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MLB All-Star Game 2023: Event and Parking Info

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The cream of the crop will join hands for the MLB All-Star game. Imagine seeing all your baseball heroes in a single game. Not a dream- MLB All-Star Game gives us such an extravagant game every year. You have every reason to be thrilled that your star players from the American and National League will compete aggressively in July 2023. Who knows whether a home run will decide the outcome of this year’s All-Star Game? So, get to T-Mobile Park in July to see your favorite stars.

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All-Star Game, being one of the most anticipated baseball games, many people will be traveling from nearby cities to watch it. It is sure to make parking busier at the stadium. Plan ahead, or you’re going to miss out on a parking spot while you drive to watch the game. Continue reading to know all about the game, onsite parking, and offsite parking near the venue.  

What is the MLB All-Star Game? 

Major League Baseball All-Star Game is a yearly professional baseball game played between the star players from American League (AL) and National League (NL). Also famous as the ‘Midsummer Classic,’ the Major League Baseball All-Star Game marks the symbolic halfway point of the respective Major League Baseball season. The game conducted by MLB usually takes place on the second or third Tuesday in July. Fans select the starting fielders for the All-Star team.

The managers select the pitchers, whereas players and managers pick the reserves. Both the leagues have an All-Star break two days before the game, and no regular-season games take place during that break period. Hank Aaron has appeared in the most All-Star Games with 25 appearances. With two wins, Willie Mays, Gary Carter, Steve Garvey, Cal Ripken, Jr., and Mike Trout have won the most All-Star Game MVP awards.  

When is the MLB All-Star Game 2023? 

The upcoming edition of the MLB All-Star Game will take place on July 11, 2023. It will be the 93rd MLB All-Star Game between the all-stars from the American and National League.  

Where is the MLB All-Star Game 2023? 

T-Mobile Park, Seattle, will host the upcoming edition of the All-Star Game. The home of the Seattle Mariners will be home to the Midsummer Classic. It will be the third time the Mariners will be hosting the All-Star game.

How much do MLB All-Star Game tickets cost? 

The cost of MLB All-Star Game tickets varies based on the seating you choose. Upper-level seats and outfield seats cost you around $690. These are the cheapest tickets you can get for the All-Star Game. The seats behind home plate or close to the dugouts will cost higher. The most expensive MLB All-Star Game ticket will cost you nearly $4833.  Get tickets to the 2023 MLB All-Star Week here.

What channel is the MLB All-Star Game on? 

Fox Sports will be nationally broadcasting the 2023 edition of the All-Star Game. 

Where is T-Mobile Park?  

Dodger Stadium

T-Mobile Park is a popular ballpark located at 1250 First Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98134. It is the home of MLB’s Seattle Mariners and was previously known as Safeco Field. T-Mobile Park is in the SoDo neighborhood in Seattle near WAMU Theater and Lumen Field.

How can I get to T-Mobile Park? 

If you are driving to the ballpark, it will take nearly 5 minutes to reach here from Downtown Seattle. Drive via 1st Avenue, and you will cover a distance of 1.1 miles before reaching T-Mobile Park. You can also drive 1.4 miles via 4th Avenue South and South Royal Brougham Way to reach the ballpark in 6 minutes. All times mentioned here will depend on live traffic conditions. 

From Belltown: Take Highway 99 South and reach the venue in 8 minutes, covering a distance of 3 miles. 

Starting from Pike/Pine: Drive 2.7 miles via Madison Street or 2.5 miles through James Street, and you can reach the stadium in close to 10 minutes. 

From Central District: If you drive 3.1 miles through East Cherry Street, you can get to T-Mobile Park in 11 minutes. 

Apart from these, you can use public transit like trains and light rail to get closer to the 2023 MLB All-Star game venue. 

Is there parking at T-Mobile Park? 

Yes. On-site parking is available at the Mariners Parking Garage near T-Mobile Park. But there are only a limited number of parking spots that are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis. Lumen Field Garage and Union Station Garage South are also available for parking during Mariners’ games for a fee. But these are also in high demand, and you will have a hard time getting vacant spaces during the MLB All-Star game week. 

Is there offsite parking near T-Mobile Park?  

Street parking is not available during game days near the T-Mobile Park. You will end up with parking tickets and hefty fines if you park at an unauthorized on-street space. But there are other private garages near T-Mobile Park that has safe and affordable spots. Along with discounted rates, you can enjoy premium features like contactless parking and valet parking. Besides, you can easily locate these within walking distance using online services like Way.com. In addition, booking these off-site lots and garages through Way app can get you the best deals and special discounts on charges. You can also find affordable Seattle parking using Way.com!

MLB All-Star Game 2023: Some quick info 

  • The upcoming edition of the MLB All-Star Game will take place on July 11, 2023. 
  • T-Mobile Park, Seattle, will host the upcoming edition. The stadium is 1.1 miles away from Downtown Seattle.  
  • It is the third time that the Seattle Mariners is hosting the game.  
  • The tickets are already on sale. The ticket cost varies from $690 to $4833 based on the seating you choose.  
  • Fox Sports will be nationally broadcasting the 2023 edition of the All-Star Game. 
  • Onsite lots may get full quickly. So, it is always better to find a parking spot at nearby offsite garages or lots if you want cheap and secure parking near T-Mobile Park.  

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