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New Jersey (NJ) Car Registration Made Easy: A Comprehensive Guide

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Purchasing a car is anyone’s dream, and if you buy a car or are planning to buy one, you will have to register it. Car registration is not the same in all US states, and you must have sufficient knowledge about it in advance. If you are in New Jersey, we have collected all the relevant details about New Jersey car registration to make the registration journey easy for you. Make yourself familiar with these details before registering so that you won’t miss out on anything. 

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New Jersey car registration

When you buy a car from a dealer in New Jersey, they’ll get you registered and get your title processed. You should register any pre-owned car purchased from a private seller, public auction, or New Jersey dealer and any vehicle transferred into the state with the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Agency.   

You should file and transfer the title documents with the new registration when you purchase a vehicle without financing. 

What are the different documents required during a New Jersey car registration?

You can make an appointment online based on the different time slots available. If you have scheduled an appointment for the NJ car registration, you should have with you the following documents for completing the registration process: 

  • Car title 
  • Driver’s license or any other valid ID proof 
  • Dealer reassignment documentation (if applicable) 
  • Filled Vehicle Registration Application Form (Form BA-49) 
  • New Jersey insurance card or company name along with policy number 
  • Power of Attorney 
  • Lien holder information and financing statement (if applicable) 
  • Motor Vehicle Commission EIN (Entity Identification Number) (if the person who makes the purchase is a company or business) 
  • Notarized bill of sale, pencil tracing or photo of the VIN plate, and registration document lastly issued if the car is non-titled and purchased at auction 

The vehicle transferred from another state

You should have some documents in addition to those mentioned above if the car is transferred from another state which are listed below: 

  • Application for Certificate of Ownership 
  • Purchase order if the state issues titles with no NJ Dealer Tax Stamp 
  • Pencil tracing or photo of the VIN plate, a notarized statement, and the last vehicle registration card from the seller, if the state does not issue titles 

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What are the fees associated with NJ car registration?

The various fee associated with New Jersey car registration are: 

  • Titling fee – $60 for a standard vehicle, $85 for a financed vehicle with one lien, and $110 for that with two liens 
  • Registration fee – Varies with the vehicle type 
  • Sales tax fee – You can contact the New Jersey Division of Taxation to know details about the sales tax fee 

You can make the payments as money order, cash, check, or using a credit card.  

How can you renew your NJ car registration?

You can do the registration renewal online if you are eligible. The following items are required to begin the registration renewal process: 

  • Credit card 
  • Insurance company id and policy number 
  • Registration renewal process 


If you are not eligible for the online renewal process, you should make an appointment with the agency. Most of the documents required are almost the same as those required during car registration. The additional item required is the license plate number. 

By mail

If you are planning to do the renewal by mail, you need to have the following: 

  • Filled Registration Renewal Notice 
  • Return envelope provided along with the notice 
  • Money order or check for the amount due as indicated in your renewal notice. 

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