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New Orleans (MSY) International Airport Parking Guide

  • Airport Parking Tips
  • Renee Martin
  • 11 minutes

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Rates and Options for Parking at MSY Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport

MSY International Airport serves the New Orleans metropolitan area and handles thousands of passengers on a daily basis. Before hurricane Katrina, the airport made a ground-breaking record of serving more than 9.7 million passengers a year. In 2017, it defeated its own record of 2016 where it served more than 11 million passengers, by serving 12 million above passengers. All of these seem quite impressive but there’s one lingering question—what about parking at MSY Airport?

MSY Airport parking

You needn’t worry too much. The Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport has several on and off-site parking garages where you can park your vehicle at affordable rates. The best part is that these MSY parking garages offer high levels of security as well, so your vehicle remains safe.

Short Term New Orleans Airport Parking Rates

Garage  Time  Rates 
Short Term Parking Garage:  0 – 1 hour  $2 
  Per 30 minutes  $2 
Long Term Parking Garage:  0 – 1 hour  $2 
  Per 30 minutes  $2 

Long Term New Orleans Airport Parking Rates

Garage  Time  Rates 
Short Term Parking Garage:  Per day  $19 
Long Term Parking Garage:  Per day  $16 
Credit Card Lot:  Per day  $11 

MSY airport Parking

About Louis Armstrong New Orleans International (MSY) Airport

Located in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport falls under the Class B airspace category. The airport is owned by the city of New Orleans. Passengers from New Orleans can access the airport 11 miles away from the city’s downtown area on the western side. The airport primarily services the New Orleans metropolitan region and the southeast of Louisiana.

The airport was founded after World War II when it was first named Moisant Field. However, in 2001 it was renamed after the famous jazz musician of the South, Louis Armstrong. Given the name and fame of the airport, it is inevitable that it remains one of the busiest airports in the city of New Orleans.

In fact, the MSY International Airport is the primary commercial airport that services the city of New Orleans as well as the southern side of Louisiana. Naturally, it receives heavy traffic on and off-site. While the airport remains busy year-round, it is overly crowded during the seasonal peak factors.

From passengers traveling abroad and returning home, to their loved ones coming to pick them or dropping them off, the traffic situation at the airport seems impenetrable. However, the same traffic has much impact outdoors as well as travelers need spaces to park their vehicles.

Whether you’re coming to the airport to drop someone off or planning to leave your vehicle behind during your trip, keep reading this guide to learn more about the best options for on and off-site parking availability.

Information on the Premises

The Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport or MSY International Airport features two main terminals: East and West. Both these terminals are interlinked with a central ticketing alley. The terminals are attached to four concourses: A, B, C, and D. The arrival’s lounge is located at the head of the Concourse C.
Concourse A
Although the Concourse A is closed for the moment, it is one of the first ones to have opened in the airport. It features around six gates for arrival and departure and will be opened again soon.
Concourse B
Opened in 1974, Concourse B boasts 11 gates. 6 of these gates are used only by Southwest Airlines, while 1 of the remaining 5 is being used by TSA for passenger screening.
Concourse C
Apart from the pre-cleared flights, all the international flights arrive in Concourse C. It was first opened in 1992 and was remodeled in 2007, after being struck by a tornado.
Concourse D
Last but not least, Concourse D has 12 operating gates. The Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, and Air Canada Express remain functional from this Concourse.

Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport Facilities

Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport offers ultra-modern facilities to deliver a unique traveling experience to the passengers. The airport offers several amenities for your use, giving you a first-class flying experience that is luxurious and hassle-free.

Currency Exchange and Business Center

The MSY International Airport has a Currency Exchange and Business Center (Travelex/Western Union), which is located near the United and Delta Airlines ticket counters in the West Terminal. Travelex provides currency exchange services, fax services, travel insurance, and even wire money transfers. On the other hand, Western Union is more focused on the financial transaction only and offers money transfers, emergency cash services, and money orders.


If you need to deposit a check or withdraw cash, you can avail the services offered by the Whitney Bank on Concourse C. The bank offers several other financial services such as money orders, advances on credit cards, currency exchanges, traveler’s checks, etc. However, if you’re simply looking for cash withdrawal, then you can use the numerous ATMs located all over the airport.

Airline Lounges

The Delta Air Lines has a Sky Club situated between gates 2 and 4 on Concourse D. This facility is only accessible by passengers flying with the Delta Air Lines.

Charging Stations

Whether you’re looking for a charger for your phone or your laptop, there are several charging stations located across the airport that offer free charging options for all kinds of portable devices.

Mother’s Rooms

New or nursing mothers can use the exclusive Mother’s Room services designed for their convenience. These rooms offer a comfortable setting, which includes a seating area, changing tables, and proper electrical sockets. Each concourse has a Mother’s Room, so contact the customer service agents to help you locate one.

Animal Relief Areas

Animal relief areas are located on the east and west sides of the on-site parking garage. These areas are specifically designed for the comfort of your pets that ensure your pets experience a comfortable flying experience as well.

Communication Services

The Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport offers exceptional communication services to its passengers. This includes not just phone booths, but also free Wi-Fi connection across the airport.

Lost and Found

The Lost and Found area is meant for the lost luggage and property found on the airport. If you have lost an item, don’t forget to reach out to the airport’s authorities from the Lost and Found section on the official website. If you lost an item in a public area, then contact the Customer Service Department as they store the lost items safely. Call them at (504) 303-7790 to retrieve your items.

However, if you have lost an item on the airplane, then you must contact the Baggage Claim area of your airline.
If you have lost an item at any of the security checkpoints, then contact the TSA Lost and Found by calling (504) 464-2251.

Other Services

Some of the other services offered by the airport facility include:
⦁ A police station
⦁ Designated smoking areas

Driving Instructions

There are several ways of reaching your destination from the airport. Since there are so many options, you can opt for one that takes you to your destination at affordable rates. Let’s take a look at each of them below:


Passengers are advised only to use the official taxi services approved by the airport. Utilizing cab services offered by unregistered or by-standing cabs is at your own risk and is advised against by the airport authority.
The officially registered taxi cabs are located right outside the Baggage Claim area on the first level of the Terminal. The taxis drop the passengers off at two main stations: The Central Business District (CBD) and/or the French Quarters for $36 for two passengers. If there are 3 or more passengers in the cab, then the rates will increase to $15/person.

Airport Limousine

To experience luxury and finesse firsthand, you can opt for the airport’s official limousine service. You can request the limp service from the Baggage Claim area. The limo rates usually depend on the drop off location, traffic situation, etc. But on average, the rates are $58 for two people. For around 8 passengers, the rates will be $118. Call (504) 305-2450 to request limousine services.

Mass Transit

Availing public transport to your destination from the MSY International Airport is now easier than ever. You can take the Jefferson Transit Authority (JET) or the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) that offers 9 routes to New Orleans.

The standard rates for JET are $2/person. You can visit the official website to check out the latest rates and news about the routes.

The standard rates for RTA are $1.5/person. The bus offers routes to or from New Orleans into the Airport. For more information about tickets, rates and etc, visit the official website.

Airport Shuttle

The official airport shuttle services offer drop off to your hotel or any other destination in New Orleans for $24/person (one way) and $44/person (round-trip). These fares are inclusive of 3 luggage/bags person. For more bags, you will have to pay extra charges.

To reserve seats for 50+ people or to request services for wheel-chair persons, call (886) 596-2699.
Uber and Lyft

You can also reach to or from New Orleans into the MSY International Airport through Lyft or Uber. If you have the app, then simply punch in your drop off location. You can meet your ride at the Baggage Claim 6, which is outside of the Ground Transportation Center. You will have to cross the pedestrian bridge on the Short Term Parking Garage’s first floor to reach the Baggage Claim 6.

Where is New Orleans Airport Located?

New Orleans Airport is located at 900 Airline Dr, Kenner, LA 70062. New Orleans Airport can also be contacted by calling (504) 303-7790.

New Orleans International Airport Parking Maps

Main New Orleans Airport Parking Map

MSY Airport Map

The Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport Online Parking Reservations

Use the trail-blazing Way app or website to book your parking spot in advance!

MSY Airport Parking Information, Discounts and Coupons:

The Louis Armstrong New Orleans Airport terminal provides high-definitive facilities that will prove to be highly beneficial for both short-term and long-term travelers. The New Orleans airport terminal has recently undergone several developments, one of which had been aimed to elongate the parking space area for travelers.

The Armstrong International Airport hosts a vast, parking space that can host a maximum of 3,000 short-term travelers, and a garage that can hold at least 2,500 long-term travelers. In addition to this, the airport’s garage also hosts a parking lot that entertains credit cards and therefore, can be used by a maximum of 800 travelers.
While traveling has already been made easier by The Louis Armstrong New Orleans Airport’s parking lot services, there are several other ways that can aid you in your trip and therefore, make parking more formidable and affordable. Mentioned below are a variety of parking services that not only provide the best rates in town but also discounts and coupons on traveling.


The Louis Armstrong New Orleans Airport page holds credibility in providing you information about available parking lot spaces and rental services for cars and transport shuttles in addition to flight schedules and various airport facilities.


Way.com is probably one of the most easily accessible apps in all of the States. Since its app can be downloaded on Android and iPhone smartphones, travelers near MSY can get insight regarding discount rates on Way.com’s parking inventory. These rates vary day to day and are designed to be in correspondence to the latest flight traffic as well.

MSY Parking

New Orleans Airport Parking Tips:

Why Should You Pay Via Credit Card?
⦁ Instead of waiting for the cashier at the parking lot to tend to you, you can also opt for the airport’s Xpress Pay lanes that allow you to pay via credit card and park your car in a jiffy.
⦁ This is ideal for long-term travelers who are particularly short of time and have to catch their flight in a hurry.
⦁ There are approximately 800 parking spaces in the lot for travelers who choose to pay via credit card. This not only ensures an expedited service but also safety and top-notch security.

What is the Cell Phone Lot?
⦁ The New Orleans Airport also has facilities for people who turn to the terminal in droves to pick up their passengers in their cars.
⦁ At the corner of the Airline Drive and Hollandey Street, there is a Cell Phone Lot that allows you to park your car within the space for up to an hour.
⦁ This lot allows you to communicate with your passengers following their arrival time so that you can drive up to the terminal and pick them up accordingly.
⦁ However, the Cell phone lot has a strict policy that prohibits people from leaving vehicles within the space unattended.
⦁ In order to avail the lot, you have to make sure that you abide by the aforementioned rules, especially the given time slot.

Final Notes

Make sure to visit the airport’s official website for further information. If you need any exclusive arrangements to be made on-flight, call your airline 48 hours in advance.

MSY airport Parking

Reserve your airport parking space in advance with Way online or via the iOS and Android apps!

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