Mother’s Day is Coming, Are You Ready?


It’s that time of year again, where we thank all the moms that we are lucky to have in our lives. Mother’s Day, every year, falls on the second Sunday of May. Yet somehow, every year, hundreds of people search up the best last-minute Mother’s Day gift ideas all over the internet. Whether you are looking for arts and crafts, activities, or ways to help with a trip that is already planned, look no further, because Way got you covered. Check out our Mother’s Day gift ideas!

Arts and Crafts

Having younger kids can make planning activities for Mother’s Day a challenge at times. But having the young-ins do arts and crafts, is a perfect way to create unique Mothers Day gifts that deliver a personal touch. These projects allow you not only to spend time with your kids but if you are looking for something friendly on the wallet, then these are some cheap Mothers Day gifts that the mom in your life will cherish for years to come!

Handprint Flower Paintings

This first project is easy to have your kids do, and will create flowers that lasts a lot longer than real life flowers. All you need for this project is paper, paint, and paint brushes. Start by painting your kid’s hand and then having them press it onto paper. Feel free to use different colors to look like different flowers! Once you have all the handprints, draw lines from the base of the handprints towards the bottom of the paper – to look like stems – and then paint a bow in the middle of them all. Voila! You now have yourself a beautiful bouquet of your child’s handprint. If you want to go the extra mile, get this framed for an easy display around the house!

Hand Print Keepsakes

For this craft, you will need air dry clay, paint, paint brushes and a toothpick. To start, you will press out the clay big enough for a handprint. Press your child’s hand onto the clay, and then paint the handprint with whatever design you want. Lastly, take a toothpick to write the name and year next to the handprint. Once you approve of the final product, allow the clay to dry out overnight.

Activities for Adults

Good Mothers Day gifts do not always come in the form of material items. Some of the best Mother’s Day gift ideas end up being activities that you and your mom can do together. If you are looking to do something different and to create wonderful lifelong memories, check out some of our favorite activities!

Napa Valley Wine Tours

For those who have crossed the legal threshold for drinking, taking your mom on a Napa Valley Wine Tour can be an exciting experience. There are several different types of these wine tours to choose that includes touring on a private bus, to taking a Napa Valley Wine Train! Most of these tours depart mid-day, making it a perfect Mother’s Day Brunch idea. Have fun seeing the beautiful Napa Valley and tasting some of the best wines Nape Valley has to offer!

Paint and Drink Night

Paint Nights have become increasingly popular, and you can find several of them on any given night. But what better way to hang out with your mom, drink some good drinks, and make a masterpiece, then a Paint Night? When you purchase a ticket for this, you will have all the items you’d need to paint as well as the help of an instructor. Just remember though, you will have total creative freedom! So, if you want to change up the idea of what’s being painted, feel free to do it!


Trip Planning

If you already have your Mother’s Day trip planned, make sure to use Way to see What’s Around You. Way offers activities in major cities to help enhance your trip and shuttles to and from major airports making it easy to get around. You will also be able to bundle airport parking or find parking near your activities to make your trip as smooth and easy as possible. Spend less money and save more time for your family by planning your trip with Way!


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