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New England Patriots Home Games: Tickets and Parking Information

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The New England Patriots are undoubtedly one of the most decorated¬†franchises in the NFL after 2000. With legendary players like Tom Brady playing for the ‘Pats,’ the team has become famous among football fans globally. The team from Greater Boston is currently a member of the AFC East Division and was originally named Boston Patriots from 1960 to 1970.¬†

Each New England Patriots game at their home ground sees a massive attendance. The fan experience at the New England Patriots stadium is second to none in the NFL. The Pats have won 6 championships, all coming after 2000, and the latest was in 2018. 

New England Patriots parking

Are you a new member of the New England Patriots? Then, if you are looking for a guide about the team from Boston, we got you! Read ahead for details, including New England Patriots schedule, tickets, squad, and parking information. 

What are the upcoming games of the Patriots?

Despite having an irregular run of form at the start of the new season, the latest shutout win over the Detroit Lions will lift the team morale. The Patriots will face Cleveland Browns away from home in the upcoming fixture. 

New England Patriots news  | New England Patriots score 

During October and November, the Patriots will play against the Chicago Bears, New York Jets, Indianapolis Colts, Minnesota Vikings, and Buffalo Bills.  

This season’s New England Patriots schedule is available on the official team website. You can also see the results of previous games on the same website.¬†

What is the current New England Patriots roster? 

The Patriots squad includes a mix of experience and youth. One among them is the 24-year-old quarterback Mac Jones who has to level up his game to fill the boots of Tom Brady. You can find some of the popular members of the active Patriots squad below. 

  • Nelson Agholor¬†
  • David Andrews¬†
  • Jake Bailey¬†
  • Christian Barmore¬†
  • Ja’Whaun Bentley¬†
  • Joshuah Bledsoe¬†
  • Kendrick Bourne¬†
  • Trent Brown¬†
  • Myles Bryant¬†
  • Marcus Cannon¬†
  • Joe Cardona¬†
  • Carl Davis Jr.¬†

There is some prominent talent in the injured, reserved, and practice squads of the Patriots. You can also find all players in each position in the New England Patriots depth chart.

How much are the New England Patriots tickets? 

There are different kinds of tickets available for the Patriots’ home games. You can go with the regular single-game tickets or get a season ticket if you are a hardcore fan of the franchise.¬†

Season ticket holders will have multiple additional perks compared to others. These include playoff ticket priority, special presales, playoff ticket access, ticket returns portal, and others. You can join the season ticket waitlist now. 

You can also get all the single-game tickets for the upcoming home games from the team website. Online ticket marketplaces like Ticketmaster are also selling these tickets. The cost of these tickets might vary depending on the opposition and how close you want to be to the action. For instance, during certain game days, you can get a ticket for as low as $80. But in most cases, these rates will range between $100 to more than $1000 for the best seats in the stadium. 

Besides these, VIP tickets and membership programs will get you the best game experience at New England Patriots stadium. You can visit the official Patriots website for more information about each ticket and its charges. 

Which is the home stadium of the Patriots? 

The Pats have played across multiple stadiums in their long history. But currently, they are calling Gillette Stadium their official home turf. With provisions to host football, soccer, and other events like concerts, this venue is currently the home of the New England Revolution of MLS. 

The Gillette Stadium has over 65,000 seats, which includes 5,000 club seats and a few luxury suites. Located in Foxborough, this venue can be reached after a long drive from the downtown Boston area. 

Where is the New England Patriots stadium located? 

You can find the Gillette Stadium at 1 Patriot Place in Foxborough, MA. Other popular destinations near the stadium include the Patriots Hall of Fame football museum, the Rebellion sports club, and many other eateries and hotels.  

How to get to Gillette Stadium 

There are multiple ways to get to the New England Patriots’ home stadium by road. From Boston, you can take the I-93 South and I-95 South to reach Route 1 South, which is three miles from the stadium.¬†

From downtown Boston, it is approximately a 35.2-mile drive to the stadium. The fastest route is via the I-90 West and I-95 South. You can also take the I-95 South to get here. All these routes mentioned above will be crowded or otherwise depending on the traffic conditions. 

Public transit options can also be made use of to get to the Patriots stadium. First, the MBTA commuter rail lines can be used to get to the game. Both the Franklin Line and Providence Line have stops at Foxboro station. The latter have stops at Foxboro only on game days. 

Is there on-site parking at Gillette Stadium? 

Yes. You may find multiple parking lots in close proximity to the New England Patriots stadium. Most of these are within walking distance, and you can also pre-purchase parking for these lots.  

There are specially reserved on-site parking spaces for ADA, general, pre-paid, and oversized vehicle parking. You can also find specially designated regions for reserved parking, media parking, employee parking, and Club/Suite users parking. 

All these areas mentioned above vary in the number of parking spaces and charges. According to the Gillette Stadium website, all lots open 4 hours before the game and close 2 hours after it concludes. Also, the parking charges for Patriots games range between $50 for public parking to $150 for oversized vehicle parking.  

Gillette Stadium Seating Chart 

Gillette Stadium has three levels of seating for the Patriots games. Each of these varies in terms of the number of seats and price. You can see the seating chart of the New England Patriots stadium here. 

Can you tailgate at Gillette Stadium? 

Yes. Fans can tailgate at the parking lots at Gillette Stadium when they open before the game. But the management does not allow open fires in any parking space. All fires must be movable in case of an emergency, and none of them should be left unattended. 

Also, all the burned charcoal and other resulting waste materials must be properly disposed of before leaving the parking lots. 

What are some cheap options for parking near Gillette Stadium? 

If you feel that on-site facilities are too expensive, there are other affordable options for New England Patriots parking. The first is street parking, which is the primary choice for most fans. Compared to the on-site parking lots, the street spots charge much less. 

Similarly, you can park at private garages near the Gillette Stadium. These are also known for affordable rates and premium parking features. You can get a guaranteed parking space for your car by booking at these off-site garages.  

Is there street parking near the New England Patriots’ home stadium?¬†

It is very hard to find street parking near Gillette Stadium. Most of the street spaces are already occupied by the time you reach the stadium. There used to be lawn parking- residents near the venue used to allow visitors to park on their lawns and charge a fee. This has been completely banned now. 

Most vacant street parking spaces will be miles away from the stadium on game days. Also, parking authorities are very strict about how their rules are followed. So, you might want to stop leaving your car in the streets near Gillette Stadium. 

Why use off-site parking garages for New England Patriots games? 

As you read above, street parking is hard to find during Patriots home games. Most vacant parking spaces will be miles away from the stadium, which makes it an impractical option. Besides, even minor parking violations on these streets could lead to parking tickets with hefty fines and other harsh penalties like getting your car towed.  

On the other hand, off-site parking garages are much safer. There is no chance of theft or other crimes if you leave your car in a parking garage near Gillette Stadium. So, enjoy the game without any worry about the safety of your car! 

In addition, the parking garages near Gillette Stadium offer premium features at much more affordable rates than on-site parking facilities. These include valet parking, covered parking, paved parking spaces, contactless parking, and ADA parking. Also, some of them have camera surveillance and security personnel, which adds to the safety of your car. 

How to find cheap parking garages near Gillette Stadium 

Finding parking garages near Gillette Stadium is an easy process. All you have to do is to find an online parking service like Way.com. You can locate all nearby garages using the Way.com website or the Way app. 

Once you search for parking near your location, Way.com will return a list of all nearby garages along with the features they offer and the charges. Once you choose a garage that suits your needs, input the entry and exit times.  

To finish the booking process, pay the corresponding charges, and now you have a guaranteed parking space for New England Patriots home games. In addition, using Way.com can get you extra discounts and special deals on parking charges at off-site garages. 

New England Patriots parking at Gillette Stadium

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