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Montana Driver’s License Renewal: Steps to Do It!

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Have you got your driver’s license in Montana? If yes, you can safely drive around the roads of The Treasure State. The only thing time you should worry about is when it’s time for your Montana driver’s license renewal. But is it hard to renew a driver’s license in Montana? 

You can currently renew your state license in person or by mail. Everyone hates waiting in line at the DMV, but its crucial to renew your license on schedule. Driving without a legal license can earn you a hefty penalty and jail time. So, you should renew your license on time! 

So, how can you do a Montana driver’s license renewal? What are the steps involved? How much will it cost? Keep reading to know more about the renewal process in the Land of the Shining Mountains! 

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How early can you renew your driver’s license in Montana? 

Montana driver’s license renewal begins six months before the license expires. However, the license expires at midnight on the expiration date, so be careful if you drive after it expires. You can locate the license expiration date on the front of the card, above your license issue date, and below your date of birth. 

Is there a grace period for renewing a driver’s license in Montana? 

In Montana, you must renew it within three months of the expiration date. Therefore, be ready to incur a late renewal fee if your license expires during the renewal period. In addition, you must start the application procedure over again, including retaking your driver’s test after three months of the expiration date.  

What do I need to renew my driver’s license in Montana? 

These are some documents that you require for the renewal process. 

  • Your current driver’s license 
  • Identity proof: It can be your birth certificate or a US passport. 
  • Montana residency proof: It could be a rental agreement statement, a life or car insurance policy, or a student record. 
  • Proof of lawful presence: It can be your birth certificate or a US passport.  

How to do Montana driver’s license renewal 

driver's license in Montana
Image courtesy: https://www.tsa.gov/

Most drivers in Montana prefer to renew their driver’s licenses in person. Also, you can renew by mail in certain circumstances. Currently, the state doesn’t allow online renewals.  

How to renew in person 

Most Montana driver’s license renewals take place in person. So you can usually schedule an appointment at a full-service driver’s license exam station. But suppose you reside in a county without such services. In that case, you can renew at a rural, limited-service driver’s license exam station. Before doing this, you must pay for your license at the county treasurer’s office and receive a prepaid receipt that you should present to the driver examiner. 

In either case, you must prepare to bring your expired or expiring Montana driver’s license. Also, you must present identity verification if your license is no longer valid. If your name changed after you got your last license, make sure you include proof of the change. 

Expect to pay $62.32 for a 12-year standard driver’s license or $67.47 for an 8-year license with REAL-ID. You can pay the renewal fees by cash, check, or credit card.  

How to renew by mail 

You can do renewal by mail if you meet the following requirements.  

  • There is no need to change your name and birth date listed on your license. 
  • The current license you possess was renewed in person. 
  • Your license will expire within 180 days or less or hasn’t expired for more than a year. 
  • You don’t own a foreign passport and live in the US.  

What to do 

Suppose you are an active military member stationed outside of your state and do not meet the requirements for a renewal by mail. Then you can apply for a military exemption utilizing a Military Exempt Status Driver License by Mail (form 34-1303). Remember that this does not apply to military personnel serving in the National Guard unless the National Guard gets summoned to federal service. 

Then complete the Mail-in Renewal Standard License form and mail it to the following address if you meet the requirements to renew your license by mail. 


ATTN: Mail-In DL

PO Box 201430

Helena, MT 59620-1430

For express mailing, you can use the following address. 


ATTN: Mail-In DL

302 North Roberts

Helena, MT 59620

Include a check for the renewal fee, which is normally $62.32. But it can differ depending on your age or other conditions. 

How long does it take to renew a driver’s license in Montana?  

If you renew your license in person, the exam center will issue you a temporary one. You can expect your renewed license in the mail in 2-4 weeks. If you renew by mail, you should receive your temporary license within 3-10 days and your permanent license 2-6 later after the headquarters receives your application.  

How long can you drive with an expired license in Montana? 

Even though driving with an expired license is illegal, Montana allows you to renew your license three months after the expiration date without going through the licensing process.  

At what ages do you renew your Montana driver’s license? 

If you first obtain your Montana drivers license when you are 16, you must renew it once more when you are 21. Your age at the time of your license issuance or renewal determines how long it will be valid after your initial renewal. 

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