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Maine Car Registration – A Simple Guide

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  • Vanessa Norris
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Worried about the Maine car registration process? Whether you are moving into the State or a resident of Maine, all your car woes end here. This guide will help you with all details you need to know to register your car with the Maine BMV. Read on to learn more about the essential documents you need for the process.

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How to go about registering your car in Maine

If you are new to Maine, you can register and title your vehicle within 30 days of establishing your residency. Residents can get registration done at their municipal town office. Before visiting the municipal town office, Vacation Land residents who wish to apply for handicap plates must have their doctor sign the Application for handicap Plates/Placard (Form PS-18). After paying their car excise tax at the town office, ME residents whose town office does not provide the vehicle registration program must go to a Bureau Motor Car (BMV) Branch Office. Passenger vehicles are registered annually. The registration expires one year from the month of issue. 

Essential Documents for Registration

Residents can visit their Municipal Town Office or BMV branch (if the local town office does not register vehicles) with the following documents:

  • Produce registration document issued by the resident’s previous State.
  • If the car is older than 1995, the owner must present the preceding State’s title.
  • The registration application must include the lien holder’s name and address (if relevant).
  • Copy of the registration application from the town office in white and yellow.
  • Receipt for excise tax, available at the town office.
  • Evidence of an active ME car insurance policy.
  • The owner must provide a completed Maine Use Tax form (you are exempt from paying sales tax on the car with this form and the out-of-state registration).
  • A fee of $33 is charged for automobiles manufactured in 1995 or after.
  • The registration fees depend on the license plate; specialty plates will cost you more than a standard plate. Registration fees are charged based on the license plates.

Maine Car Registration Costs

The registration fees of your vehicle will depend on its type, size, and license plate. However, some of the regular prices are listed below.

  • Passenger Vehicles – $35
  • Motorcycles – $21
  • Disability plates – $35
  • Mopeds – $9

Some special registration plates, such as agriculture, university, and the like, cost an additional $20 on the first registration and $15 at each renewal.

Various Types of License Plates

The two types of license plates issued in Maine are:

  1. Standard License Plates – These have been used as a standard since 1999. These are the type of plates on your automobile if you want to avoid paying extra and don’t require a specialty plate. These can be used by vehicles that fall under a specific category, such as buses, motor homes, or commercial vehicles. 
  2. Specialized Plates – More than 20 specialty license plates are available in Maine, and many are either extra-expensive or only available to people who meet particular requirements. For instance, the conservation plate only adds $20 to the price; however, the purple heart plate demands that you have earned that award while serving in the US Army.

Out-of-State Vehicle Registration

To fulfill Maine car registration for out-of-state vehicles, you must visit the municipal office in your Maine town of legal residence with your out-of-state registration and title and your insurance identity card. Present the out-of-state papers on excise tax collection and your most recent evidence of insurance to the person in question.

Maine Car Registration Renewal

Residents of Maine can renew their commercial and passenger vehicle registration from the comfort of their homes through BMV’s online rapid renewal services. Nevertheless, renewals for “for-hire,” “island use,” “emergency/coach,” buses, vehicles exceeding 12,000 pounds gross vehicle weight (GVW), “apportioned,” special mobile equipment, tractors, municipal, and state vehicles must be made in person. 

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Is Maine a two-plate state?

Motorists should display only one set of Maine number plates on the car.

Can I register my car in Maine as a non-resident?

If you are transferring from another state, you will need your out-of-state title, registration, and Maine insurance card.

What is the grace period for Maine car registration renewal?

You can renew your registration online from about 60 days before expiry to up to 7 months from expiration.

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