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Maine Driver’s License: Requirements to Get One

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Drivers in Maine have the reputation of being one of the worst in the country. So, if you own a car, buy car insurance and even life insurance! But wait; do you have a Maine driver’s license? Well, that’s the thing to prioritize before hitting the Maine roads.   

Driving without a driver’s license can always be risky, resulting in a hefty penalty and a possible jail time of 180 days. You’ll want to avoid this unnecessary cost with title, registration, and auto insurance costs. Don’t worry! Our article will give an in-depth view on getting a state of Maine new driver’s license! 

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What documents do I need to get a Maine driver’s license? 

You must be at least 16 years to get a license in Maine. In addition to that, you must produce the following documents with you when you visit the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) website.  

  • Citizenship proof: It can be your US passport or a voter registration form. 
  • Residency proof: it includes your mortgage statement, lease agreement, or a W-2 form. 
  • Identity proof: Two ones proving your birthdate and signature.  
  • A vision screening test result.  

You must get a learner’s permit before applying for a license, irrespective of age. Drivers under 21 must hold the permit for six months before taking the road test. If you are 21 or older, there is no minimum requirement for how long you hold the permit.  

How to get a Maine driver’s license 

You can start processing for getting your driver’s license in Maine when you reach the age of 15. However, you must complete the entire Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) program, which includes three main stages.  

  • Learner’s permit 
  • Intermediate license 
  • Unrestricted driver’s license 

How to get a learner’s permit 

It is the first stage of getting your Maine driver’s license. The following are the requirements you must fulfill to apply for one. 


  • Complete a drivers education course approved by the state. 
  • Then submit the filled MVE-64 form (Non-Commercial Class C Application form). 
  • Produce documents proving your identity, residency, lawful presence in the US, and driver’s ed completion certificate, if required.  
  • Pay the license fee. 
  • The BMV will process the documents within three weeks and inform you of your written exam schedule.  
  • On the day of your written exam, go to your testing center.  
  • Pass a vision test. You must at least have 20/40 vision in one of the eyes to pass the test. You can also take a vision test outside the testing center, but you must have a doctor fill out the Eye Examination form 
  • Pass the written test. It will have 30 questions assessing your understanding of road safety, fundamental laws, and traffic signs. To pass, you must correctly answer 24 questions. 
  • Then receive your learner’s permit.  

Earning a learner’s permit means you can’t drive freely on roads. These restrictions will apply to you. 

  • A person aged at least 20 and holding a driver’s license for at least two years must accompany you while driving. 
  • You mustn’t use a mobile phone while driving, even in hands-free mode.  

How to get an intermediate license 

You must be between 16-21 and hold the permit for at least six months to apply. 


  • You should log 70 hours of driving practice, including 10 hours at night. Your parent or guardian should complete and sign a Driving Log form (MVE-21) before you can drive. 
  • Then schedule your road test by mailing the MVE-21 form to the following address.  

         Bureau of Motor Vehicles 

         29 State House Station 

         Augusta, ME 04333-0029 

  • Wait for the BMV to fix the road test’s date, time, and location. 
  • Bring the following items to the examination centeryour permit, the notice of your exam appointment, a borrowed or owned car, car registration, auto insurance, and a vehicle inspection card. Also, produce proof of owner agreement if you’re using a borrowed car.  
  • Then pass the test. 
  • Then surrender your learner’s permit.  
  • Get your intermediate drivers license. 
  • You can’t drive with passengers who’re not your family members unless accompanied by an adult aged at least 20 with a license for at least two years. 
  • Driving between 12 am and 5 am isn’t allowed.  
  • You mustn’t use a mobile phone while driving, even in hands-free mode.  

How to get an unrestricted driver’s license 

driver's license in Maine
Image courtesy: https://www.maine.gov/

If you do not violate the intermediate license restrictions, the restrictions will get relaxed after 270 days. But this is only the juvenile provisional license. So, causing any violation will result in the suspension of your license immediately. When you’re 21 and don’t have any violations, convert your temporary juvenile license to a full, unrestricted one.   

But are you aged above 21 and applying for the license for the first time? Then follows these steps to get your unrestricted Maine driver’s license.  

What to do  

  • Get your learner’s permit.  
  • Schedule a road test by mailing the road test request card to the following address. You can find the address on the back of your learners permit. 

         Bureau of Motor Vehicles 

         29 State House Station 

         Augusta, ME 04333-0029 

  • When you get the appointment notice, visit the testing center with the following – your permit, the notice of your exam appointment, a borrowed or owned car, car registration, auto insurance, and a vehicle inspection card. 
  • Then pass the road test. 
  • You’ll get your provisional license. If you commit any moving violations while using this license, it will get immediately suspended.  
  • After one year, you can convert your temporary license to a full, unrestricted license. 

How do I transfer my driver’s license to Maine? 


Out-of-state drivers must only attend a vision test after proving their residency and providing the required paperwork. After surrendering their out-of-state license, the applicant will receive a 60-day temporary license while the replacement gets mailed. Active-duty military personnel and full-time students with a valid license from another state are exempted from license replacements. The application fee will cost $35, and the license fee will be around $30.  

How much does a Maine driver’s license cost? 

These are the fees associated with getting a new driver’s license in Maine. The cost for a standard license will vary between $20-$30 based on the duration. For REAL-ID, the cost will vary between $40-$55 based on the license duration.  

License type (drivers aged 65 or under) Cost 
Standard license (six years) $30 
Standard license (four years) $20 
REAL-ID (six years) $55 
REAL-ID (four years) $40 

How many classes of driver’s licenses are issued in Maine? 

There are three main classes – A, B, and C. Class A and B commercial vehicle licenses are characterized by the size and weight of your vehicle. 

Can I use my Maine driver’s license to fly? 

Beginning May 7, 2025, only some documents will be recognized to board a commercial flight or enter certain federal facilities like military sites. So, a standard Maine driver’s license or state ID will not serve. You can use a Maine REAL-ID.  

Can I change my driver’s license address online in Maine? 

Yes. But you can only do that by visiting a BMV facility in person.  

Can you drive with passengers at 18 in Maine? 

Except for direct family members, you can’t drive people unless accompanied in the front passenger seat by a licensed driver aged at least 20 and holding a valid license for the last two years. 

Can I renew my driver’s license online for the state of Maine? 

Yes. You can renew it online by using BMV’s website. Know more about the license renewal process via our blog. 

Can foreigners drive in Maine? 

If you have a foreign driver’s license, receiving your Maine driver’s license is similar to applying for your first license. You must apply for an instruction permit and pass vision, written, and road examinations. 

How long is a road test in Maine? 

road in Maine
Image by MoneyforCoffee from Pixabay

The road test will take around 15 minutes.  

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