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Here Is All You Need To Know About Michigan ID Replacement

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The land of great lakes might be the synonym for Michigan. However, it is also known as the home of the automobile industry. It goes without saying that driving in the state is charming. But you can instantly lose the charm if you lose your driver’s license. You are in for serious legal complications if you drive without a driver’s license in MI. Therefore, you must replace your lost driver’s license immediately. Here is all you need to know about Michigan ID replacement.  

How do I report a lost driver’s license in Michigan? 

If you have lost your Michigan driver’s license, you should certainly inform the law enforcement system. This can be applied through the Michigan Department of State Driver Record Alert Request Form. Consequently, this will alert law enforcement if someone uses your name at stops. However, the alert might take at least 30 days to appear on your driving record. You can contact the Michigan Department of State Information Center at 888-767-6424 to check if the alert is on your record.  

What are the documents required for Michigan ID Replacement?

Several standard documents must be kept ready if you apply for an ID replacement in Michigan. The following documents must be submitted to replace your lost license in Michigan. 

Proof of Social Security Number 

A social security card, W-2 Form, SSA 1099 form or non-SSA 1099 form, pay stub containing your name and Social Security number, and an SSA-L676 letter of ineligibility from the Social Security Administration are the proofs that can be submitted for your SSN.  

Proof of Legal Presence 

Certified birth certificate with a stamp or raised seal issued by a U.S. government unit or U.S. territory government office, Michigan enhanced driver’s license or ID card, or Consular Report of Birth Abroad issued by the U.S. State Department.  

Proof of Identity 

In addition to passports, several other documents can be submitted as proof of identity for your Michigan ID replacement. For example, a Marriage license issued in the U.S., a Divorce decree issued in the U.S., an employee photo ID issued by a federal or Michigan government agency, a Michigan driver’s education certificate, or U.S. school records are some.  

Is it time to renew your Michigan Driver’s License? Here’s what you should do!

Proof of Michigan Residency 

Utility bill or credit card bill issued within the last 90 days, Account statement from a bank or other financial institution issued within the last 90 days, Michigan high school, college, or university report cards or transcripts … Mortgage, lease or rental agreement, pay stub or earnings statement issued with the name and address of the employee, Life, health, auto or home insurance policy, Federal, state, or local government documents, such as receipts, licenses or assessments, or Michigan title and registration can be used for the same. 

However, you can submit one copy of each of these proofs except for the proof of Michigan residency, which requires two of the documents mentioned above.  

How to replace your Michigan ID? 

Replacing your lost ID in Michigan can be done online, in person, or via mail. However, you might be unable to replace it online if you own an enhanced driver’s license. Similarly, you may not be allowed for a Michigan ID replacement if your license was canceled or expired.  

How do I replace my lost Michigan driver’s license online? 

  • Login to the Online Services portal of the Michigan DMV 
  • Go to the Driver’s License and ID section 
  • Click on More Driver Services. 
  • Select Replace State ID or Replace Driver’s License, according to your requirement. 
  • Make the payment.  

How to replace a lost Michigan driver’s license in-person  

  • Approach your nearest Michigan DMV. 
  • Submit the proofs of identity 
  • Make the payment 

What should I do if I lose my Michigan driver’s license out of state?  

People who are out of state when they lose their driver’s license can apply for a replacement license over the mail in the state of Michigan.  

Firstly, you can fill out the application form. Secondly, get a copy of your Social Security Number or a letter of ineligibility. Thirdly, you can send in the payment via a check or money order since you are sending the application by mail to the address mentioned below. 

Michigan Department of State    

Out-of-State Resident Services Unit 

7064 Crowner Drive   

Lansing, MI 48918 

How much does it cost for Michigan ID replacement? 

A standard duplicate license, state ID, or permit will cost $9. However, if you are applying for an enhanced ID replacement, then it will cost $24.  


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