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Miami Airport Parking: Where to Park Your Car during a Hurricane

  • Airport Parking Guide
  • Renee Martin
  • 3 minutes

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Florida is often battered by hurricanes and people flying out of Miami International Airport may need to keep that in mind. If finding a safe spot to park your car while you fly out is what you are worried about, we are here to help. Here are some tips on how to find safe Miami Airport Parking during a hurricane. 

Choose Onsite Miami Airport Parking 

If it’s long-term parking you are after, you could park at one of the two onsite garages. The North Dolphin Garage and South Flamingo Garage are covered and have identical fares. Both parking garages can accommodate a total of 7,500 vehicles and allow a maximum stay of 60 days. And if you own an EV, you’ll be happy to know that both garages offer charging stations as well. 

However, there has been a spike in car thefts at the onsite garages, so we would advise you to park at your own risk. Besides, at $17 a day, the onsite Miami airport parking is pretty pricey too! 

Next Best Option: Offsite Parking Garage 

There’s a number of offsite parking garages to choose from near MIA. However, it’s best to choose a covered parking garage, especially during a hurricane, as it will keep your car safe from the elements. Parking at a covered lot also reduces the risk of hurricane debris destroying your car. And best of all, it reduces the chances of your car getting flooded. Offsite parking garages are generally safer as they are well-lit and have exterior fencing.  

miami-airport-parking-hurricane-tipsGarages like Park ‘N Fly and Park to Travel are cheaper than onsite parking garages and open 24/7. Both garages let you reserve a slot for guaranteed parking and even offer a complimentary shuttle bus ride to the terminals. And unlike an onsite garage, you can rest assured that your car is safe from damage, theft, or vandalism. Park ‘N Fly and Park to Travel even offer services like valet parking, 24/7 security with camera surveillance, and vehicle assistance. These offsite parking garages are a lot cheaper, too, starting at $8 a day. Book your offsite Miami airport parking ahead using a parking website or parking app-like way.com to get a guaranteed slot. Parking websites and apps not only let you book airport parking but also offer discounts and coupons for significant savings.    

For a few extra dollars, you could opt for hotel parking as well. With hotel parking, you can pretty much eliminate the risk of missing your flight due to bad road conditions. You could drive up to the hotel when the weather permits or even the previous night, catch a good night’s sleep and arrive at the airport as cool as a cucumber. By booking hotel parking, you also reduce the risk of getting stuck in traffic, worrying whether you would make it on time? 


Other Safety Tips 

It’s always better to be prepared before arriving at the airport to avoid a last-minute scramble to the gate. Try to arrive at least two hours before your domestic flight, as this will give you enough time to park your car, check in, and go through security without inconveniencing others around you. If possible, try to check-in online before arriving at MIA, as this will help you avoid long lines at the counter. Finally, stay in contact with your airline and check the status of your flights since airlines can decide to cancel flights at any moment.

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