Chicago Midway (MDW) International Airport Parking Guide

Rates and Options for Parking at Midway International Airport

There are several parking options within the airport facilities and outside. Whether you’re driving by yourself or dropping someone off, you can either park at any of the four on-airport parking lots or go for the numerous off-site lots and garages near the airport.

If you are parking your vehicle in the lots available at the Midway Airport Parking, then it is going to cost you anywhere between $2/ hour to $60/ day. However, these rates are just a standard criterion and are likely to vary depending on the hours, the length of time, the parking space you need, the current peak/ off-season factor, etc.

Long-Term Midway Airport Parking Rates

Garage  Time      Rate    
Midway Terminal Garage (Level 1):     8-24 hours         $40    
Midway Economy Garage and Lot:    1-24 hours         $15    
Midway Daily Lot:    1-24 hours         $30    

Short-Term Midway Airport Parking Rates

The parking service at the MDW International is quite flexible.  You are provided with an option of hourly or daily parking in the lots near the airport. The Main Parking Garage is located opposite the terminal entrance, which makes it easy to approach. Although The Daily Lot is located to the north of the terminal, it offers a free shuttle service to avoid inconvenience to passengers.

If you are just picking someone up or dropping someone off at the Midway Airport, then opt for the Hourly Parking as it is a more suitable option for pick ups and drop offs. If you need a longer term parking, such as overnight parking, then you should consider parking at the Daily Parking or the Economy Parking Lots.

The rates for hourly and daily lots for a short-term basis are mentioned below.

Short-Term Midway Airport Parking Rates  

Garage  Time   Rate 
Midway Terminal Garage (Level 1):     0-30 min     $2    
    30 min-1 hour     $5    
    1-2 hours     $7    
    2-3 hours     $9    
    3-4 hours     $11    
    4-8 hours     $14    
    8-24 hours     $40    
Midway Economy Garage and Lot:    0-30 min    $2    
    30 min-1 hour     $5    
    1-24 hours     $15    
Midway Daily Lot:     0-30 min     $2    
    30 min-1 hour     $5    
    1-24 hours     $30    
    3-4 hours     $8    
    4-24 hours     $17    


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About Chicago Midway (MDW) International Airport Parking

The Chicago Midway International Airport, often referred to as MDW International Airport, is located on the southwest side of Chicago, IL. The MDW International Airport is the primary commercial airport in the city and ranks second to the O’Hare International Airport. The MDW Airport is the second busiest and largest airport in the state, which justifies the traffic within the close proximity of the premises.

The MDW International Airport is the top preference of travelers in and around the city of Loop, which is around 13 km away from the airport. Passengers usually use the airport service for leisure travel, but the airport also facilitates business trips. Since the airport is situated in the urban centre, it gives a gorgeous view of the illuminated skyscrapers at night! In addition, the airport is surrounded by a number of restaurants, parks, fun centre and retail stores, giving you plenty of things to do before or after your flight.

However, the city is undoubtedly crowded. In fact, in 2015 alone, the airport was home to 22,221,499 passengers. Other reports suggest that since then, the number of passengers using the airport for air commute has doubled. Undoubtedly, the traffic situation calls for extra caution, particularly when it comes to vehicle parking.

Finding a airport parking spot during the peak factor remains a challenge for most of the passengers. Whether you’re traveling from the Chicago Midway International Airport for the first time or the 100th time, you are likely to be stressed out upon not finding the ideal and affordable parking spot on or off-site. However, in this guide, we have listed a number of different parking options based on hourly and daily rates for short and long-term purposes to help you find the perfect space for your vehicle.

Keep reading this parking guide to make sure your traveling experience is hassle-free.

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Information on Premises

The Chicago Midway International Airport has around 43 airplane gates located on the three concourses (concourse A, B and C) of the airport. There are a number of airlines, such as the Delta Air Lines, the Porter Airlines, that are functional year-round. But the largest airline operator is Southwest, which controls 32 gates and offers air commute to more than 65 cities.

The airport offers several amenities for all its passengers including:

  •         Yoga Room
  •         Mother’s Room
  •         Airport Art
  •         Hotels
  •         Lost and Found
  •         Chapel
  •         Business Centers
  •         Restaurants
  •         Retail Stores

If you need an airport agent’s assistance for any purpose, you must contact the Midway Customer Service by calling (773) 838-0600. Deaf or Hard Hearing Passengers can access the visual paging program that allows them to connect with friends, family members or digital customer service reps. To access this paging program, dial (773) 838-9660 or (773) 838-9661. The text message will be visible on the display screen on all the monitors available at each of the terminals.

Other than that, some important numbers you should have are:

  • (773) 838-0756 for parking information from the official helpline
  • 9-1-1 for any emergency situation to contact the official police headquarters

Driving Directions

There are numerous ways of reaching the Chicago Midway International Airport. In this guide, we discuss each of these ways in detail to help you select the best mode of transport.

Public Transport

The Chicago Midway International Airport is well-connected with a vast channel of public transportation. This gives you a wide range of commute options to choose from, such as luxury or budget-friendly.

CTA Orange Line

Public transport is the cheapest and most budget-friendly mode of transport to the MDW International Airport.

Exclusively for the passengers in Chicago and its suburbs, the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) Orange Line of (L) offers bus and train commute to reach the airport. The trains are neat, clean and quick, giving you a desirable transport service to the airport. The train service can be availed between 4:00 am to 4:30 am till 1:00 am on every working day, morning and evening. The train service can be availed from downtown Chicago to the MDW Airport. The best part is that the Orange Line or L also connects with the other CTW train services in the area as well.

CTA Buses

Buses are an excellent substitute for those who aren’t using the CTA Orange Line. You do not need a Transit Card to avail the bus service either. Although the fares are much cheaper, the waiting time is still a lot as there are only 9 bus routes that are operational. You can avail the bus pick and drop from the Midway CTA station.

Pace Buses

For direct transport from the Chicago suburban areas, Pace buses are the best route to take. The Pace buses serve the MDW as well as the O’Hare International Airport. There are more than 7 Pace buses that offer transit to the Midway International at competitive rates. There are no additional charges for bags or pets. Additionally, there is no luggage limit either, which makes Pace buses a remarkable option.

Taxi, Limo, Rideshare


Taxis are a convenient and viable option to choose when it comes to getting to or from MDW International.

o   To MDW

If you are planning to take a taxi from Chicago to Midway, then you should only use the taxi service officially affiliated with the airport. Some of the top taxi companies are American United Cab Association, Blue Ribbon Association, Chicago Carriage Cab, Flash Cab Company, etc. Be certain to visit the official websites of these taxi companies to view the current prices and availability.

o   From MDW

There is an abundance of taxi services that you can avail from the lower level curb front of the terminals. However, these taxis work on a first come basis, so you cannot make a reservation in advance. To ride with an authorized driver, only use the taxi service from the stands. Do not ride with drivers who are located off stands. The fares are charged according to the time it takes and the distance covered in reaching your destination.

  • Charges may vary based on the traffic situation, but the standard charges are $35-$40
  • Visit the City of Chicago Taxi Passenger website for up-to-the-minute information
  • Call (855) 928-1010 to make arrangements for wheelchair adjusted vehicles

You can carpool with other passengers (mutually agreed) if the destination is the same or on the way to the main route.

Shared fares are usually:

  • McCormick Place—$18/ person
  • O’Hare International Airport—$35/ person
  • Downtown—$18/ person


Passengers heading to the Chicago City and suburban areas can avail the limo services.

To avail these services, contact the company of your preference to make a reservation in advance. You can find the limousine services in the Baggage Claim area located at the Ground Transportation Information Desk.

o   On-Spot Arrangement

If you’re looking for a limousine service on arrival, you can contact any limousine service to allow you to meet the drivers beforehand in the safety of the Baggage Claim area. If the limo service does offer instant drop off, then you can seek the driver’s assistance for luggage transport as well.

o   Booked Arrangement

If you have pre-booked a limousine service, then call the company after luggage claim. This is a much safer option as the company will send in the license plate number, the area of meeting and the car’s description. Based on the traffic situation, the ride will arrive, but the standard waiting time is between 3 to 10 minutes.


There are several companies that offer Rideshare transport services through an application that allows drivers and passengers to connect via the internet.

The pickup station for the rideshare services is located at Door 4, outside the Baggage Claim area

Terminal Facilities

Each of the three terminals at the Chicago Midway International Airport offers a plethora of facilities to the passengers, which makes your traveling experience relaxed and unique.

Banking and Currency Exchange

You can withdraw money from the Seaway National Bank’s ATMs located at each of the three terminals. ATMs are available after every few steps at each of the terminal, giving you a convenient option to withdraw money.

The Seaway National Bank also offers foreign currency exchange services. So whether you are arriving from an international visit or are about to departure, you can easily avail the currency exchange services.

From the 200 currencies, some of the popular exchanges are in:

  •         Canada (dollar)
  •         Bahamas (dollar)
  •         Australia (dollar)
  •         Jamaica (dollar)
  •         United Kingdom (pound)
  •         Europe (euro)
  •         Korea (won)
  •         Japan (yen)
  •         Mexico (peso)
  •         Costa Rice (colones)
  •         Aruba (florin)

You can also ask for currency exchange in advance. To make your reservation or seek further assistance, call (773) 735-2810.


There are a number of different local and international eateries at the MDW International where you can satisfy your gastronomic cravings.

Some of the most popular dining places include:

  •         Arami
  •         BIG & little’s
  •         Billy Goat Tavern
  •         Bin 5700
  •         Café Espresso
  •         Café L’Appetito
  •         Camden Food Co.
  •         DeColores
  •         Dunkin Donuts
  •         Fuel Bar
  •         Glacier City Frozen Yogurt
  •         Go Go White Sox Bar and Grill
  •         Gold Coast Dogs
  •         Home Run Inn
  •         HVAC Pub
  •         Jetbox
  •         Midway Pour House
  •         Nuts on Clark
  •         Pegasus on the Fly
  •         Porkchop
  •         Reilly’s Daughter
  •         Tabo Sushi
  •         Tap & Pour
  •         The Market
  •         True Burger Co.
  •         Windy City Tap Room
  •         Woodgrain Neopolitan Pizza

All these restaurants take walk-in customers, so you don’t have to worry about making a reservation in advance. Simply walk in and enjoy a hearty meal.


Several retail stores remain functional throughout the day at the Airport. If you’re looking for ways to kill some time or to buy souvenirs for your loved ones, you have several options to shop from.

Below is a list of all the shopping venues you can head over to:

  •         AeroMart
  •         Chicago Mart
  •         Chicago News
  •         Chicago Sports
  •         Departure News
  •         Discover Chicago
  •         Hudson Booksellers
  •         Hudson News & Gifts
  •         iStore
  •         Kids Works
  •         Life Is Good
  •         Southside News
  •         Spectacles
  •         Spirit of The Red Horse
  •         Sweet Indulgences
  •         Tech on the Go
  •         The Stacks

Most of these stores remain open from 5: 00 AM to 9: 00 PM. However, the timing may be different for a few of these stores, so don’t forget to check out their operating hours in advance.


If you’ve lost your luggage, then you can contact the lost and found centre of the airport. To find your luggage, contact the place or organization nearest to the place where the luggage was lost/ misplaced.

However, if you don’t know where the item was misplaced, then you can contact different organizations that will help you retrieve your property:

  •         In the public places at the terminal: (773) 838-0656
  •         In the parking lot: (773) 838-0753
  •         Before the security checkpoint: (773) 498-1308
  •         Customs area: (773) 948-6330
  •         On the plane, near the ticket counter or inside the gate area: call your airline service

Other Services

The Airport is a little further from the Loop city, which makes it an aloof location. However, as it is at a short and safe distance from the City of Chicago, it is extremely easy to reach from the city centre. This makes the MDW International a secluded place, but one that is well connected. Because the airport is in such close proximity to the metropolitan city, there are several business halls and venues nearby that you can use for official purposes.

Business Meetings and Conferences

The Chicago City has several venues to host meetings and conduct business conferences at. However, the most popular venue is the McCormick Place. This is the largest convention hall in the entire country and is located to the south of the Loop City’s downtown area. This convention hall has hosted some of the most historical events in the Chicago City, which makes it all the more perfect for your business conferences. Contact the conference at (312) 791-7000 or visit the official website for information, charges and availability.

Communication Facilities

The MDW International Airport offers free and unlimited Wi-Fi access to all the passengers throughout the terminals. You will have the internet service before and after the security check posts.

However, if the Wi-Fi service is inaccessible to you, then you can contact the Customer Care reps for internet services at (800) 880-4117.

You can also avail the charging facilities at the numerous charging stations located at each of the terminals.

Special Needs

People with special needs are provided with careful attendance. If you or your loved one has a physical disability, you can avail the wheelchair service to and from the shuttle. Elevators are present exclusively for wheelchairs and to ensure hassle-free movement inside the airport. Every restroom in the terminal has a stall for handicapped people. The restrooms are unisex to prevent any discrimination. Deaf, hard-hearing or mute persons can use paging services for communication.

Car Rentals

The airport is affiliated with a number of car rental services and agencies to ensure you experience an unparalleled travel experience. However, you must contact the car rental agencies 48 hours in advance for booking and reservations.

Some of the registered car rental agencies are:

  •         Alamo
  •         Budget
  •         National
  •         Avis
  •         Hertz
  •         Dollar

Please note that Dollar does not provide any special services.

Where is Midway Airport Located?

Midway Airport is located at 700 S Cicero Ave, Chicago, IL 60638. Midway Airport can also be contacted by calling  (773) 582-5720 or (773) 767-4400.


Midway Airport Parking Maps

Main Midway Airport Parking Map

Main Midway Airport Parking Map

Midway Airport Parking Information, Discounts, and Coupons

This is the official airport parking page, where you can find authentic information about discounted rates, promotional offers and parking space availability. The airport site provides links to information about the airport, flights and passengers as well.

The app is renowned for offering several discounted deals and promotional offers that can help you save some extra bucks. It sells the surplus inventory from the parking operators and garages that are located close to the MDW International Airport at half the price. Other than that, you can also access the in-app version for Android and iPhone.

Midway Parking Tips

If you are parking your vehicle, then please note:

  • The vehicles parked for more than a month will be towed. So in case you need a parking space for more than a month, then book your space using the monthly parking at an off-airport Midway Airport parking location
  • You can call (773) 838-0756 for complete automobile services and maintenance
  • Midway Airport Parking restricts vehicles that utilize more than a single parking space such as box trucks or mobile homes are found, they will be towed
  •  The Main Parking Garage offers EV charging stations
  •  On the 6th floor, Midway Airport offers passengers the option to use the Reserved Parking space, which can be availed at $10/ day (exclusive of parking costs)

Final Notes on Midway Airport

Make sure to check out the airport’s official page to stay updated on your flight schedule. If you wish to avail the Park, Stay and Fly packages, then don’t forget to make reservations in advance. If you wish to park off-site, then you must contact parking garages 48 hours in advance.

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