun Kelly concert 2022
Image Credits: jimmybooey on flickr

By using an online parking service like Way.com, you can find these off-site garages near your location. Use the site or the Way mobile app to locate all the off-site garages nearby, along with the features they offer and charges. You just have to input the entry and exit times and pay for the space. This way, you do not have to wait in the traffic or worry about parking tickets.

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