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Nashville International (BNA) Airport Parking Guide

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  • Brandon Thamara
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At Nashville International Airport, you have plenty of parking options, including daily and hourly parking options, valet parking, and economy parking. There are also loads of parking lots near Nashville Airport that offer contactless parking spots for cheaper rates than the official lots. Let’s help you find your way through all the Nashville Airport parking options that are available.

Nashville International (BNA) Airport Parking Guide

Nashville Airport Parking – Rates and Options

Short-Term Nashville Airport Parking Rates

Garage  Time   Rate 
Terminal Lot A:     0 – 20 minutes     $0    
    20 – 40minutes     $3    
    40 – 60 minutes     $6    
    60 – 80 minutes     $9    
    80 – 100 minutes     $12    
    100 – 120 minutes     $15    
Economy Lot B:  0 – 20 minutes   $0 
    20 – 40 minutes    $3 
    40 – 60 minutes   $6 
  60 – 80 minutes   $9    
Economy Lot C:    0 – 20 minutes  $0 
    20 – 40 minutes  $3 
    40 – 60 minutes  $6   
  60  80 minutes  $9    
Terminal Garage:    0 – 20 minutes  $0   
    20 – 40 minutes   $3    
    40 – 60 minutes    $6    
  60 – 80 minutes  $9 
  80 – 100 minutes  $12 
  100 – 120 minutes  $15 
  120 – 140 minutes  $18 
  140 – 160 minutes  $21 
Valet Parking:  0 – 4 hours  $14 

Long-Term Nashville Airport Parking Rates

Garage  Time      Rate    
Terminal Garage:     Per day      $23 
Valet Parking:  Per day      $28 

Nashville International (BNA) Airport Parking Guide

About Nashville International Airport (BNA)

Officially called Nashville International Airport (BNA), Nashville Airport is situated around 9 miles southeast of Nashville’s city center, Tennessee. It is known as one of the busiest airports in the country. The major destinations from this airport are U.S cities and airports, including Baltimore, Los Angeles, Charlotte, Detroit, Chicago (Midway and O’Hare), New York, Denver, Dallas, and Atlanta.

The very first airport of Nashville was called the Hampton Field, which was operational till 1921. Blackwood Field replaced it, which was operational from 1921 to 1928. The need for a bigger airport was felt in 1935, and it was decided the airport should be closer to the city, which resulted in the emergence of Berry Field Airport. This airport was expanded during World War II when it became the headquarters of the country’s Army Forces.

After World War II, the City Aviation Department decided to modernize and expand the airport in 1958. It was again expanded and modernized during the 1970s and again during the 1980s when it was also renamed Nashville International Airport. This airport has gone through several more updating and modernization throughout the years, and in 2017, it was named the fastest-growing airport based on its size.

Currently, this airport serves the trade area of about 79 countries in northern Alabama, Middle Tennessee, and southern Kentucky. By 2030, the number of passengers utilizing this airport is expected to cross 20 million. The goal for the coming years is to include nonstop destinations, increase the number of international flights and add more cargo services.

The remodeling and modernization of this airport have also expanded its parking areas to aid travelers. There are numerous parting options now available to travelers as per their requirements and budget. Moreover, there are other offsite parking areas available to travelers as well. Read on to know more about Nashville International Airport, including things to do, where to eat, and useful information about the parking.  

Where is Nashville Airport Located?

Nashville Airport is located at 1 Terminal Dr, Nashville, TN 37214. Nashville Airport can also be reached by calling (615) 275-1675.


The Nashville International Airport boasts about 26 dining options and 22 retail outlets. The shops feature diverse items, including clothing, local products, electronics, children’s toys, and more. Let’s have a look at the best places to eat and interesting things to do at BNA.

What to Eat

It is normal for travelers to experience delayed flights and increased traffic all around the world due to various reasons. A famished stomach can make it worse than it already is, which is why there are plenty of dining options available for travelers at BNA. There is something for everyone at the airport, and the best news is that there are numerous changes that are about to happen at this airport, including more dining options.

Currently, the majority of the options are for drinks, but they’re still plenty of places where you can also grab a bite to eat. Here are some of the main places to eat and drink while at the Nashville International Airport:

Blue Coast Burrito: Situated at the food court in Concourse C, it is one of Tennessee’s most favorite burrito chains. You can grab a giant burrito, as well as quesadillas, salads, tacos, and more.

Berry Field Bistro: This restaurant is situated near Gate C2 and offers grab-and-go salads, wraps, and sandwiches. It also has charcuterie plates, baked goods, and pressed juices.

Burger King: If you are super hungry and want to wolf down a burger and fries, what better place than Burger King? It is located near Gate C14.

8th & Roast Coffee Co: Caffeine is definitely a need for travelers. This coffee shop is Nashville local and one of the most popular coffee shops established in 2009. It recently opened at BNA near Gate C20.

Freshens Smoothies & Yogurt:  This is undoubtedly one of the healthiest options available at Nashville airport. Located at A/B Food Court, you can enjoy many salads and smoothies at this place.

Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs: You can enjoy their famous hot dogs right next to Freshens while you wait for departure.

Fat Bottom Brewing: This is situated near Gate C14 and features a variety of different beers. Please note that the beers must be consumed at the gate, in the concourse, or at the kiosk, but you are allowed to take 4 packs (16 oz cans) to your final destination to enjoy a bit of Nashville.

Hissho Sushi: Eating sushi at an airport might not sound appealing to many, but true sushi lovers wouldn’t mind grabbing hot plates, sushi, and starters from this place situated near the food court of concourse C.

Gibson Café: This café is situated near Gate C20 and boasts a full bar with live music.

La Hacienda: This place is situated near Gate A3 and services traditional Mexican food, which is highly loved in Nashville.

Nashville Delicatessen: This is another local favorite serving dishes like burgers, reubens, matzah ball soup, as well as breakfast options, including their famous homemade Challah bread. They have a grab-and-go counter if you are in a hurry and a huge sit-down area for dining. It is located in the A/B food court.

Auntie Anne’s: Who doesn’t love Auntie Anne’s? A hot pretzel dipped in a delicious sauce is the perfect thing to cure you’re being stuck at the airport blues. It is situated near Gate C14.

Neely’s Bar-B-Que: This place is known for tweaking its menus constantly to introduce new variety and flavors. Their famous dishes include the famous family recipe of coleslaw, BBQ spaghetti, and BBQ nachos. It is located near Gate B4.

O’Charley’s: Of course, this is a chain, but their headquarters is located in Nashville, which means you know it will be great! This chain is situated near Gate C9.

Starbucks Coffee: Which U.S airport is complete without Starbucks? You will find Starbucks located at A/B Rotunda, Meeter-Greeter Area at Concourse C, and near Gate C10.

Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen: Nothing boasts simple pleasers than the fried chicken from Popeye’s. It is located at A/B Food court and also offers breakfast in this location.

Tennessee Tavern: This is a bar with Jack Daniel’s theme and offers a full-service food menu, along with plenty of options to drink. You can enjoy dishes like pulled pork sandwiches, smoked chicken wings, ribs, and more. It is located near Gate B4.

Famous Famiglia: This New York chain, located at the food court near Gate C14, is the only pizza place at Nashville International. There is bound to be a long line; make a run for it!

Tennessee Brew Works: This kiosk is located at the A/B food court and offers favorites of local craft beers.

Tootsies Orchid Lounge: This place is popular for its country music and amazing menu. It provides you with live music entertainment and patrons’ atmosphere, with bar service. You can enjoy a range of beverage options, breakfast, sandwiches, and appetizers. You also get to choose from two scrumptious food options – Whitt’s and Swett’s. It is situated near Gate C7.

Quiznos Subs: if you are running late and are super hungry, sandwiches are the best to easily consume on the plane. You can find these subs near Gate C14.

Yazoo Brewery Kiosk: This place serves a range of Nashville’s Yazoo beers on draft that you can enjoy at the gate, the concourse, or the bar. You can also purchase 6 pack bottles to take to your final destination. It is located near Gate C23.

Vino Volo: This place offers a wide range of wines that you can enjoy, along with a range of sandwiches and small plates. It is located near Gate C15.

Wendy’s: Delicious fries and a frosty is not a bad idea before your flight. Grab them at the A/B food court.

Things To Do

There are plenty of things to do at Nashville Airport while you wait for your flight to board. Here are some enjoyable things that can help you pass up your time:

Live Performances

Nashville is known as a music city, so you can expect live music performances in various bars and cafés at the Nashville Airport.  Head on to Gibson Café, which features live jams and guitar-themed memorabilia, or Tootsies Orchid Lounge, which features a country-style tavern with live music and full bar service. Not just this, there are various stages situated throughout the terminal as Nashville Airport hosts around 100 different musical bands every year.

Art Exhibits

Nashville Airport, just like other international airports, incorporates an art program that features both rotating and permanent art exhibits around the terminal.


This airport boasts two massage bars where you can enjoy a relaxing fifteen-minute or thirty-minute massage. These massage bars also offer happy hour discounts at specific timings, so be sure to check them out.


There are plenty of amazing shops throughout the airport where you can purchase stylish clothing, inspired gifts, and so much more for your loved ones back home.


Nashville Airport also offers a walk-in store and wellness clinic where you can get chiropractic care, treatment for various symptoms, and receive primary care in case you catch a bug during your travels. This clinic includes a pharmacy and offers healthy snacking options as well.

Electronics Center

Of course, travelers need a charging station to charge up their electronics. There is an In Motion store situation in the concourse A of the airport, which has almost all brands’ electronics, including batteries, chargers, and other travel essentials, to ensure all your devices are fully charged so you can connect with your loved ones and stay on top of your work.

Rates and Options for Nashville Airport Parking

There is abundant BNA Parking with various parking options to fit your requirement. The rates start from $9 per day for economy parking and go up to $28 per day for valet parking.
Nashville International (BNA) Airport Parking Guide

Nashville Airport Parking Map

Following is the official parking map for BNA to help you determine which parking spot would be best for you:

Recently BNA has made a few changes in their parking:

  •         The short-term parking garage has been closed permanently and is being demolished. The remaining vehicles on this garage have been towed to the new terminal garage.
  •         The terminal garage parking is also shifted to the new terminal garage.
  •         The long-term parking A has been changed to Terminal Lot A.
  •         The long-term parking B has been changed to Economy Lot B.
  •         Economy parking has been changed to Economy Parking Lot C.

The renewed main BNA Airport parking map is as follows:

Nashville Airport Parking Map

BNA Airport Parking Information, Discounts, and Coupons

Parking near or at Nashville International Airport is expensive, especially if you need to park for a few days. However, the following are some effective ways of finding coupons, discounts, and best rates to make the parking affordable:

FlyNashville.com: The official rates, news, and parking availability can be viewed on the official Nashville Airport page. The airport site links to information on the airport, flights, and passengers.

Way.com: Way.com is the highest-rated parking app. The app can be downloaded on Android and iPhone smartphones, travelers from Nashville can get info on discount rates on Way‘s parking inventory. These rates vary day to day and are designed to correspond to the latest flight traffic.

Tips on Nashville Airport Parking

Nashville International Airport Parking Guide

Here are some useful airport parking tips that will help you with the parking:

  •         You can track the shuttle buses in real-time here to determine when the latest shuttle is arriving at your spot.
  •         There are charging stations available for electric vehicles at the express parking and short-term parking’s top floor.
  •         It is highly recommended to book your parking spot in advance to avoid last-minute problems if the parking is full and to get the best possible spot for parking.
  •         There are two complimentary waiting and cell phone areas to provide convenience for the individuals meeting and picking up passengers.

Reserve your airport parking space in advance with Way online or via the iOS and Android apps!

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