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Can I Trust My Car with a Mobile Mechanic? Know More!

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We’ve all felt the horrible disappointment of hurrying to our car in the morning only to find that it won’t start. You may be lacking time to drive it to a car garage. Or maybe you couldn’t get it there since it fully broke down. What can you do? You might suddenly remember mobile mechanic services and start looking for one near your home via your mobile phone.  


We all have seen the rise of mobile mechanic services in recent years. They take their skill and equipment to your homes, workplace, or wherever the car has chosen to stall. These services help you avoid the overhead expenses of a garage. But even with their advantages, it’s still a good idea to keep the garages in mind for extensive repairs. 

But, can you trust your car with a mobile mechanic? How to choose one? Keep reading to know more.

What is a mobile mechanic? 

A qualified mechanic who can do a service or repair anywhere is what is meant by the term ‘mobile mechanic.’ Mobile mechanics will come to you, offering general convenience to individuals with immobilized cars. Since there are large numbers, they are never far from reaching you.  

In addition, their labor costs will typically be substantially lower than those of a car garage because most mobile mechanics work independently. So it is because they have access to their tools, independently acquired parts, and reduced overhead costs. Some might even invest in a mobile service vehicle they use for business.  

Though they can visit your house and workplace, some safety concerns may prevent them from servicing your car on the roadside.  

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Can you trust a mobile mechanic? 

It is a query that perplexes most of us. Some people find it difficult to trust mobile mechanic services because they don’t know the people who will be working on their car. So, most of them prefer to visit their neighborhood mechanic/nearby car garage or seek recommendations from friends or family.  

However, you can trust mobile mechanics. There are a few reasons for that.  

They come to your place. 

You can contact and hire a mobile mechanic online to have them come to you wherever you are if your car breaks down or requires service. You don’t have to reschedule your day to accommodate them, making the process hassle-free. It saves a lot of your time. They examine the vehicle in front of you. You can get an estimate before contacting the service if you already know the issue.  

Transparent and honest pricing 

Mobile mechanics have a very straightforward payment procedure. Before making a service reservation, the customer receives pricing information. Pricing is consistently fair and cheap for the services they offer. First, you must pay the required amount for the service you reserve. After that, there are no additional costs, and you no longer need to pay them. So, it creates trust in the minds of customers.  

Complete safety guaranteed  

Because the mechanics are highly skilled and can deal with all sorts of car troubles, the safety of the customer’s car is guaranteed. In addition, the mechanics are skilled and knowledgeable enough to diagnose the car and point out any issues if a customer is unsure of what is wrong with their car. Their experience ensures that your car is fixed quickly and without wasting time. 

What can a mobile mechanic fix? 

Mobile mechanics take care of numerous on-site repairs and maintenance. They do regular maintenance tasks, including brake pad replacements, air filter replacements, battery replacements, and oil changes. It’s best to check with the property manager first if your car is serviced at work or in a public area. In addition, many typical repairs, such as alternator and coolant hose replacements, can be done on-site by a mobile mechanic. 

These are some of the common repair requests that they receive. 

  • Basic car repairs. 
  • Suspension and steering. 
  • Service and repairing of the brakes. 
  • Air conditioning and heating.  

How do I find a good mobile mechanic? 


The truth is that it is difficult to find good mobile mechanics. An ideal mechanic must be committed, hardworking, and keen to learn new things. In addition, mobile mechanics must adapt to the ongoing growth and change in the car repair sector. Ideally, you can choose one if they possess the following qualities.  

Good conversation  

A good mechanic will communicate with you in simple language so that you will thoroughly understand your car’s issues. It will help you prevent it from happening again.  

Their work’s warranty or guarantee  

They will provide a warranty with their services since they want it to be of the highest quality and standard. A decent warranty lasts 12 months or 12,000 miles, covering parts and labor. 

Check the reviews 

Happy customers easily recommend reputable car mechanics. If you inquire, the company or they will be happy to provide you with references and client testimonials. Before selecting a mechanic, you can read reviews on a variety of online review sites and automotive websites. It demonstrates their client-communication skills and level of concern for their reputation. 

Facebook, Glassdoor, and Google are some sites that you can search for reviews.  

National associations  

When choosing a mechanic, users should check for organizations such as the Automotive Service Association (ASA), Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), Better Business Bureau (BBB), etc. They have basic standards and an ethical code. Although these certificates don’t necessarily indicate the mechanic is trustworthy, it’s a good sign that they are passionate about their work and strive always to deliver the best service. 

Timely delivery  

It’s a red flag if your mechanic is unreliable if they regularly forget to deliver your car at the scheduled time. When the mechanic mentions a time limit, they should never go over it. 

Difference between mobile mechanics and car garages 

A mobile mechanic is typically just a more convenient option for car owners. On the other hand, booking an appointment with a garage might be the ideal option if you’re searching for specialized repairs. Here we list a few advantages and disadvantages to help you make a proper decision.  

Advantages and disadvantages of mobile mechanics 


  • They are flexible as they can accommodate your schedule. For example, you could schedule a mobile mechanic to meet you in your driveway after work or in the parking lot during your lunch break, whichever is more convenient for you. 
  • They are less expensive. A mobile mechanic is less expensive than a garage because they are mobile. There are no corporate expenses, no salaries other than their own to pay, and only enough tools to utilize. Therefore, their costs are significantly lower than those of a car garage. 


  • The range of tools a mobile mechanic carries, the depth of knowledge they have acquired, and their daily availability tend to be constrained compared to a garage. In light of this, be ready for the possibility that they won’t be able to answer your question or resolve your problem when they get there. 
  • You might wish to choose a longer lunch break that day if you scheduled your car to get checked during your lunch break. We all know how unpredictable automobiles can be. Because we aren’t all automotive experts, if a problem emerges that wasn’t anticipated, the job may take much longer than anticipated. 

Advantages and disadvantages of car garages 


  • A garage’s ability to provide specialized services is made possible by the large pool of mechanics working there. Whether it be for a particular model of car, a specific component of the car, or when performing a certain service or test.  
  • There is more space in a garage to fill with more mechanics immediately available. In addition, a garage can often service and repair four times as many vehicles daily as a mobile mechanic. So, for immediate repairs, we strongly advise you to schedule your car into a garage for the next day.
  • A garage’s size and prominence necessitate a spotless reputation in the neighborhood to draw in repeat business. In light of this, you may anticipate that a highly reputable garage would be more trustworthy. 


  • A garage costs you more. Still, when you consider the additional expenses they have, it’s totally clear why they charge more for their services. However, it wouldn’t be wise to skip researching local mobile mechanics even if you need a quick fix. 
  • It takes you more time to find a local garage you trust and travel there whenever your car needs work. Depending on the nature of the problem with your car, a mobile mechanic could examine it to provide a diagnosis before advising you to take it to a garage. 

Is a mobile mechanic more expensive? 

Never. Compared to car garages, they are much more affordable. There are no corporate expenses, no salaries other than their own to pay, and only enough tools to utilize. Therefore, their costs are significantly lower than those of a car garage. 

How much should a mobile mechanic charge? 

The charge of mobile mechanics varies according to the service’s location and its kind. The average charge of a mobile mechanic depends on how long a repair takes, with labor costing, on average, $30 to $120 or more per hour. Although it depends on the car’s actual issue, some estimates put the cost of their services at roughly 30% less than a car garage.  

What insurance do I need for a mobile mechanic? 

If you are a mechanic who works out of a van, you will need sufficient insurance protection. The insurance policies cover all aspects of risk, such as the cars you own and those of your customers, public and employers’ liability insurance, and equipment insurance. 

With all the various terminology and policies available, it can be perplexing and perhaps daunting when you start as a mobile technician. So, before making the final purchases, it is better that you talk to your agent about all of your possibilities. Since every mobile mechanic is unique, so may the insurance coverage. Consider the following factors when choosing an insurance policy. 

  • Insurance provides coverage when you need to test drive the customers’ cars.  
  • The possibility of facing legal action related to the work you do. 
  • The value of the products, equipment, stock, and hand tools you keep in your van. 
  • Your van gets coverage as part of motor trade road risks insurance. 

What are the common issues that you’ll face with mobile mechanics?  

mechanic working on a car
Image by (Joenomias) Menno de Jong from Pixabay

As we discuss the advantages, it is also important to discuss the issues with them. While it’s nice to type ‘mobile mechanics near me’ into Google and schedule a visit from a mechanic, there are still some things to think about before determining to hire someone. The following are some of the most frequent worries about mobile car mechanics. 

Unauthorized businesses  

The main issue with mobile repair mechanics is that many start businesses without the necessary licenses. Most states would need at least one license. Still, others will call for several, making it possible to run a service legally.  

Some mobile mechanics will try to make you feel better by telling you they don’t need a license. But remember that this is a deception since a license is necessary for everyone who wants to open an approved repair firm. So do check their credibility before hiring them.  

Any person can be a mechanic. 

Although becoming your boss is never looked down upon, this does not imply that everyone should. It is especially true if the auto repair will be done at your house by someone who fixes cars outside a shop. When working with a mobile mechanic, it is possible for there to be stains, leaks, cracks, scratches, etc. It can cause damage to your driveway or property.  

Another problem is the quality of the mobile mechanic because they come from different backgrounds. Additionally, there is no customer support number to call to hold someone accountable if a problem does arise. 


Running your own business allows you to choose which clients and days of the week you will let them schedule service visits. Unfortunately, individuals expecting a car repair to quickly finish risk being ignored or having a mechanic fail to show up. Management gets challenging when there is only one person in charge, and mobile auto repair is no exception. Make sure the person you choose to serve you is dependable and trustworthy. 

Quality of repair 

The standard of the repairs made to your car is the most crucial factor. While most mobile mechanics deliver a respectable level of service, there are always individuals who will present a professional front while possessing apprentice-level abilities. You can determine what kind of service the individual is capable of offering by carefully screening the services they offer. Make careful to look up a mobile mechanic’s reviews before hiring them on Google and other websites.  


It was probably done without your permission if you get an incredibly low price for an expensive repair. It might be fine for some people, but unapproved repairs might affect the warranty for those with a new car. As a result, there would be no protection for your car further, and you would have to pay for a repair that would have been free. So, it is best to know about your warranty options when repairing your car.  

Is a mobile mechanic worth it? 

Ideally, customers looking for convenient and economical car upkeep rather than repairs should consider mobile mechanics. They are best if you’re looking for less expensive repairs according to your convenience. But, it depends on the situation you’re in. 

For instance, if you have a new car, you might want to be slightly more cautious about hiring a mobile mechanic for repairs. Also, avoid taking their service entirely if you have a luxury car that needs repairs or maintenance, whether newer or older. 

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