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Newport News/Williamsburg Airport Parking Guide

  • Airport Parking Tips
  • Renee Martin
  • 7 minutes

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Newport News is one of the largest cities in Virginia. The city is home to the Newport News/Williamsburg International (PHF) Airport, 12 miles from the city of Newport News. With the nearby Richmond International Airport grabbing the lion’s share of travelers in the region, passenger numbers at PHF have decreased over the past few years. However, that doesn’t mean you can take Newport News Airport parking for granted! This Newport News Airport Parking Guide has all the info you need about parking before you decide to drive down to the Newport News Airport.

All you need to know about PHF Airport parking

With all the ride-sharing, and public transportation now available, you might wonder if driving down to the airport is worth your while. You might even consider asking for a ride from friends or family instead of driving down and parking at a Newport News Airport parking spot. Trust us – while you do have all these options, they are not the best way to get to Newport News Airport.

The healthier and safer option is to drive yourself and park in an offsite PHF Airport long-term parking lot. Parking at Newport News Airport is most definitely the better alternative if you have a lot of bags or are traveling in a large group.

In this Newport News Airport parking guide, we’ll break down all the PHF Airport parking options you have both onsite and offsite, along with PHF Airport parking rates so that you can make an informed decision. We’ll also give you info about PHF Airport parking coupons and discounts.

Onsite parking at Newport News Airport

PHF Airport has four onsite parking lots. These are Garage Parking, Premier Parking, Long Term Parking, and Economy Parking. The Garage Parking is a three-story building with direct access to the terminal and covered and uncovered parking spaces. You can access the terminal entrance via a sky bridge or the ground. The Premier Parking lot is near the airport entrance. The Premier Lot is quite close to the Long-Term Parking Lot. The Economy parking lots are the furthest away. They are roughly a 5-minute walk from the terminal. Except for the Garage Parking lot, all other onsite lots at Newport News Airport offer uncovered parking.

PHF Airport Parking Rates


Short Term Parking Lot PHF Parking Rates
Garage $2/hour
Premier $2/hour
Economy $1/hour


PHF Airport Long Term Parking Lot PHF Parking Rates
Garage $10/day
Premier $10/day
Long Term $8/day
Economy $7/day
Offsite PHF Airport long term parking $4/day

Newport News Airport Parking Map

Newport News Airport Parking Map
               Image Courtesy: https://newportnewsairport.com/



More PHF Airport parking info

What airport is PHF?

Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport is often known as PHF Airport.

Does Newport News have an airport?

Yes, it does! Newport News is served by the Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport.

Where is Newport News Airport?

Newport News Airport is located in Newport News, Virginia, United States. The actual address of the airport is 900 Bland Blvd, Newport News, VA 23602.

How much does parking cost at Newport News Airport?

Newport News Airport has several parking spots onsite spread across the Short Term Garage, Long Term Garage, and the Economy Garage & Lot. Newport News airport parking options range from as low as $2 for an hour up to $10 for a day’s parking. Other PHF Airport parking options, such as offsite parking, are available for $4/day.

How much is long-term parking at Newport News Airport?

There are four options for long-term parking at PHF Airport ‚Äď Garage Parking, Premier Parking, Long Term Parking, and Economy Parking. There are also several offsite PHF Airport parking lots available for as low as $4/day.

How much is short-term parking at Newport News Airport?

Short-term parking at Newport News Airport is available at Garage Parking, Premier Parking, and Economy Parking lots.

PHF Airport Parking Coupons & Discounts

Newport News Airport parking can be a huge strain on your wallet, especially if you will be parking for several days. Here are some tips to help you find the cheapest PHF Airport parking rates, discounts, and coupons to make your PHF parking experience more affordable.

Official airport website

The official Newport News Airport information site provides information on PHF parking rates, open parking slots, and other news about travel and airline availability.


The Way.com website and the Way App has already been the airport parking platform of choice for millions of flyers for several years now, with over 35 million cars parked across the US and Canada. Both the website and app offer contactless parking facilities at reliable and safe parking lots near almost all US airports, including Newport News Airport.

lowest ever PHF airport parking rates

Offsite PFH Airport Parking options

There are various companies operating around PHF Airport providing parking services, as well as shuttle and other benefits for passengers and travelers.

Hilton Garden Inn Newport News (PHF) Airport Parking

Only 2 miles from the PHF Airport terminals, the Hilton Garden offers a comfortable parking experience near Newport News Airport.

Comfort Inn Newport (PHF) Airport Parking

At the Comfort Inn Airport Parking lot, you’ll be parking your car less than a mile from the Newport News Airport. The Comfort Inn PHF Airport Parking lot offers 24-hour security, 24/7 vehicle access, and stringent sanitization measures.

More tips for parking at Newport News Airport

  • Reserve your Newport News Airport parking as soon as you book your ticket. This will help you access more options and cheaper Newport News Airport parking fees.
  • Uber and Lyft rideshare services are available to and from Newport News Airport.
  • The Newport News Airport parking lots offer free vehicle assistance in case of car trouble.
  • If you need to go to the airport only to pick up or drop off someone, the Newport News Airport Cell Phone Lot is a convenient and easy option, and it’s free!

How to get to Newport News Airport

Taxi/rideshare services

Using a taxi/rideshare service is the quickest way to reach the airport from the city. There’s a whole lot of local taxi cab companies and private car companies that serve Newport News Airport. Rideshares can cost you anywhere from $22 -$50 one way, depending on the type of ride you choose. Please note that these are normal rates. We haven’t factored in surge pricing. Taxis will charge you an additional $3 above the metered rate as airport facility fees.

Driving down

The airport is around 5-6 miles (a 15‚Äď17-minute ride) from Newport News. Factor that in if you’re planning to drive down in your own car. If you prebook your PFH Airport parking spot online, you won’t need to worry about driving around finding a place to park your car,

Things to do at Newport News Airport

Wondering what to do once you’ve reached the airport? Our Newport News Airport parking guide can help!

Newport News Airport Map
                                     Image Courtesy: https://newportnewsairport.com/

PHFlight (beyond security, if you were worried about that) serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as a full-service bar. Enjoy a tasty burger, wings, or other amazing menu items by stopping in. They also offer to-go options.

The airport also has vending machines on concourse B if you’re not hungry enough for a full, excellent dinner. Snacks and beverages will soothe your thirst and fulfill your appetite before you board or after you land. Vending machines take cash or credit cards, and most items cost between $2 and $3!

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