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Miami International Airport Parking Guide

  • Airport Parking Guide
  • Renee Martin
  • 11 minutes

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Rates and Options for Parking at Miami Airport

Onsite MIA Airport Parking Lots

What makes Miami Airport a great place to travel from is that it offers plenty of parking options that are conveniently located and easy to find. The MIA Airport parking options that available are pretty straightforward. The North Dolphin garage and South Flamingo garage is located next to each other and have identical parking fares. Both garages are capable of accommodating a total of 7,500 vehicles.

Miami International Airport Parking Guide

Short-term parking options are only allowed on an hourly basis, and any vehicle that’s parked for more than two hours and 40 minutes will be charged for the full day. Since both of the parking garages at MIA are located next to each other there’s no shuttle service available (or needed).

There is valet service available on the second level of both garages, with a maximum stay limit of 20 days. MIA also has a cell phone parking lot which is located at the North-Northeast of the terminal building which is next to Northwest 31st Street.

MIA also offers a ticketless parking option. For instance, when you insert a credit card when entering a Miami Airport Parking lot or garage, you can use the same card to pay when exiting and will be charged accordingly.

All Long-Term Miami Airport Parking Options

Long-term Miami Airport Parking

Garage Time Rate
Miami Airport Off-Site W/ Shuttle: Per Day $7
Miami Airport Valet Parking: Per Day $30
Miami Airport Dolphin Garage: Per Day $17
Miami Airport Flamingo Garage: Per Day $17

All Short-Term Miami Airport Parking Options

The following are the rates for short-term parking at MIA:

  • North Dolphin Garage: $2 per half hour ($6 / hour), $17 after 2 hr. 40 mins
  • South Flamingo Garage: $2 per half hour ($6 / hour), $17 after 2 hr. 40 mins
  • Valet (Level 2 of both garages): $18 for up to 3 hours ($30 / day after 3 hours.

Short-Term Miami Airport Parking

Garage Time Rate
Miami Airport Valet Parking: Hours 0-3 $18
Hours 3-24 $30
Each day after $30
Miami Airport Dolphin Garage: Per 20 minutes $2
Maximum Daily Rate $17
Miami Airport Flamingo Garage: Per 20 minutes $2
Maximum Daily Rate $17

Miami International Airport Parking Guide

Designated Disabled Parking

MIA provides designated disabled permit parking along with stroller permit parking, which is located at the 3rd level of both the South Flamingo garage and North Dolphin garage. Parking for wheelchair-accessible vehicles is also available at the ground level of the east section at the North Dolphin garage. Visitors are advised to have a permit to use designated parking spaces on both garages.

These designated disabled permit parking spaces are going to be available at the same rates. It is important to note that those vehicles that are over the permitted height should use the over-height vehicle parking area which is located at the parking lot that’s adjacent to the east side of the North Dolphin Garage.

Miami International Airport, also known as MIA, is considered to be one of the busiest airports in the world. While it mostly serves as a hub for flights between the US, Latin America, and the Caribbean, it caters to more than 85 million passengers every year. This fact alone earned it the title of the “40th busiest airport in the world.” Miami International Airport also has the distinction of being the busiest airport in the US in terms of international cargo.

The airport has been constructed in a peculiar shape of a horseshoe with central, north, and south terminals. In 2018, MIA saw a total of 413,692 aircraft operations, that’s more than 1,000 flight take-off to 160 destinations on a daily basis. The airport has also been in the news on the technological front by being the first to embrace facial recognition technology to identify passengers. If you have been wondering about what to expect when you reach Miami International Airport, then you have come to the right place. Read on to find out more about the history and the parking options at MIA.

History of Miami International Airport

Miami International Airport (MIA) has enjoyed a rich history. In 1912, a year before Howard Gill flew his plant over the Miami Golf Link to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the city, the Curtiss Aviation School was inaugurated in Miami. This paved the way for the city to become the flight training and maintenance capital of the world, which is a title that it still holds today mainly because of its good weather conditions all year around. It wasn’t long that the decision was made to build an airport in Miami. The first airport that was constructed on the site of the modern one was known as Miami City Airport.

In 1928, Capt. Edwin Musick took off from the muddy runway with 2 passengers and 340 pounds of mail bound for Key West. This was the first recorded flight from the airport. Not long after, the dusty field was converted into two runways, two hangars, and a terminal. Pan American Airways was the first to purchase 116 acres of swampland towards the south of Northwest 36th Street for their operations, which is why the airport was called “Pan Am Field” for a while.

The first flights that took off and landed on the Miami City Airport were just a few passengers and mail. During the 1940s, after Pan American Airways moved its operations elsewhere, the airfield was purchased by the city of Miami and renamed “36th Street Airport” since the airport was constructed on Northwest 36th Street near Le Jeune Road.

When WWII broke out, the airport was taken over by the armed forces who built shacks west of Le Jeune, near the Palmetto Expressway. By the late 50s, the 36th Street Airport merged with the former Miami Army Field. When the railroad was moved south, the airport was stretched further to 20th Street, which was only the beginning of its expansion. During this time, the airport started providing non-stop flights to Chicago and Newark Liberty International Airport, but it was not until 1962 that non-stop flights would reach west to New Orleans and St. Louis. The first non-stop transatlantic flights at the airport began in 1970. Many improvements were made over several staged expansions before the airport was again renamed Miami International Airport. Today, the MIA covers a total area of 3,300 acres west of downtown Miami and has four runways that range in length from 8,600 to 13,000 feet.

Things to do at Miami International Airport

Miami International Airport is well-known for the many services it offers its passengers. The following are some of the services that are offered to passengers at MIA:

Dining Options

The best part about traveling anywhere from Miami International Airport is that you are going to find plenty of options in foods, from burgers to empanadas and plenty of quick grab-and-go food options. You’ll also find plenty of Cuban foods here such as Estefan Kitchen Express and Bongo’s. From sit-down dinners to comfort meals, Starbucks, McDonald’s, and Dunkin Donuts, MIA has a lot to offer the hungry traveler. If you are looking for a dining option with a view, head up to Top of the Port Lounge, which is located on Level 7 of Miami International Airport Hotel to enjoy your meal and some great views. MIA is home to more than 50 restaurants that are spread throughout the concourses at the airport.

Shopping Options

The Miami International Airport is also home to some of the best shopping outlets for those who want to do a bit of shopping before hopping a plane. Expect to find big-name brands from Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren Polo, and Montblanc to lesser-known brands. You can also pick up Miami-inspired gifts from the Miami Gifts to Go store, Miami Heat Store, or the Miami Marlins Store. If you love to read while on the plane, then you can grab some interesting reading material at Books & Books.

One of the best reasons for traveling through MIA is that the airport offers complimentary Wi-Fi access, which is not something you can say for many of the other US airports. The free Wi-Fi is available throughout the indoor area of the airport and is extremely helpful if you need to work with presentations or simply sending emails while waiting for the pre-boarding announcements.

Animal Relief Areas

Those passengers who are traveling with pets will find the animal relief areas at the airport a welcome addition. There are three animal relief areas at MIA which are all close to the parking area. The first is an open area just west of the North garage and in close proximity to the North Terminal (D). You will find this animal relief area across from Door 5 on level 1 of the Baggage Claims area.

The second option is a fenced area that is west of the South Short-Term Parking Lot and Central Terminal. You will find it across from Door 15 on level 1 of the baggage Claims area. There’s also a second fenced area which is located south of the South Garage (Flamingo) and next to South Terminal (J). You can find it across from Door 28 of the Baggage Claims area.

MIA also has 4 indoor restroom areas that are located beyond the airport’s security checkpoints and have been specifically designed for animals. These indoor restroom spaces are located at North Terminal (D) next to gate 34, Concourse F next to gate F7, Concourse G next to gate G5 and concourse J at the back of gate J3. The plenty of pet facilities that are available makes MIA one of the most pet-friendly airports in the country.

Apart from the many options in eateries at the airport, passengers will also find Bank of America ATMs, news-stands, post offices, ice-cream parlors, chapels, and over 30 retail outlets, where passengers and visitors will find plenty of options to keep them busy as they wait for their flight to board or to pick-up a passenger.

Embracing Technology

Lufthansa has been the first international airline to switch passenger boarding passes with specially designed cameras that are fitted on flights traveling between Miami to Munich. The new technology takes just two seconds to identify passengers with an accuracy rate of 99%, which makes the new technology almost error-free. However, this technology is still needed to be utilized by other airlines to ease the hassle of boarding an aircraft.

Miami International Airport (MIA) Parking Information

While Miami International Airport isn’t the easiest for passengers to navigate, there are plenty of signs to direct passengers and visitors along and keep traffic moving efficiently. The following is a breakdown of some important information you need to know about Miami Airport parking options.

MIA Airport Online Parking Reservations

Passengers who are using Miami International Airport (MIA) can also go online to get an idea of their parking options and book a parking package that suits their needs. Explore parking options near MIA Airport and use Way.com to make a reservation. Going online is a great way for securing a parking spot at one of the on-site parking garages that are provided by Miami International Airport. It’s a fast and convenient process that allows passengers to book a parking spot in advance while taking advantage of the many parking packages and rates that are on offer by third-party parking facilitators at Miami International Airport.

Hotels that are near to MIA also offer parking facilities, along with a shuttle service to take you to the airport. Before using hotel lots it is advised to read and understand the details carefully and contact the hotels to find out about how their parking lots work.

Miami International Airport Parking Guide

Where is the Miami Airport located?

Miami International Airport is located at 2100 NW 42nd Avenue, Miami, FL – 33126. The airport can also be contacted by calling (305) – 876 – 7000.

Miami International Airport Parking Map

Main Miami Airport Parking MapMain Miami Airport Parking Map

Miami Airport Parking Information, Discounts, and Coupons

Parking at or near Miami International Airport can be expensive, especially if you’re parking for several days. Here are some ideas to find the best rates, discounts, and coupons to make it more affordable.

Cool things to do in Miami 

Whether you are a Miami resident or just visiting, one of the coolest things to do in Miami would be to take a Segway tour. Segway Tours Miami is a fun and unique way to see the best that Miami has to offer. You will get a guide who will tell you all about the history and culture of the area. Segway Tours Miami offers two itineraries – the lively Art Deco District and glitzy South Beach or the serene Biscayne Bay and the bustling Miami River waterfront.  


Find official airport information like rates and news. The airport site links to information on the airport, flights, and passengers.

Miami International Airport Parking Guide


Way.com offers affordable parking at offsite parking garages near MIA Airport, often at discounted rates. In addition to their website, there’s also an app available for Android and iPhone.

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Reserve your airport parking space in advance with Way online or via the iOS and Android apps!

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