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Most stolen vehicles of 2021 in America: Read on to know more!

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No car company wants to win this popularity contest. Ford pick-ups used to be the most-stolen vehicle in the U.S. But now there’s a new claimant. Chevrolet has now taken that dubious title of the most stolen vehicle.¬†

Theft of a vehicle can have far-reaching consequences for the victim and the entire neighborhood. Theft of a vehicle is upsetting on many levels, but it can also have a financial impact if it raises your insurance rates. After an incident, your insurance premiums may increase dramatically in addition to your deductible. In addition, car theft has far-reaching consequences since insurance companies will likely associate it with higher overall crime rates in the area.

most stolen vehicles 2021

What models are under the watch of thieves?

There were 48206 reported stolen light-duty and heavy-duty Chevrolet trucks, with 2004 being the most common model year. The best-selling Ford F-Series was 47999, trailing only the full-size truck, and thieves loved the 2006 versions the most.

Pick Up Colors GIF by Chevrolet Mexico


See the list below to find the most stolen vehicles of 2021.

most stolen vehicles 2021


As we’ve discussed, vehicle theft is rising, even compared to the huge jumps we heard about in 2020. So unsurprisingly, the GMC-Pickup also made a list. Many other vehicles on the list seem to have been made a lot in the past, so it’s not strange that there aren’t many “cool” cars on the list, either.

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Why was there an increase in Vehicle thefts in 2021?

The world is still experiencing the aftereffects of COVID-19. Due to the problems in the supply chain and rising prices, used car prices have increased by about 35% in the last two years. In addition, stolen cars can be sent overseas, where they can be resold or broken down for parts sold here in the U.S.

Image Courtesy: Kev

How to prevent your vehicle from being stolen

We’ve said that many car thefts happened when the keys were in the car. This could also explain why trucks are easy to steal since many people leave them running on job sites or leave the keys in them so that another crew member can easily move them.¬†

We ask all car owners to remember to close and lock their cars when they’re not around, park in well-lit or otherwise safe areas, hide any valuables in the car, and think about buying a tracking or immobilizing device if your car didn’t come with one.

Drivers should take care of their safety by taking precautions. But, unfortunately, even the best security plan might not stop a determined thief.

If your car is stolen, call the police and your insurance company right away. If a car is stolen, it is more likely to be found if it is reported as soon as possible.

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