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Essential NYC Marathon 2022 parking tips, route map, and race day pointers

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Whether you’re running or spectating, it’s essential to have your checklist sorted on race day. Here’s where you can find convenient NYC Marathon 2022 parking and other details like course maps and spectator points.

The beloved TCS New York City marathon comes back after a gap year with the 50th edition – and we couldn’t be more excited! You won’t be able to perform well in the marathon without checking off your essentials. If you’re participating, you don’t want to come back exhausted to a parking ticket. At the same time, if you’re spectating, you shouldn’t park too far away that your walk seems like a marathon in itself!

TCS New York City marathon

When is the NYC Marathon 2022? 

The 2022 edition of the TCS New York City Marathon will be held on November 7, 2022. This is the 50th edition of the marathon Рextra-special because it was canceled last year in the wake of the pandemic. This edition will see nearly 33,000 runners from across the world participating in the marathon. The course runs for 26.2 miles through all five boroughs of New York City. 

NYC Marathon 2022 Route Map 

The New York City Marathon course starts in Staten Island and proceeds through Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and the Bronx, before finally ending at Central Park. You can find the detailed route map below.                                                                 Route map of 2021 TCS NYC Marathon

You can also download a PDF of the NYC Marathon 2022 course map here.

Where is the starting point of the NYC Marathon 2022, and how can I reach it?

The starting point of the TCS New York City Marathon is Staten Island, just before the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge. The marathon organizers and City of New York authorities recommend taking public transportation to reach the starting line. If you are driving to Staten Island, you may find it hard to find parking. Besides, you must have a vehicle waiting for you at the finish line Рnot the other way around! 

Is there parking near the NYC Marathon 2022 finish line? 

The marathon will end at Central Park, in the New York borough of Manhattan. You can find several parking options near the NYC Marathon 2022 finish line – both street parking and secure indoor parking garages. Pre-book a spot today to ensure a guaranteed spot near the finish line.

NYC Marathon parking spot

What are the best spots to watch the NYC Marathon 2022 from the sidelines? Is there parking nearby?

The New York City Marathon is not just famous for its participants. Millions of spectators line up by the marathon course to cheer on their favorite runners. If you stand at a good vantage point, you’ll also be able to click some amazing photos as the action unfolds. Here are the most popular spots to watch the marathon from.

  • Fourth Avenue, Brooklyn (Mile 2-4):¬†You’ll be able to see all the runners as they exit the Verrazzano Bridge and start along Fourth Avenue.
  • Brooklyn Academy of Music, Brooklyn(Mile 8):¬†By this point, most runners have hit their stride and would be pumped up for the remaining course.
  • Past the Pulaski Bridge, Queens (Mile 13):¬†The bridge is closed to spectators, but you can wait on the Queen’s side, which is roughly past the halfway point. This is the best spot to hype up your favorite runners for the second part of the course!
  • First Avenue, Manhattan (Miles 16-19):¬†Bring your favorite signs, balloons, and other things to show your support to your runner because the crowds along First Avenue can get packed!
  • 138th Street, The Bronx (Mile 20):¬†This part of the course – popularly called ‘The Wall’ –¬† is where most runners start to slow down from exhaustion.
  • Museum Mile ( Miles 23-24):¬†This is the best place to cheer on the participants as they head into the final stretch before entering Central Park.

Most of these points have accessible street parking spots nearby. You can also reserve parking at several accessible NYC parking garages nearby using the Way app or the Way.com website. Most parking apps give you great discounts on NYC Marathon parking charges – you can save as much as 30% by booking early!

NYC Marathon 2022: Tips to follow on race day

  1. If you’re a participant, make sure you’re wearing well-fitting running shoes. You don’t want to end up with uncomfortable blisters from bad shoes!
  2. If you’re a spectator, make sure to wear several layers of clothing to protect you from the early November weather.
  3. Spectators can bring snacks, drinks, and other refreshments to keep themselves occupied by the sidelines.
  4. Create funny and inspirational signs to support your favorite runner and cheer them on.
  5. Pre-book parking near the finish line to ensure you save on 2022 NYC Marathon parking charges.

Looking for parking elsewhere in New York City but feeling completely overwhelmed? Let’s simplify things for you. Read these explainers on navigating parking in NYC and what to do when you’re fined with an NYC parking ticket.¬†

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