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Minnesota United FC: Parking, Tickets, Schedule and More!

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With a few games to go in the regular season, Minnesota United FC (MNUFC) is looking poised to go up the table. Despite being a newer franchise, they have improved in every chance they got and are again looking at a playoff spot.

Minnesota is known for many sports teams, including the Saints, Whitecaps and Wild. The MNUFC is the latest addition. After a struggling couple of seasons, the team was careful in player transfers. In their second season, the team from Saint Paul played their first final in the Lamar Hunt US Open Cup.

Minnesota United FC parking

As years went by, this soccer team found loyal support from their fanbase. The average attendance in the Minnesota United FC home stadium saw a major spike. Hence parking can be a challenge if you are coming to Saint Paul to watch them play.

The team looks to finish the season on a high. So, you can expect a massive attendance for the remaining home games. You can read more about the Minnesota United FC parking, tickets, and schedule below.

Minnesota United FC, aka ‘The Loons’

Minnesota United FC or MNUFC is a soccer team from the city of Saint Paul, Minnesota. They joined the Major League Soccer Championship as the 22nd team in 2017. The expansion side plays in the Western Conference and is currently coached by Adrian Heath.

Minnesota United FC game
Image Credits: Gary Sankary on Flickr

The Minnesota United FC logo features a loon and also has a visual representation of the Mississippi river. Some popular fan groups of the franchise include True North Elite, Dark Glitterati, and Dark Clouds.

Who are the owners of Minnesota United FC?

Bill McGuire is the primary owner and face of Minnesota United FC. The ownership team includes Jim Pohlad, who owns MLB’s Minnesota Twins, and Glen Taylor, who owns the NBA’s Minnesota Timberwolves and Glen Nelson. The latter is also a stakeholder in the Minnesota Wild, which plays in the NHL.

Where is the home ground of MNUFC?

The Loons play their home games at the famous Allianz Field in Saint Paul, Minnesota. This ground is located at 400 Snelling Avenue North and has a natural grass playing surface. Minnesota United FC 2, the reserve team which plays in the MLS Next Pro, also plays at this stadium.

It is a soccer-specific stadium and has the capacity to seat close to 19,400 people. You can find this sporting facility near Interstate 91. The team played at the TCF Bank Stadium inside the University of Minnesota campus for the first couple of years.

How much are the MNUFC tickets?

You can get different kinds of Minnesota United FC tickets during a home game at the Allianz Field. For starters, on average, single-game tickets are available for as low as $17. In addition, digital ticketing is also enforced at each Minnesota United FC home game.

Season tickets are in high demand and if you want, join the official season ticket waiting list, aka ‘The Preserve.’ For each seat, you have to pay $25 to join the waiting list, but it offers several perks.

Minnesota United FC roster
Image Credits: Andy Witchger on Flickr

In addition, premium tickets will get you party suites, Roof Deck seats, Loge boxes, and access to the Upper 90 Club. Apart from these, group tickets are also available.

You can get Minnesota United FC tickets from the official team website or the MLS website . In addition, ticket marketplaces like SeatGeek also sell MLS tickets through their platform.

What is the upcoming Minnesota United FC schedule?

The Loons will take on Houston Dynamo at Allianz Field in the upcoming fixture. After this, they will go on the road to meet Real Salt Lake in their final August game.

During September, there are four games, two at home and away venues, which include FC Dallas, Portland Timbers, Los Angeles FC, and Kansas City. In their final home game of the MLS regular season, Minnesota United FC will face Vancouver Whitecaps FC. Find the completed schedule of the Minnesota United FC here.

What is the current MNUFC roster for this season?

For this season, MNUFC has roped in three designated international players. The Minnesota United FC players include striker Luis Amarilla, Mender Garcia, and playmaker Emanuel Reynoso. The squad features some young talent, and the fans hope more of them rise up the ranks from the reserve and academy teams.

You can see the 20-member Minnesota United FC first-team roster below.

  • D. St. Clair-Goalkeeper
  • T. Miller- Goalkeeper
  • R. MĂ©tanire- Defender
  • A. BenĂ­tez- Defender
  • M. Boxall- Defender
  • B. Kallman- Defender
  • K. Lawrence- Defender
  • B. Dibassy- Defender
  • O. Fisher- Defender
  • J. González- Midfielder
  • N. Hansen- Midfielder
  • J. Hayes- Midfielder
  • H. Dotson- Midfielder
  • R. Lod- Midfielder
  • E. Reynoso- Midfielder
  • W. Trapp- Midfielder
  • B. Hlongwane- Forward
  • F. Fragapane- Forward
  • L. Amarilla- Forward
  • A. Danladi- Forward
  • M. GarcĂ­a- Forward

How to get to Allianz Field

There are ample public transit facilities to get to the Minnesota United FC stadium. You can take the light rail system- Green Line, which will get you to Saint Paul from the central business districts of Minneapolis. Another option is the METRO A Line bus service, and both the bus and light rail options have stops at Snelling Avenue.

You can get to Allianz Field from downtown Saint Paul within 8 minutes by car. It is a 4-mile drive, and you will be traveling through the I-94 West. Another route is via the East 7th Street/Yellowstone Tri and then taking Interstate 94.

You can also take the I-94 from Central Minneapolis to reach the stadium. It will take you nearly 12 minutes to complete the 7.8-mile drive through the highway.

Is there parking at Allianz Field?

Yes. There are a few on-site parking facilities in the stadium. You can pre-purchase parking passes for each game through the official website. Keep in mind that tailgating is prohibited in the stadium parking lots.

Minnesota United FC stadium
Image Credits: Andy Witchger on Flickr

The on-site parking facilities are divided into single game lots, best value lots, and easy-in lots. Each of these has varying parking charges, and the availability and prices will change for other events.

Is tailgating allowed at the Minnesota United FC Stadium?

Tailgating is prohibited at all the Allianz Field parking lots.

How much does the Allianz Field parking cost?

You can get a single-game parking pass up to three hours before the kickoff whistle. Also, the parking charges for each game will be different. Depending on the demand, the cost of parking passes will also change. For some of you, these rates will be too high.

Even if you manage to get an on-site parking space, the heavy traffic before and after the game can be a challenge. You will have to wait in a long line of cars to park in the official parking lots. To avoid this wasting of time, you have multiple options to choose from. You can opt for parking your car in the on-street spots or find an off-site parking facility.

Where can you find street parking for MNUFC home games?

You can find parking spaces in streets starting from Saint Paul and on your route to the stadium. Some of these on-street parking spots can be found at University Avenue West. But the closest street parking spot is a 30-minute walk from Allianz Field. So the next best choice is near Aurora Avenue, which is more than an hour away from the stadium.

Minnesota United FC home fans
Image Credits: Andy Witchger on Flickr

The closer street parking spots are always in high demand during game days and for other events. You will have a chance to get one only if you arrive hours before the game starts. Since others are more than half an hour away from the venue, street parking is not a practical option.

Also, committing parking violations in the streets surrounding the stadium can result in parking tickets. You will have to pay massive fines for even minor violations. So it is better not to leave your cars on the streets for Minnesota United FC games.

What are the cheap Minnesota United FC parking options near Allianz Field?

If you are not interested in street parking and on-site lots, there is yet another choice. Off-site parking garages are all over the neighborhood, and you can get one for cheaper rates. At these parking facilities, you can enjoy premium parking facilities at discounted rates.

Minnesota United FC schedule
Image Credits: Andy Witchger on Flickr

Some of these garages offer valet parking, covered parking, contactless parking, and accessible parking for their customers. You may also get camera surveillance and security personnel to watch over your car while you enjoy the game. Thus you can get a parking spot for your car without wasting time and money.

How to find parking garages for Minnesota United FC home games

You can find a safe and affordable parking space for Minnesota United FC home games if you know where to look. There are many parking garages near Allianz Field, which you can find using an online parking service like Way.com.

Using Way.com or the Way parking app, you can locate all nearby garages, their prices, and the features they offer. Depending on the distance from the venue, the rates may change. Generally, the further you go, the lower the rates will be.

Once you choose a garage from the Way app, input the entry and exit times and pay the rates. Now you have searched and booked a parking space for Minnesota United FC home games within minutes.

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