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Manhattan Beach Parking Tips For Summer

  • City Parking
  • Katie Carter
  • 7 minutes

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Are you heading to Manhattan Beach this summer? Don’t forget to check out affordable and convenient parking options near the beach. Here are some tips on how to find Manhattan Beach parking without hassle.

Looking for a summer getaway near LA? Check out Manhattan Beach! The white sandy shores are just 20 miles south of Los Angles and offer moderate temperatures year-round. While the beach takes the spotlight, the city hosts many events for locals and visitors. There’s always something fun for the whole family, like beach volleyball or a sidewalk sale. Annual Pumpkin Races and the Manhattan Beach Holiday Fireworks Festival are also popular. 

If you need a break from the sun, go shopping or visit the Roundhouse Aquarium. You’ll also find restaurants, cafes, delis, and coffee shops within easy walking distance of the beach. Fishing is permitted all year long on the pier; if you’re looking for a great place to surf, check out El Porto at the north end of the beach.  

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Now to enjoy all these, you must have a good plan, including where to park your car – especially if it’s your first trip to Manhattan Beach. Here’s everything you need to know and our top tips for finding affordable parking near the beach: 

Where is Manhattan Beach? 

Manhattan Beach is just a short drive south of LAX. The southwestern city in Los Angeles Country is one of three beach cities along the South Bay. It’s best known for a 2.1-mile-long beach stretching from 45th Street to 1st Street/Neptune Avenue. A bike path runs along the beach all the way to Hermosa. And the Strand has a walking lane with ocean views. Some of the most expensive homes in the country line the waterfront.  

Manhattan Beach Directions 

It’s a 30-minute drive from downtown LA via I-110 S and I-105 W; Manhattan Beach is about 25 miles southwest of Los Angeles. LAX is only 15 minutes away by car. Venice Beach and Santa Monica Pier are around 20 miles north of Manhattan Beach.

Light rail and bus services are also available from nearby destinations. However, the best way to reach Manhattan Beach is by car. And if you are worried about parking, we’ve got just the tips you need! 

Where to park near Manhattan Beach

Are you looking for affordable parking near Manhattan Beach? We’ve got you covered with a complete guide that will help you find the perfect parking spot in Manhattan Beach next time you’re in the area.   

26th Street/Bruce’s Beach 

Bruce’s Beach Park is a fantastic beach spot that attracts many visitors. There are volleyball nets, restrooms, showers, and a small outdoor exercise area. It’s conveniently located about halfway between downtown and North Manhattan Beach. There are 68 spots available for public parking at the 26th Street lot. You can pay for parking with cash or credit/debit cards at the meters.  

North Manhattan Beach 

The North End’s shops have evolved since El Porto was the neighborhood’s nickname. There are a couple of areas nearby where you can find metered public parking. One is next to the commercial district on Highland and Rosecrans avenues, and the other is right above the beach, towards the northern city limits. Curb your wheels on hills and park courteously when you’re parking on Highland Ave. in front of the restaurants and other stores.  

El Porto Parking Lot 

El Porto Beach is located in the lovely northern area of Manhattan Beach, California, right across from the El Porto neighborhood. You can find volleyball courts around here, and if you’re into biking and skating, you’ll love the paved Marvin Braude Bike Path.  

If you head north of 45th, you’ll find El Segundo Beach, and it’s a bit narrower in front of the Chevron oil plant but still a great spot to enjoy the sun and sand. El Porto is a great spot to enjoy a less crowded beach day compared to Manhattan Beach’s main beach. If you’re heading to El Porto Beach, the parking lot entrance is located on 45th Street. The lot stretches all the way from the start of the beach to Rosecrans Avenue.  

Civic Center Upper Parking Lot 

If you’re looking for a great spot to take in some beautiful views of the city, you should definitely check out the upper parking lot at the Civic Center. The price for Civic Center Upper Parking Lot is affordable. You can enjoy unlimited time at this location from Friday to Sunday between 8 am and 9 pm for just $1.75 per hour. 

Is street parking or offsite parking safer? 

When you’re in a bustling city, choosing between street parking and offsite parking can significantly impact the security of your vehicle. Depending on your needs, pick a spot that’s best for your car’s safety and gives you peace of mind. 

Street parking  

You can find multiple locations with on-street parking near the beach. Even though street parking spaces are cheaper than other options, they come with many risks.   

There are numerous parking regulations, such as street cleaning, time limits, and residential parking permits, and you will be fined up to $100 for violations. During events, street parking rates might skyrocket.  

Offsite garages 

The roads and streets will be congested on holidays and peak season days when people flock to the beach; to avoid this traffic, you can park your cars in offsite parking lots. 

Car entry/exit will be simple, quick, and limitless. Offsite lots are usually constantly monitored by cameras and security personnel. Parking spots will be held for you till you arrive. Your vehicle will not be blocked, and you may leave and return anytime. 

It can be challenging to find parking nearby because many government buildings and other significant landmarks have designated “no parking” areas. But offsite parking lots are reliable since they provide highly convenient and safe parking at a reasonable cost. 

How much is parking at Manhattan Beach? 

Manhattan Beach parking lots cost $2/hour. You can also park at nearby offsite lots, which are usually safer.  

Simply use a parking app like Way.com to obtain the greatest deals. It displays the top-rated garages near your destination, allowing you to compare pricing and reserve a parking space.    


Do Manhattan Beach parking meters take credit cards? 

Metered parking spots at the Manhattan Beach lots accept cash and debit/credit cards. Metered street parking is also available nearby. 

Does Manhattan Beach have free parking?

Street parking near Manhattan Beach costs $2/hour and usually has a two-hour time limit. These spots see high demand for beachgoers as well as visitors at the shops and restaurants nearby. So, parking is not free.  

How to find cheap parking near Manhattan Beach? 

Use online parking services like Way.com to easily find affordable parking garages near Manhattan Beach. You can check availability, compare rates, and get exclusive discounts with online reservations. 

Why should you choose off-street garages for Manhattan Beach parking?

Street parking provides convenient locations and affordable hourly rates, but there are limitations; you can only park your car on the street for a short time, which can range up to two hours. Meanwhile, off-street garages usually do not have time limits, and you can park for several hours or the whole day.  

Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Make an online booking now or reserve your parking spot through the Way app!


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