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North Carolina Replacement Title: How Do I Get One?

  • Auto Insurance
  • Sara Sam
  • 3 minutes

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If your car title is lost, damaged, destroyed, or stolen, you need to take action right away, no matter where you live. When do you need one? What are the documents needed for a replacement title in the state? The steps to obtain a North Carolina replacement title are broken down here for you.

North Carolina Replacement Title

What is a North Carolina replacement title? 

In North Carolina, a car replacement title is a document that serves as a substitute for the original title of a vehicle. However, it does not change the legal ownership of the vehicle. It serves as a replacement for the original title and contains the same information as the original title.

Why do you need a car replacement title in North Carolina? 

The Division of Motor Vehicles in North Carolina will issue a replacement title in the following situations:

  • Error in the original title.
  • Change in name due to marriage, divorce, court order, or naturalization
  • Any major modification to the titled vehicle.

However, if you have lost your title or it has been damaged, you have to apply for a duplicate title with the NC DMV.

North Carolina Driver’s License Renewal: How to Do It

How to obtain a car replacement title in NC

  • Visit your local DMV office.
  • File an MVR-4 or fill out the application for a duplicate title.
  • File an MVR-5 in case of a replacement title.
  • Submit the required documents. 
  • Make the payment.

What are the required documents for a replacement title in North Carolina? 

These are the documents required for a car replacement title in NC.

  • Notarized vehicle title
  • Driver’s license 
  • Lien release 
  • A copy of the court order and naturalization paperwork, if there has been a name change. 
  • Odometer reading if the vehicle is less than 10 years old. 
  • Affidavit of facts (MVR-28)  if your vehicle has been modified. 
  • Corrected and notarized MVR-5 

Documents required for a duplicate title in North Carolina 

  • Proof of identification. 
  • Completed MVR-4. 
  • Completed lien release in case any liens are shown on the vehicle’s title.  

The driver’s license, proof of ownership and VIN must be submitted along with the applications. 

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Fees and Processing Time for a Replacement Title in NC 

It will cost $21.50 for a corrected or substitute certificate of title. Similarly, it costs the same for a duplicate certificate of title, the removal of lien(s), or a duplicate certificate of title with correction, and duplicate registration cards. However, it will cost $77.50 for a duplicate title with reassignment. It will take up to 60 days to receive your replacement title in the state.

Car Insurance in North Carolina

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