New York City Parking Guide

New York City Parking Guide

New York City Parking Info

Parking in a new city can be stressful and nowhere else is that more true than in New York City. The Big Apple is notorious for its traffic. The gridlocked streets, the reckless taxi drivers, the out-of-towners who are completely lost but trying their best anyway…it all adds up to one big traffic mess. And when it comes time to park? Well, you all have — all the tens of thousands of you rushing into the city with your automobiles each day — to compete for approximately 4 million on-street parking spots. Don’t think those odds are in your favor, though. New York City is one of the most heavily ticketed cities in the country.

To make your parking experience in NYC significantly easier, we’ve put together a one-stop guide to all things parking in New York City, across all five boroughs.

New York City Parking

New York City Parking Tips

Parking in New York City: The Basics

Regardless of where you are in the city, you want to make sure you follow some basic, common sense guidelines. Not following the rules is a sure-fire way to get yourself a nice souvenir to remember your trip by — a ticket. Just remember…

– Never double park your vehicle.

– Do not park within 15 feet of a fire hydrant, no matter the signage that’s around. If there’s a fire hydrant, don’t go within 15 feet of it.

– Do not trust the first sign you see. Always look diligently around your car for temporary signage that can change due to construction and a number of other factors.

What does alternate side parking mean?

In NYC, they have this nifty thing called alternate side parking. Basically, it means that cars are only allowed to park on one side of the street at certain times, in order to create a smoother flow of traffic and space for the street cleaners. Across the five boroughs, alternate side parking rules are generally in effect once or twice a week, and during those times, sides of the street are blocked off around two or three hours. Alternate side parking rules do not apply on religious and legal holidays or during weather emergencies.

What street parking signs should I look out for?

There are tons of different street parking signs throughout New York City. Make sure you’re looking out for street cleaning, no parking anytime, no standing (aka, no idling) and no stopping (seriously, none) signs. Some of these signs will have specific hours, and others will apply to all days and times.

What about New York City parking garages?

There are more than a thousand off-street parking garages in Manhattan alone. If you’re visiting New York City from out of town, garage parking may be a much more attractive option for you, as it’s convenient, guaranteed legal and often safer for both you and your car. Additionally, in many cases, parking in a garage is more affordable than parking at a meter, especially in high-traffic areas near popular attractions and on holidays and during special events.

Parking Downtown New York City:

Hourly Parking Downtown New York City

Monthly Parking Downtown New York City

Downtown and Lower Manhattan is very popular for both business and leisure visitors, as it’s just steps away from Wall Street, but also home to desirable attractions such as the 9/11 Memorial. However, this means there are lots of crowds in Downtown New York City and Lower Manhattan, and that includes the streets. Street parking is limited and there are lots of restrictions regarding street parking. A good rule of thumb to remember is that the further away from the center of the district that you travel, the more parking you’ll find. Meters charge $3.50 per hour Monday through Saturday. Unmetered street parking is free. Garage parking is much more readily available, with day rates starting around $20.

New York City Upper East Side Parking

NYC Upper East Side Hourly Parking

NYC Upper East Side Monthly Parking

This affluent neighborhood gives guests access to famous spots such as Central Park and the Met. But how easy is it to park there?

Surprisingly, it’s not too bad. If you want street parking, though, you’re going to have to hunt for it. It can take up to an hour of driving around block after block to find something suitable. However, there are plenty of convenient garages that allow you to book your parking spot in advance, before prices rise on the weekends. If you do have your heart set on street parking, though, you can usually find more spots available during the mornings and street parking is free on Sundays.

East Village Parking

East Village Hourly Parking

East Village Monthly Parking

The East Village is a very popular hipster neighborhood that has a little more of a residential feel in comparison to some of the more crowded, tourist-trappy neighborhoods of Manhattan. As such, parking isn’t too difficult to find in the East Village.

Metered parking starts at $3.50 an hour and is free on Sundays, but make sure you keep an eye on meter signage, as the rules are subject to change. Overnight parking is generally permitted and parking after 7 p.m. every day is free.

There are many economical garages in the area.

Chelsea Parking

Chelsea Hourly Parking

Chelsea Monthly Parking

Chelsea is similarly trendy, but it’s quickly becoming very popular — both with locals and visitors — with its attractive dining options, green spaces, shopping and new hotels.

Garages are not plentiful, but they do exist and are sometimes the preferred option, as they give you an easy place to park and know that you won’t be towed! Many also offer valet services. There are several parking garages under the “iPark” brand.
For street parking, the further south you drive, the more likely you are to find a spot.

SoHo Parking

SoHo Hourly Parking

SoHo Monthly Parking

SoHo is an artsy neighborhood with a slightly residential and upscale feel. Garage parking is relatively easy to come by, but it does come at a premium (think daily rates that go anywhere from $25 to $50).

There are no metered alternate side parking restrictions in SoHo, like you’ll find in the rest of the city, but most of the parking that is available is reserved for businesses and that doesn’t mean customers — it means commercial vehicles. So, unless you have a commercial vehicle, you might be out of luck.

For this reason, most people choose to go with a parking garage option — even the local residents.

Parking in New York City’s Boroughs:

Brooklyn Parking



Parking in Brooklyn can be tricky, but still do-able…if you know what you’re doing.

Street parking is free for everyone, unless there is specific signage or meters indicating otherwise. In the event you find a street spot with a meter, the meter will have its rates posted. Depending on where you park, there will be a limit to how long you can park, from 1 to 12 hours. Most meters start at $1 per hour.

Even though Brooklyn is a New York City borough, it has its own distinct neighborhoods and each of these unique neighborhoods has its own unique parking situation. For example, in the more suburban areas of Brooklyn, like Dyker Heights, most residents have their own garage or driveway, so you can find street parking relatively easier than you might elsewhere. The absolute worst neighborhood for Brooklyn parking is Downtown Brooklyn, and for obvious reasons — it’s crowded, you’re near tons of high-traffic attractions, you’re right near some of the other busiest neighborhoods and most of the residents own an automobile. It’s the perfect storm to lead up to fewer available parking spots for out-of-towners.

The most important thing to remember when parking in Brooklyn, then? Try to park toward the suburbs, if you can.

Queens Parking



Street parking in Queens differs wildly according to what part of Queens you find yourself in. Some neighborhoods are filled with residences and stores and few public transit hubs, and so you discover yourself with an overabundance of cars that are looking for spots and garages. Other neighborhoods are more suburban, and so street parking is easy.

The closer to Long Island you go, the easier it is to find parking and — better yet — the street parking signs are generally very easy to understand and your chances of getting a ticket are way lower than they might be in another one of New York City’s boroughs.

However, if you go from just “close to Long Island” and actually wind up in Long Island City, well then you’re in for some parking trouble. The booming center of activity is just as difficult for parking as Downtown Brooklyn.

Thankfully, there are dozens of parking garages, so you can nearly always find one that fits your needs.

Bronx Parking



Good Bronx parking can be difficult to find, especially when there are so many people squeezed into such a small space. If you find that you absolutely must take your car from Manhattan or one of the other boroughs into the Bronx (versus just leaving your car at another garage and then taking the subway in), then it’s often advised that you book a garage spot in advance, versus looking for a street spot, which, while cheap, can be very difficult to find. Try the 1855 East Tremont Avenue parking garage, where the rates start at $5 per hour.

Staten Island Parking



If you’re visiting Staten Island from New York City, chances are you live there, know someone there or are taking an extended stay. Otherwise, it just makes more sense to leave your car in Manhattan or Brooklyn and take the ferry over to Staten Island. However, if you must bring your car with you to Staten Island, rest assured that parking is probably easier here than in any of the other New York City boroughs. You can find free parking at just about every business and you can find affordable parking at garages and lots around the area.

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New York is one of the most fun and happening places to be, with many exciting things to do in NYC. No visit to the Big Apple is complete without seeing the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, American Museum of Natural History and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. A great option would be to buy a New York CityPASS and start discovering all these places with just one ticket. The New York CityPASS comes with prepaid admissions to the 6 must-see NYC attractions and can also help you skip most ticket lines.  

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New York City Parking Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find New York City parking discounts and coupons?

New York City parking discounts and coupons are available through popular brands such as Groupon, but rather than trying to find the best Groupon for you, it’s much easier to sort through Way’s New York City parking options. You’ll get an easy, all-in-one-place glimpse of available parking spots, including those that come with discounts.

Can New York City parking be booked in advance?
Yes! You can book advanced parking at both garages and lots in New York City; there are even some street parking spots that are available for reservation! Check out Way’s New York City parking options for more.

New York City Parking

Where can I find overnight parking in New York City?

You can find overnight parking both on the street and in garages and lots throughout most of New York City. However, if you do plan on parking overnight, it’s advised that you book your parking in advance, so that you can guarantee that your parking spot legally allows overnight parking ahead of your arrival.

Where can I find motorcycle parking in New York City?

Motorcycles can park at metered and non-metered on-street parking areas and in garages, but make sure you follow certain rules. Park at a 90-degree angle with your rear tire to the curb and don’t leave your front tire in traffic. Additionally, only park your bike in a metered spot with another vehicle if the meter does not expire. You can also find motorcycle-only garages in the city, in both Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Where can I find oversized parking in New York City?

There is open-lot oversized parking in New York City. Many garages do not allow for overnight oversized parking. To play it safe, make sure to check with your garage or lot ahead of time, to ensure they allow a vehicle of your dimensions for the length of time you plan to stay.

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