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New Jersey Catalytic Converter Thefts- What You Must Know

  • Auto Insurance
  • Melanie Barrett
  • 4 minutes

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New Jersey catalytic converter thefts are a major issue of concern across the state. According to the National Insurance of Crime Bureau, almost 52000 thefts were reported in 2021. In addition, the price of catalytic converters has been rising over the last decade due to the rising price of rhodium, palladium, and platinum. 

Know the laws and tips to keep your catalytic converters safe. DMV authorities say that it is also important that you must report the same as soon as you notice that your catalytic converters are missing. This reporting is important because driving with missing catalytic converters can cause harmful emissions within your car. Similarly, you may also end up paying hefty fines. 

New Jersey Catalytic Converter Laws

Laws against New Jersey Catalytic Converter Thefts 

One of the best ways to reduce New Jersey catalytic converter thefts is to know the laws and act immediately. Here are some of the laws you must know: 

  • Senate No NJS3608 mentions the requirements you need to fulfill to keep your catalytic converters safe. This law makes buying and selling catalytic converters removed from a vehicle illegal.¬†
  • Also, buyers and sellers must have copies of the bill with the date of purchase, the buyer and seller’s name, the certificates of title,¬†and the date of purchase. In addition, the bill must contain the details of the vehicle to which the catalytic converter originally belonged.¬†
  • This law also mentions that no seller should resell a used catalytic converter. If a seller tries to do so, he must either have a legal permission for resale or be a registered seller.¬†
  • Senate bill S249 also mentions a few laws to curb New Jersey catalytic converter thefts. This bill says all purchases over 100 pounds or $50 must have a record.¬†

Initiatives against New Jersey Catalytic Converter Thefts 

The Pilot Catalytic Converter Theft Prevention Program at Fairlawn is one of the biggest initiatives by the New Jersey Police. This program, taking place between October 4 to October 6 from 3.30 to 6.30 pm, aims to prevent the loss and theft of catalytic converters. As a result, the owners of vehicles will be able to easily identify their converters and report the loss of converters. 

Some of the plans as per this program are: 

  • The process of the program is painting the residents’ catalytic converters with high-temperature decals and then etching them with acid.¬†
  • The Fairlawn Borough Garage Maintenance mechanics will also be available for assistance during the process.¬†
  • Only two cars per home will be allowed.¬†
  • There is a model restriction on certain cars. Hence, the residents must check with the authorities before participating in this program.¬†
  • Similarly, the residents of Fairlawn will have to schedule an appointment with the local police to participate in this program.¬†

New Jersey catalytic converter thefts

Fines against Catalytic Converter Thefts in New Jersey 

Stealing catalytic converters in New Jersey is considered a major offense. The penalties for stealing them in New Jersey are ten years of imprisonment and a fine of $25000.  

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