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Montreal Airport parking guide   

  • Airport Parking Tips
  • Gerard Stevens
  • 13 minutes

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Worried about finding parking at Montreal–Trudeau International Airport? It is, after all, the third-busiest airport in Canada. Therefore, you can imagine how busy the terminal will be and how hard it can be to get airport parking. It is always better to know about the airport parking options and book a parking spot in advance while flying out of YUL Airport. Our Montreal Airport parking guide will help you with that! YUL Airport had passenger traffic of nearly 1.9 million during the third quarter of 2021, recording a surge of 216.6 percent when compared to the same period in 2020. So, you can expect the parking lots to get busier. Also, be mindful that YUL parking rates aren’t cheap! Read our Montreal Airport parking guide to know more about YUL Airport parking, the rates, and cheap parking near Montreal Airport!  

YUL Airport parking options 

Montreal–Trudeau Airport offers short-term and long-term parking via many onsite lots. Short-Term and Multi-Level parking lots located near the terminal offer short-term parking spots. The Short-Term parking lot is a covered ground-level parking area, around a 3-4 minute walk away from the terminal. The Multi-Level parking lot features a three-storeyed parking structure offering two levels of covered parking. Both these lots have long-term parking spots too. EconoParc P5, EconoParc P8-P9, AeroParc are the Economy Parking lots that offer exclusive long-term parking spots. All these lots have weekly parking and provide shuttle services to the terminal. EconoParc P5 is around a 6-8 minute walk away from the terminal. You can park at the ValetParc parking if you want to avoid the hassle of finding a parking spot. The ValetParc parking spots are right in front of the terminal. The CellParc Lot offers free parking at the airport.  

Where to park at Montreal Airport? 

Use the Short-Term and Multi-Level parking lots if you are looking for short-term parking at Montreal Airport. Both these lots are located near the terminal. EconoParc P5, EconoParc P8-P9, AeroParc are the lots that offer economical long-term parking spots. CellParc Lot at YUL Airport offers free parking for up to two hours.  

How much is parking at Montreal Airport? 

The YUL parking rates depend on the lot and duration of parking you choose. Be aware that onsite airport parking is never cheap. Parking at Montreal Airport can cost you $7 for the first 20 minutes, and it can go as high as $42 for daily parking.  

How much is long-term parking at Montreal Airport? 

The Montreal Airport long-term parking rates depend on the lot you choose for parking. All the lots provide offer long-term parking. Getting a long-term parking spot can cost you between $23 and $42. EconoParc P5, EconoParc P8-P9, AeroParc lots provide the most economical long-term parking at YUL Airport with complimentary shuttle services. Parking at the EconoParc P8-P9 lot costs you $23. At the same time, AeroParc and EconoParc P5 lots charge you a maximum of $25 and $26 for daily parking. Getting a daily parking spot at the Multi-Level parking lot costs you $31. The Short-Term Parking lot offers covered parking spots. Using a long-term parking spot at this lot charges you $39. ValetParc lot offers daily parking spots at $42. Do you want to have a cheaper long-term parking spot? Then try booking one at the nearby offsite garages or hotel parking lots.    

Lot  Duration  YUL parking rate 
EconoParc P8-P9  Per Day  $23 
AeroParc  Per Day  $25 
EconoParc P5  Per Day  $26 
Multi-Level   Per Day  $31 
Short-Term  Per Day  $39 
ValetParc  Per Day  $42 
Offsite parking near YUL Airport   Per Day  $8 

How much is short-term parking at Montreal Airport? 

Short-Term and Multi-Level parking are the lots that provide short-term parking spots near the terminal. Both these lots are within walking distance from the airport terminal. Getting a short-term parking spot charges you $7 for every 20 minutes. The parking rate increases by $7 every 20 minutes until it reaches both lots’ daily maximum limit. Are you looking for a cheaper short-term parking spot at YUL Airport? Then reserve one at any of the nearby offsite garages or hotel parking lots. Most of these offsite parking lots offer hourly parking spots at cheaper rates than the onsite ones. Continue reading this Montreal Airport parking guide to know more about the airport!   

Lot  Duration  YUL parking rate 
Multi-Level   Every 20 minutes  $7 
Short-Term  Every 20 minutes  $7 

About Montreal–Trudeau International Airport 

YUL Airport is the busiest one in Quebec province, with annual passenger traffic of around 16 million before the pandemic. Commonly known as Montreal–Dorval International Airport, it is located around 12 miles away from Downtown Montreal. The airport primarily serves Greater Montreal and the nearby regions in Quebec, eastern Ontario, Vermont, and northern New York states in the USA. YUL airport serves as one of the main hubs for Air Canada. Normally, around 53,000 passengers use the airport terminal every day. Montreal Airport is one of the two airports in Canada that provides non-stop flights to North and South America, Africa, Asia, and Europe. The airport features a two-level single terminal with four sections – Domestic, International, Transborder, and a public area. Keep reading this Montreal Airport parking guide to know how to get to the airport and spend the waiting period.  

How to get to Montreal Airport 

You can reach the airport from Downtown Montreal via public transportation services, taxi/rideshare service, or driving to the airport. Driving to the airport can be a good option if you’re flying out with family or have a lot of luggage. Normally, it will take around 15-20 minutes for you to reach the airport. The Autoroute 20 O is the quickest route by which you can get to YUL Airport. But, always be watchful of the traffic on the road to the traffic. It can get heavily congested during peak seasons. Also, ensure a parking spot as soon as you book your flight ticket. It will help you eliminate the hassle of circling the lots to find a parking spot at the last minute. What are the cheapest and quickest ways by which you can travel to the airport? Our Montreal Airport parking guide has that covered!  

YUL Airport parking starts at $8/day

Using public transportation services 

Bus: The 747 bus line service by Société de transport de Montreal (STM) connects you from Downtown Montreal to YUL Airport. The service operates 24/7 from the Berri-UQAM station to the airport. Ideally, it takes around 45-70 minutes to reach the airport from Downtown. Also, you can use the 204 Cardinal bus line operated by STM to get to the airport from Dorval train station. The 209 bus line is another service that connects Roxboro-Pierrefonds commuter train station to YUL Airport.  

Train: It is another way by which you can commute to the airport. The VIA Rail Canada provides inter-city links along the Ottawa-Montreal, Toronto-Kingston-Montreal, and Quebec City-Montreal ways.  

Taxi/rideshare services 

Riding on a taxi is the fastest way by which you can reach YUL Airport from Downtown Montreal. Ideally, it takes around 15-20 minutes to reach the airport. Expect to shell out between $30 and $40 if you’re hiring a taxi from Downtown.  

Uber and Eva are the main rideshare services that operate at the airport. The rideshare fare depends on the ride type and your time of travel. Hiring an Uber service can cost you between $38 and $90 for a ride to the airport. A ride on Eva can cost you between $25 and $30. Be aware that the rideshare fare can surge heavily during peak hours and seasons. So, ensure to check the fare before you book the service.  

Things to do at Montreal Airport 

Are you thinking about how to spend the time before boarding? Well, our Montreal Airport parking guide can help you with that! The airport features Air Canada Maple Leaf, National Bank, and Air France/KLM lounges. Air Canada Maple Leaf and National Bank are two lounges that allow pay-per-use. You can get access to these lounges regardless of the class you’re flying to. Air Canada Maple Leaf can be located at the departure area of domestic, international, and transborder departures. National Bank Lounge is at the international terminal between gates 52 and 53. Both these lounges provide free Wi-Fi, newspapers/magazines, non-alcoholic beverages, television, and more.  

Air France/KLM Lounge is accessible for first-class and business travelers only. The airport terminal also provides free Wi-Fi for a maximum of 60 minutes. There are many internet kiosks located throughout the terminal. So, what other options can keep you engaged? 

Dining at YUL Airport 

The airport features the Montréal Airport Marriott In-Terminal Hotel, which directly connects to the terminal. Pork & Pickle restaurant located in the domestic area offers delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Try to taste smoked pork ribs,  Atlantic smoked salmon salad, house-smoked brisket poutine, grilled Angus burger with house-smoked bacon, and Dirty MAC N’CHZ! Visit the QDC Burger or Burger King to have some mouthwatering burgers.  How about getting refreshed before the journey? Then head to Bistrot Montreal-Trudeau, Archibald microbrewery, Brûlerie St-Denis, Java U Café, or Houston Avenue Bar & Grill. Try out the Bijou Resto Bar, where the cuisines are prepared from fresh local ingredients. These joints serve alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages along with lip-smacking cuisines. Café Montreal Bagel serves fresh bagels, and there is a Starbuck outlet to taste delicious coffees. Also, try out Urban Crave, Six Pints, Pub John Molson, YUL Pizza, and St-Hubert Express joints.  

Shopping at YUL Airport 

Montreal Airport is sure to excite you if you’re a shopaholic! The Source, Canada’s largest tech retailer, has an outlet at Gate 49. The shop has a great collection of accessories from the world’s top tech brands. Head to Metalsmiths Sterling if you want to buy some modern and handcrafted sterling silver jewelry ranging from $80 to $1,650. Hately at Gate 53 has an exciting collection of apparel for women and children. Or, if you’re looking for some stylish shades while flying out, head to the Sunglass Hut at Gate 49. How about some beauty treatments or relaxation before the flight? Visit BALNEA Spa Voyage for beauty treatments with natural ingredients and special massages by certified therapists. Head to the Découvrir Montreal shop to buy some souvenirs or gifts for your home. If you’re on a shopping spree before flying, visit The Loop Duty-Free shop.  

Other services at YUL Airport 

The airport has an Air Transat playground located at the international jetty. Children under seven years have access to this area which features different games and coloring books. The Aérogalerie art program at the airport is to promote Montreal city’s artistic and cultural development. You will come across different works and installations by various artists throughout the airport. Are you crazy about planespotting? Then head to the Jacques-de-Lesseps Park, which provides one of the best spots for seeing the runways at YUL Airport. There is also a multi-faith prayer area located in the transborder departures area. The majority of the restrooms in the airport have adjacent nursing rooms. These have a chair, changing table, a microwave oven, and a sink.  

Where is Montreal Airport? 

YUL Airport is located at Romeo-Vachon Blvd N, Dorval, Quebec H4Y 1H1.  

How early to arrive at Montreal Airport? 

It is safe to reach the airport three hours before the scheduled departure time.  

How far is Montreal Airport from Quebec city? 

The airport is around 181 miles away from Quebec city.  

What are the other parking options at Montreal Airport? 

You can park at the HotelParc lot at the airport. HotelParc lot is located below the transborder check-in area and the Montréal Airport Marriott Hotel and connects to the terminal. Getting a short-term parking spot costs you $8 for every 20 minutes. Daily parking costs you a maximum of $39.  

Is there free parking at Montreal Airport? 

Yes, when you park at the CellParc lot. The lot offers free parking for up to two hours. Ensure that you never leave your vehicle unattended.  

How much is weekly parking at Montreal Airport? 

EconoParc P5, EconoParc P8-P9, and AeroParc are the lots that offer weekly parking at YUL Airport. Weekly parking at EconoParc P8-P9 charges you $139. Getting parking at the AeroParc lot costs you $145 for a week. EconoParc P5 lot charges you $150 for weekly parking.  

Where to find accessible parking at YUL Airport? 

You can find accessible parking spots at the Short-Term and Multi-Level parking lots. The Short-Term lot has nine, and the Multi-Level lot has around 16 parking spots.  

Where to find EV charging stations at YUL Airport? 

There are four EV charging stations at the Multi-Level Parking lot. There are charging stations at the HotelParc lot too.  

Are there shuttle services at YUL Airport? 

Yes. EconoParc P5, EconoParc P8-P9, and AeroParc lots offer shuttle services to the airport. The shuttle service from EconoParc P5 lot takes nearly 14 minutes to reach the airport. At the same time, shuttle service from EconoParc P8-P9 and AeroParc lots takes around 16 minutes.  

How to find cheap long-term parking at Montreal Airport? 

To get cheap Montreal Airport long-term parking, booking a spot at nearby offsite garages or lots is always better. Getting parking near Montreal Airport costs you around $8 for a day!  

Montreal Airport parking guide 

Short-Term and Multi-Level parking lots are the two lots that offer short-term parking at the airport. These lots are near the terminal, providing short-term parking for $7 every 20 minutes. EconoParc P5, EconoParc P8-P9, and AeroParc lots provide exclusive long-term parking spots. EconoParc P8-P9 is the most economical long-term parking lot providing daily parking at $23. Are you looking for affordable parking at YUL Airport? Our Montreal Airport parking guide has that covered!  

YUL Airport parking information, coupons, and discounts      

Are you tensed about missing out on a parking spot while flying out of Montreal Airport? Or do you find the onsite parking rates very expensive? Then it is better to check out the parking spots at the nearby offsite garages or hotel parking lots. Use the Way.com app or website to get secure parking near Montreal Airport for lower rates. Booking via Way gets you a parking spot for rates as low as $8 per day! The parking includes amenities like a free round-trip shuttle, contactless parking, restrooms for customers, and more. So, always book via Way to get cheap YUL parking spots! 

Montreal Airport parking guide tips 

  • YUL Airport is located around 12 miles away from Downtown Montreal. 
  • Short-Term and Multi-Level parking lots offer short-term and long-term parking spots near the terminal.  
  • EconoParc P5, EconoParc P8-P9, and AeroParc lots provide long-term parking spots. These lots also have weekly parking. 
  • Use the CellParc lot if you want to get free parking at the airport.  
  • Always check the offsite parking lots to get cheaper long-term parking spots.  

Find parking at Montreal Airport for rates starting at $8/day

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