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Martin Luther King Day celebrations in 2023

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  • Xavier Sabastian
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Martin Luther King Day (MLK day) was first observed as a federal holiday in 1986. On this day, national offices and most workplaces stay closed. However, quite a few stores and restaurants will still be open for business. This Martin Luther King Day, you should look to replenish your faith in the good of humankind. 

Often it only takes an extraordinary moment to make someone immortal. In the case of Martin Luther King Jr., it was his famous speech in Washington, in which he outlined his dream for America in 1963. Fifty-eight years later, Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous ‘I Have a Dream’ continues to resonate with many Americans. The speech was a vision of what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. wanted America to be and what America could be. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. challenged the narrative surrounding race in the United States. He helped people see the beauty of diversity.    

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How is Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebrated?

An MLK day would not be complete without a Giving March event or an MLK parade. You can pay tribute to one of the most significant figures in our country’s history. Here are some alternate ways to celebrate MLK day.  

How do you celebrate MLK Day at home?

Deep dive into Martin Luther King Jr.’s speeches

The ‘I Have a Dream speech has no parallels. It is the most famous and studied speech of Martin Luther King Jr’s speeches. There are other lesser-known speeches of Martin Luther King Jr, which are also thought-provoking. Martin Luther King Jr’s 1964 Nobel Peace Prize address is worth reading. In that speech, Dr. King stated his war on poverty and how humankind should come together to combat it.  

Watch documentaries or movies about Martin Luther King Jr

If reading is not your forte, you can opt for watching a documentary or a film on Dr. King. The ‘Eyes on the Prize’ and ‘Selma’ are excellent pieces of work if you want to reflect on Dr. King’s contributions to America.  

Read books on Martin Luther King’s contribution

There is no shortage of books regarding Dr. King’s legacy and contribution. You order various books on Dr. King online to better understand his contribution to modern America.  

Adopt a philanthropic attitude like Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King was an advocate of philanthropy. His series of sermons in 1963 that would later become the book Strength to Love spoke about the importance of giving. You can also keep the spirit of Martin Luther King’s ideas alive by donating to a charity of your liking.  

Test your knowledge about Martin Luther King

Do you believe you are an expert on Martin Luther King and his inspired movement? Test your knowledge by organizing an online family and friends quiz on Martin Luther King.  

When is MLK Day 2023?

Martin Luther King Day, or MLK Day, will be celebrated on Monday, January 16 in, 2023.

What is MLK Day celebrated for?

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is a US holiday commemorating the accomplishments of Martin Luther King, Jr., a Baptist minister and civil rights leader. Dr. King stood for peaceful opposition to racial discrimination. The charismatic and eloquent Dr. King envisioned an America that celebrated its unique diversity. He symbolized the countrys hopes and dreams for a better future. January 16th, 2022, is a reminder of the great man’s vision of America.  

What day is Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday?

Dr. King was born in 1929, and his actual birthday falls on January 15.

Why is MLK Day not celebrated on Dr. King’s actual birthday?

In 1971, the Uniform Monday Holiday Act was signed into law. MLK Day is celebrated on the third Monday in January because of this law. The mandate moved George Washington’s birthday, Memorial Day, and Labor Day to Mondays for good.  Monday was chosen so federal employees could have long holiday weekends with their families.

MLK Day Activities – Explore, Indulge and Soak in

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