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How Tall is the Tesla Model Y? Know Its Ground Clearance!

  • Electric Cars
  • Silas Smith
  • 4 minutes

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Good ground clearance on your car is extremely important if you plan to take your vehicle off the road. It also helps you navigate through rugged terrain. Usually, SUVs have higher ground clearance than sedans and hatchbacks, making them the best pick for people seeking adventure in their drives. But is Tesla’s SUV, the Model Y, high enough to be taken off the road? Know more about the ground clearance of Model Y in this article.  

What is ground clearance? 

Ground clearance is the distance between the lower end of a car’s body/chassis and the ground when the vehicle has no load. As said above, good ground clearance helps a car easily navigate uneven terrain. Vehicles with low ground clearance are prone to underbelly scraping, and these cars are not the best if you live in an area with bad roads.  

Usually, sedans and sportscars have lesser ground clearance when compared to other car types. Sportscars are designed with low ground clearance to ensure their center of gravity remains low, providing better stability and handling. 

Do not confuse the ground clearance of a car with its ground height, as the latter is influenced by the load on the vehicle.  

Model Y ground clearance EV charging

Tesla Model Y 

Model Y is Tesla’s subcompact crossover based on its Model 3 sedan platform. This car has been on the market since January 2020 after unveiling it to the public in 2019. It comes out in two options: Model Y performance and Model Y Long Range AWD. Model Y is one of Tesla’s greatest success stories, with a combined overall sales of over 7.6 lakh units worldwide, making it the fourth bestselling car in the world in 2022.  

Model Y ground clearance: How much is it? 

Both the options of the Tesla Model Y, viz. Performance and Long-Range AWD has a ground clearance of 6.6 inches. This is clearly not a significant number regarding ground clearance measures and is, therefore, not the best pick for going off the road. Your car needs to have a ground clearance of at least 10 inches to help it perform well on bad roads.  


Did the older versions of the Tesla Model Y have better ground clearance? 

No. Tesla Model Y’s ground clearance has not changed since its initial release in 2019. All the versions of the Model Y came out with the exact 6.6 inches of ground clearance over the years.  

Does the Tesla Model Y have an adjustable suspension? 

The Tesla Model X has an air suspension that helps it increase its ride height from 5.7 to 8.1 inches. However, unlike its elder sibling, the Model Y has no adjustable mechanism to aid its off-road ability. 

Can I take my Tesla Model Y off the road?  

Even though Tesla markets the Model Y as a crossover SUV, it doesn’t mean that you can quickly go off the road with it. It has only a ground clearance of 6.6 inches, which is clearly not enough to help it navigate rough and uneven terrain. However, some of its functions, like Off-Road Assist and Slip Start, clubbed with the power dual-motor AWD, make it a decent automobile for casual off-roading. 

Which Tesla Model has the highest ground clearance? 

Teslas are never a good option if off-roading is your thing. If you’re having trouble picturing yourself driving anything other than a Tesla, you can check out the Model X, which comes with an adjustable ground clearance of up to 8.1 inches. 

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