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New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival: Your Guide to Shows and Parking

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  • Silas Smith
  • 7 minutes

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Time to bring back the jazz to New Orleans! Are you ready for the comeback of the New Orleans Jazz and Music Festival this year? The music and festival spirit are back after a successful run last time around. You can read more about the festival and parking information right here.  

What is the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival? 

New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival 2022
Image Credits: Doug Anderson on flickr

New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, more commonly known as Jazz Fest, is the celebration of music, art, and the culture of New Orleans. Locals and people all over the country join the festivities every year to enjoy the music and food.  

Jazz is not the only genre in the festival. You can enjoy the indigenous music of New Orleans and other genres, including Cajun, folk, Latin, rock, and Blues. The Jazz Fest in New Orleans is open to people of all ages and people with disabilities.  

Where is the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival? 

New Orleans Jazz Fest
Image Credits: Doug Anderson on flickr

The Fair Grounds Race Course, New Orleans, hosts the jazz and heritage festival every year.   

When is the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival 2023?  

The Jazz Fest in New Orleans schedule is from Friday, April 28, to Sunday, May 7, Sunday.  

What are the attractions at the New Orleans Jazz festival?  

Apart from the music, the food is a major factor of the festival. The festival food booths feature numerous delicacies from the local neighborhood. You can enjoy the authentic Cajun taste and dishes popular in Louisiana. Crawfish, crab, oysters, shrimp are among the favorites of festival-goers.  

Jazz and Heritage Festival
Image Credits: Doug Anderson on flickr

Art and Crafts vendors are also around the festival grounds. They display jewelry, clothing, paintings, and other leather products made by local artisans. You can get something from them to remember your visit to New Orleans Jazz Fest.  

You can also witness some local cultural practices in places allocated by the festival. The festival celebrates Cajun culture like no other, and the Folklife village and the Native American Village focus on the art and culture of Louisiana.  

What is the lineup for the jazz and heritage festival?  

The last time jazz fanatics filled the Fair Grounds Race Course last year. Top artists will perform on both weekends at the Jazz Fest. Some of the artists are given below. 

  • Ed Sheeran¬†
  • Lizzo¬†
  • Dead & Company¬†
  • Mumford & Sons¬†
  • The Lumineers¬†
  • Santana¬†
  • Jon Batiste¬†
  • Jill Scott¬†
  • Farruko¬†
  • Leon Bridges¬†
  • Kane Brown¬†
  • Steve Miller Band¬†
  • Ludacris¬†
  • Tom Jones¬†
  • NE-YO¬†
  • Buddy Guy¬†
  • Samantha Fish¬†
  • Marcus King¬†

The lineup for this edition will be released closer to the festival dates. You can check the festival website for updates.  

How much do the tickets for the festival cost?  

New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival tickets
Image Credits: Infrogmation of New Orleans on flickr

There are different types of tickets available for the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. Basic General Admission (GA) tickets are available in two varieties- the 3-Day weekend pass and the 4-Day weekend pass

A 3-Day weekend pass is valid for April 28, 29, and 30. To get this ticket as an early bird, you have to pay $225. Once these early-bird tickets are over, you have to pay $240 each. Similarly, the 4-Day weekend passes will be valid from May 4 to May 7, 2023. If you get the early-bird offer, you will need to pay $275; once the offer expires, you will need to pay $290 per ticket.  

The Big Chief VIP tickets will cost you $1700 and $1850 for the first and second weekends, respectively. In addition, you should pay between $225 and $300 for on-site parking add-ons. Similarly, the VIP shuttles add-on is also available between $150 and $200.  

On the other hand, the Grand Marshal VIP will cost you between $1600 and $1750 base price for the respective weekends. In addition, the Krewe of Jazz Fest VIP tickets is also available. In addition, child tickets must be taken for kids between ages 2 and 10. These tickets are sold for $5 each. Learn more about each ticket and buy them at the festival website.   

What to wear to the Jazz Fest 

New Orleans Jazz Fest lineup
Image Credits: Infrogmation of New Orleans on flickr

If you visit New Orleans during the festival, get ready to fight the sun. Make sure you have lightweight clothes on, preferably cotton. Sunscreen and Sunglasses can help you beat the heat. Water and other beverages are available at the festival grounds, and look for shade in booths and other points if it gets uncomfortable. Here is a list of what you need to avoid carrying to the festival.  

How to get to Fair Grounds Race Course  

You can drive 3 miles via Basin St from New Orleans to reach the racecourse, and a 3-mile drive via I-10 E is another possible route. These will take around 10-11 minutes, depending on the traffic.  

Is there parking at Fair Grounds Race Course?

Jazz Fest New Orleans
Image Credits: Doug Anderson on flickr

Last year the festival offered on-site parking for a limited number of VIP ticket holders. Since the neighborhood will be busy on the days of the festival, it will be good to find an off-site parking garage near Fair Grounds Race Course.  

Is there parking near Fair Grounds Race Course?

Both the three-day weekends of the New Orleans Jazz Fest can fill up with participants. So, it is better to find parking early to avoid the last-minute rush. You can use the Way.com website or the Way mobile app to find affordable parking spots near the Fair Grounds Race Course.

New Orleans is always packed on a weekday. So you can imagine the rush during an event, be it Mardi Gras or the Jazz Fest. Apparently, the parking enforcement authorities are more active during these events, and there will be an increase in fines collected. Here are a few tips to stay away from parking tickets and enjoy the Jazz Fest to the fullest.

Lot Name Parking Rate
535 Chartres St Parking P149 $60/hour
528 Chartres St Parking P249 $18/hour

Jazz Fest Parking Tips

  • Look out for the street signs: The Fair Grounds Race Course is located in a busy residential area in New Orleans. Neighbors with a residential parking permit will have designated blocks reserved for them, and parking at these spots will land you a $40 fine.
  • Stay away from driveways, sidewalks, and hydrants: Parking within 3 feet, on either side of a driveway, obstructing fire lanes and hydrants, and parking on a sidewalk are all considered parking violations. The fines and other penalties will differ based on the severity of the violation.
  • Take the shuttle to save the trouble: Driving to the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival can be tricky, and you can park in different areas in the city and take the shuttle to the Fair Grounds. This year the festival provides a round-trip shuttle from three departure points to the festival venue. You can see the departure points and book shuttles through the Jazz Fest’s official website.

Any violation of the regulations laid out by the Department of Public Works/Parking Division can result in your car being ticketed, booted, or towed. You can visit the NOLA website for a detailed list of violations and fines.

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