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Newark City Parking Guide  

  • Cars Explained
  • Renee Martin
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Located on the west bank of the majestic Passaic River, Newark is one of the oldest cities in the United States and a treasure trove to explore should you decide to visit. All of Newark’s five wards – East, West, South, North, and Central feature neighborhoods with their own cultural identity that is unique. You have the quiet suburban neighborhoods and the loud, hyperactive urban havens, which all provide a different version of the city to its visitors. Newark is also home to one of the country’s busiest airports: Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR), which serves up to 46 million passengers on an annual basis. While the idea of exploring Newark, which is full of life and activity, can be exciting, make sure you have a spot for parking in Newark booked in advance before heading out. Parking lots and garages in and around Newark, especially around EWR, get sold out or full within minutes of being available. Your best shot at getting assured parking in Newark would be to book a spot in advance through Way.com before heading out.   

Newark City Parking Guide  

Parking in Newark  

All parking in Newark is enforced, managed, and maintained by the Parking Division of Newark. The Parking Division’s main objective is to ensure that parking is organized across the many municipal on-street and off-street parking spaces in the city. On-street parking in Newark is currently managed by on-street parking meters. In contrast, off-street parking meters provide hourly parking across 577 parking spaces spread out across off-street Municipal Lots (Lot 1, 3, and 4). Lots 2 and 5, which have around 150 parking spaces, are long-term parking lots. You can also apply for Residential Parking Permits. All individual who resides in a residential parking zone can fill out application forms and once approved you can go for residential Newark parking. Parking meters in Newark are in effect from Monday through Saturday between 8 AM to 1 AM and Sundays from 1 PM to 1 AM. However, metered parking in Newark is free of charge from 7 AM to 1 PM.   

Best Spots for Newark Parking  

Parking Newark Lots

There is no shortage of affordable Newark parking spots in the city. However, as most of these locations are in high demand, they get sold out quickly, so if you have plans to head towards popular areas like the Essex County Turtle Back Zoo, Thomas Edison National Historical Museum, Newark Museum of Art, or the Staten Island Ferry, best book your Newark parking in advance through Way.com before heading out.   

Is there free parking in Newark? 

Yes. Don’t worry, you read it right! There are several options to go for free parking in Newark. However, you have to plan accordingly to make sure that you can utilize these Newark free parking spots. While meters are active on Sunday for parking, you can park for free from 7 AM to 1 PM. There is also no charge for parking on the city and federal holidays across Newark. If you are ok with paying a minimal fee on parking, Way.com provides instant access to plenty of Newark parking garages where you can park for rates as low as $2 per hour.  

What are the rates for street parking in Newark?   

Parking Newark Market

Street parking in Newark is relatively cheap, but as spots are limited, it isn’t easy to access most Newark parking spaces. On-street parking meters in Newark charge $1.25 per hour from Monday to Sunday. All parking meters also accept quarters and major credit cards, making parking at these on-street parking spots much easier. Keep an eye out for the maximum time limits of the on-street parking meters, usually listed on the meters. Off-street parking hourly Newark parking spots are much cheaper in comparison, and you can get affordable parking deals for rates as low as $0.50 per hour. You can also get parking validations in most of these off-street parking garages, and staff at these lots accept cash/quarters, validations, and all major credit cards.   

Newark City Parking Guide  

Newark City Parking Guide for Parking Near Popular Newark Attractions    

Parking in Newark near Prudential Center 

Prudential Center in Newark is one of the leading sporting venues in the city that hosts numerous sporting events, music concerts, and similar events throughout the year. The Prudential Center’s accessibility ease to New York City made it a popular choice for visitors arriving outside Newark. The Prudential Center. Because of its popularity as a hangout spot for residents and visitors alike, finding parking near Prudential Center without pre-booking could be difficult. Way.com has plenty of Prudential Center parking spots available in the area, which can be accessed at the click of a button. Book your Newark Parking next to Prudential Center now and never regret not being able to park hassle-free near Prudential Center.  

Parking in Newark near University of Delaware  

The University of Delaware in Newark is yet another popular attraction frequented by many throughout the day. While there are plenty of parking lots in and around the University of Delaware, you need to know that most of these parking spaces are restricted to permit holders. However, there are three parking garages in the University with a pre-pay system managing the parking lots and few metered spaces. If you are cool with a brisk walk from a parking garage to the University of Delaware, you have many alternative options for parking at professional garages that can be found through Way.com. Hourly parking deals are also available at the University’s Trabant Parking Garage.   

Newark City Parking Tips  

Is there free Newark parking on holidays? 

Parking in Newark

Yes. You can park for free across all metered parking spaces in Newark from 7 AM to 1 PM on Sundays. Newark Parking is also free on all city and federal holidays. If the holiday falls on Sunday, parking enforcement will not apply the next day (Monday).  

Newark Parking Holidays  

January 1 – New Year’s Day  

January 18 – Martin Luther King, Jr. Day  

February 15 – Presidents’ Day  

April 2 – Good Friday  

April 4 – Easter Sunday  

May 16 – Memorial Day Parade  

May 31 – Memorial Day  

July 4 – Independence Day  

September 6 – Labor Day  

September 16 – Newark Community Day  

October 25 – Halloween Parade  

November 26 – Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Small Business Saturday  

December 25 – Christmas Holiday  

Things to Look Out for While Parking in Newark  

  • Keep an eye out for parking signs, and make sure that there are no temporary signs like construction restrictions or temporary changes in cleaning schedules.    
  • Do not wait until the metered parking timer runs out, and move your vehicle at least 5 – 10 minutes before the parking expires.    
  • Do not park within 15 feet of a fire hydrant or park in a way that the fire hydrant becomes inaccessible.   
  • Do not park in restricted zones or special parking zones that are designated for people with special needs.  

Newark City Parking Guide  

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