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My Car Got Towed: Where Can I Find It? 

  • Auto Insurance
  • Gerard Stevens
  • 6 minutes

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How will you feel when your car gets towed? It’s such a harrowing experience to know your car got towed from where you parked. We all think it won’t happen to us. But the reality is that expect towing even if your traffic offence was a mistake!  

Your car will invite towing if you park at a ‘no parking’ area or next to a fire hydrant or obstructs the traffic. Towing is necessary if the car breaks down on the road and is expensive. But what if towing happens without your knowledge. You will be scratching your head wondering, ‘my car got towed, and I don’t know where.’

Who do I call if my car got towed? How does towing affect insurance rates?  Our blog has all details on how to find your towed car! 


My car got towed: Possible reasons why

Several reasons could result in towing of your vehicle. 

  • The parking obstructs the flow of traffic. 
  • You parked next to a fire hydrant. It is unlawful to block a fire hydrant in every state during an emergency.  
  • You are parking the car in a ‘no parking or ‘tow’ zone, which will result in towing. 
  • You park your car in an accessible parking spot with authorization. Although the rules vary by state, blocking accessible parking spaces is illegal.  
  • You have too many traffic violations and unpaid parking tickets.  
  • Your registration has expired, or the car’s license plates aren’t fixed properly.  
  • The enforcement officials will tow your car if you park in a public lot for an extended period, thinking you abandoned the car. So, always better to park in a private garage.  

my car got towed

Who do I call if my car got towed? 

car getting towed

So your car has vanished, and you know it wasn’t stolen. But, you are not sure if your car got towed to a private lot or a city impound lot. The question that pops into your mind will be ‘Where was my automobile towed?” There are some ways by which you can find it out!  

Check for signage 

It is the best way by which you know whether the car got towed. Check for any signage at the parking spot showing that parking is banned and unauthorized parking will lead to towing. The signage will probably have a phone number that you can contact to find your car.  

Call the police 

If there’s no signage board, call the police immediately. Don’t dial 911, as it is only for emergencies. Find the number of the nearest police department number online, from the information directory, or by dialing 411.  

You can also contact 311 to reach the city’s information hotline and ask about the whereabouts of your car. They may be able to help you.  

Find towed vehicle by VIN  

Another way to trace your towed car is by using the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Many cities have vehicle locator websites in which you find whether your car got towed by using the VIN or license plate number.  

Check with local businesses  

There are some private towing zones. Check with the nearby businesses to know whether they towed your car or not. If they did, you could enquire about the towing business they use and follow up with them. 

Car getting towed: How much will it cost? 

So, now you know where your car is. The next thing that comes to your mind will be how much you have to spend to get it back. Be aware that you need to pay off the unpaid tickets before settling the towing fees if towing happens due to unpaid tickets.  

The towing feed varies based on your location, and it is usually higher in big cities. The cost can differ based on the size of the car (like trucks) and the mode of payment (cash or credit card). Usually, the companies don’t accept checks. 

How does towing affects insurance rates 

Your car being towed can be an unhappy affair. But, you can relax as it won’t adversely affect your auto insurance rates, provided it happens just once. You can’t file a claim as you can’t ask your insurer to pay the towing fees. Mainly, your auto insurance company won’t be covering it.  

But, be careful that your insurer will know if you’re a regular visitor to the local impound lot. So, expect your insurer to surge the insurance rates if towing happens for not paying the penalties at the DMV. The insurer sees this as a sign of bad driving behavior and financial instability.  

My car got towed: How to prevent it in future 

You can follow some tips on how to prevent towing of your car.  

  • When parking on a driveway, ensure there are no ‘no parking signs’ or tow zone and no fire hydrant within 15-20 feet of your car after you get out of the car. 
  • Keep track of your car’s papers, especially your license and registration.  
  • Check your automobile regularly to ensure your license plates don’t hang from a bolt or remain hidden.  
  • Never park in an accessible parking spot unless you have a disabled license plate.  
  • While going on holiday, leave your car in your garage and have someone drive you to the airport, or park in dedicated long-term parking at the airport or train station. Ensure not to leave your car unattended for days in a public lot.  
  • Ensure to pay your parking tickets and for other violations on time. Delay in paying this will result in towing.  

How to avoid getting towed

  • Towing happens when you park your car in a ‘no parking’ or a ‘tow’ zone. Or it can happen when you obstruct the traffic flow or a fire hydrant.  
  • Call the police when towing happens. Try to avoid calling 911. 
  • Once found, you will have to pay towing fees to get your car back.  
  • The auto insurance rates won’t surge if towing of your car is a one-time occurrence.  
  • Always check the surrounding for signage or other restrictions to avoid towing.  

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